A Little Hannah Gale Announcement


First up, this is my second draft of writing this post.

I didn’t know how I wanted to write it. I knew I wanted to write it, but I had no clue when or how or what i’d write, but now just feels like the right time.

I’ve been working on something that I’ve sort of kept secret. Not entirely secret – my friends know, my family know, and a handful of people that have been around me when I’ve been drunk and overly sharesies and chatty know, but you guys don’t.

The reason I didn’t talk about it sooner, considering I share pretty much everything with you, is because I didn’t want to jinx it. I didn’t want to get excited about something that might not happen.

Maybe it’s the reason I haven’t had as good blog chat recently as I’d have liked – y’know, my thought provoking posts have been more on the difficulties and downsides to blogging and the internet than anything else. I haven’t been bashing out lists. I’ve been doing a bit more beauty and fashion.

OK, so here goes the story.

I’ve been trying to write a book.

I was approached last year about putting together a book proposal based on the foundations of my blog. It’d have a few lists scattered in, sure, but it would mostly come down to my honest perspectives on things that affect us young, ambitious twenty-somethings today. I’d have chaopters dedicated to social media envy and mental health, chapters about WHEN THE HELL SHOULD WE HAVE BABIES, and chapters about how hard keeping friends is once you’ve left university and dispersed. It would be me discussing, in detail and with a smattering of research, the things society doesn’t talk about. The things no-one warned us about before we grew up.

The 13 chapter book is all of those things written in the tone of my blog, written in more detail than a blog post or 3 could even imagine – it was every thought that’d ever entered my brain being layed out for the world to see.

I’m writing all of that and I’m getting so passionate and excited about this book  – but here’s the other part of the story – it’s *probably* not happening.

After two 17,000 word drafts (seriously – book proposals are far more painful and horrific to write than anything in the world, including my 6,000 special project on the future of online journalism) and a lot of emails and agent searching, it’s just not looking like something that’s going to take off.

Am I sad? I thought I’d be all cry-y and down and devastated, after all this is officially the first thing I’ve ever failed at. Well, aside from a few relationships that were never meant to be and my Biology AS Level which I quite a few weeks into sixth form. But I’m OK, like really OK.

Writing the proposal, mapping out the chapters, trying to explain why your book will work – it’s all so much of a giant accomplishment in itself that I think I’m just feeling kind of proud of myself and impressed that I actually managed to pull it together and I’m too busy riding on that feeling to notice that there’s not actually going to be a book.

I mean, there could be a book. There’s still that hefty document just chilling on my desktop, ready to be accepted by an agent and publisher, but at the moment it’s redundant. And I guess if the worst thing that comes out of this is some great already-written blog content, then that’s more than OK.

I feel like I got into a habit of saving my best brainwaves for my book rather than my blog – I didn’t want any of my content to overlap, and maybe, if I can accept that my literary career is over before it started, I’ll start to delve into them in posts within the next few months.

So why isn’t my book happening? There was some mixed feedback – some people just didn’t find my words magical enough. The content wasn’t stimulating enough, didn’t hit the spot in the way they wanted it to – and I guess that’s the feedback that’s hardest to digest because it’s saying that my writing isn’t strong enough. Then there’s the other feedback – that it’s a difficult book to market and sell – the demographic, women 18-35, aren’t buying non-fiction books like this, it’s a niche market I guess, and unlike a lot of other bloggers and YouTubers writing books at the moment – I’m not a celebrity.

Some people wouldn’t have written this post – they wouldn’t have announced their failure at something to the wider world, but I felt like it was important. And also it serves as a bit of an explanation as to what I’ve been up to when I haven’t been posting, and to why I’ve been struggling with all the balancing of life.

Writing a book proposal is mammoth so I can’t even begin to imagine what it takes to write a full book. When I first started trying to get words down onto paper I was still juggling two days a week at Metro – and it was megz hard to get the motivation.

In order to polish up my second draft I actually had to take time away – which is when I swanned off into the depths of Norfolk back in March. You might remember that just after I got back from Budapest with Chris, myself and Augustus Bloom (our car, obvs) made the 90-miute drive to The Hayloft, a cottage looked after by Sykes Cottages.

I had, obviously, wrapped up my iMac in various coats and put it in the boot. Duh.

So yeah, I spent two dreamy days in the midst of nowhere with very little phone signal just writing away, undistracted by ironing or Netflix or blog comments or searching for a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding on ASOS. I snuggled up on the sofa and typed away, drank masses of Diet Coke and ate ALL the Kettle Chips (*might* also have ordered a Chinese for one, but what’s life without sneaky takeaways, right?) and made the best version of something that I could.

I really struggled to motivate myself to write my sample chapters because they were about 7,000 words long each. That’s not just sitting down with a cup of tea to bash out a blog post – that’s actually having to stop and think about where you words are heading next, stopping to check you’ve covered every relevant thought to that subject matter, stop to make sure that not only does it make sense, but that it still sounds like Hannah.

Which is the main reason why I had to do a Cameron Diaz out of The Holiday and swan off to the middle of nowhere. (I had THE best bath – so no book deal, but a glorious, long, relaxing soak which is *basically* just as good).

I don’t know how I expect you guys to respond to this post, it’s a weird one. I hoped the day I wrote it would be more OMG GUYS BOOK LALALALA BOOK LALALALA BOOK LALALALA IT’LL BE OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, ALL BE EXCITED AND PRE-ORDER IT ON AMAZON. But we can’t all win at everything.

I’m proud of where I’ve got to in my writing career and I’m beyond excited to see where it goes next – but if it doesn’t involve a book, well then that’s just A-OK too.

In the meantime I’m going to eat leftover Easter chocolate and start planning my next stay in a Sykes cottage in the middle of nowehere because that babe does good things to your soul. This time I’d ideally like some pals with me to enjoy the HOT TUB and drink champagne – who’s game?

  • Natalie

    I hope your book does get picked up Hannah – I’d so read it!

  • Caroline

    You are right – most people would not tell the world this, they would quietly let it slip away and be glad that they hadn’t told too many folk – but you are not most folk missus!

    You kindly let us in to all sides of your life-good and bad, in an amazingly kind way which allows us to feel better about our own stuff, as we know it isn’t just us!

    So we share in your successes, and feel your dissapointments- you should be very proud of yourself, you have gone and done what many folk only talk about. Yes there may be no book ( at this point), but as you say the work is done and could turn into something in the future. But even if not, it’s one hell of an accomplishment, and even more so by sharing this with us. We are all so used to ou sharing the “best” of ourselves online. Only our successes, best photos, funniest moments-FB statuses are a highlights reel, not an honest depiction of our lives. So sharing something Disappointing honestly like this- is commendable. So we applaud you!

    Also- yes to the hot tub and fizz! Great plan!

  • Kasia

    A quote from one of my favourite books comes to mind:
    ‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)

    Keep going Hannah, there are people out there who believe in you!

  • Hannah, Thank you so much for writing this post. All too often it appears that youtubers and bloggers just walk into success. Thank you for sharing the harsh reality of the process from someone who is actually writing the words. You are a fabulous writer and I never miss a post from you.

    You never know what may be around the corner. Keep smiling and being fabulous,

    Chloe 🙂

  • Christina

    Hi Hannah,

    I’ve been one if your readers for a while and I love your style of writing and would love to read it in book format. I do buy non fiction books like this and I’m 31! So in your target age category!

    Not sure if it’s something you would want to do or have maybe already considered but you can self publish through Amazon Kindle – my cousin has done it as he couldn’t get anyone to publish his book. You could then promote it through twitter and your blog and I’m sure through the bloggersphere you would end up with a deal in the long run once publishers saw that it had taken off. Some other bloggers that I read e.g. Brooke at worldofwanderlust,com sells several books from her website, different style content but still books being sold to like minded people for money.

    Don’t give up because I think this could be a great read!

    Have a good day!


  • Waxed Bat

    Dont give up Hannah. My friend was in your position for 8 years with his book and got turned down 20 times…..his book will be released in July 🙂 It’s called Kiss and Make Up. Have a look. Xx

  • Ciara

    Don’t just give up on the book idea, although I’m sure you won’t just yet. Get on back to your drawing board, change your “unmagical words” into magical ones; revamp it, restyle it, make the content stimulating and turn those agents heads in your direction! Never let anyone tell you that something you want and have worked for isn’t possible. You’re obvs a very talented writer, why shouldnt the world know that? I think a lot of people can relate to your writing which is what makes it so refreshing. People want to relate to your life experiences, they want to know that how they feel is normal, you can give them this so why shouldn’t you have your book published,

  • Kim Short

    Hi Hannah,

    I’m writing this all the way from South Africa!

    I read your blog religiously every morning before I start work. I love your style of writing it’s open and honest and I would LOVE to read it in a book format AND I’m 22 so I’m in your target age.

    I really wish you all the best with your writing career and I hope someone sees the potential in you. Don’t give up. Keep at it girl!

    Have a fabulous week!


    P.S – Hot tub and Champz? what more could a girl want?! I’M IN!

  • You are incredibly brave. Seriously, I don’t know how you do it. You put so much of your life out there and I hope that this post receives the response it deserves: your book should get published because you are talented, engaging and honest. Whatever will be will be, and you never know what might be around the corner – I hope it involves all your hard work going somewhere, whether that is published, or self-published or just becoming a part of your blog that you are justly proud of, it’ll be great!

    In the meantime, if you need a champagne and hot tub buddy, you know where I am! (I bring chocolate!)

    R xxx

  • Emma

    I love reading your blog, it’s one of the few honest blogs out there. You talk about mental health in a way that helps me with what I’m going through and feel better and to also understand. I don’t usually buy non-fiction but I would buy your book- you’re a great writer!

  • Kit

    Hanna just self publish as an e-book. It doesn’t cost much, is easy and online is where your following is anyway. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste.

  • I actually love this post!! I’m sorry that there’s no pre-order option but who knows when and where and what the future holds. You should feel good about yourself for writing the pages regardless- not many people can sit down and write that much.

    I can sense that you feel more content and at ease.



  • Kat T

    good luck with your book Hannah! i love reading your blog posts and you have a great talent for writing – go girl ♥

  • It’s such an odd coincidence to see this post pop up this morning. I was literally sitting in the library yesterday, and picked up Tanya Burr’s book to have a little flick through. I found it such a dull, overly polished read and genuinely thought ‘Hannah Gale could write something MUCH more engaging/funny/REAL than this!’ I’d love to read your posts on these things in book format, as I’m sure so many others would.

    Good luck with it!

  • Hey Hannah,

    I would 100% read your book – definitely don’t give up 🙂

    Harriet xx


  • As always, I respect your brutal honesty about things! You see, I feel like you are living a life similar to the one that I’m living, not something in some fashion bloggers paradise. I know that one day you’ll get published, and, as you said, you sure got some amazing things out of the process 😀


  • As someone in your target demographic, I would read that book (and I’m not usually inclined to buy books by bloggers, not even Zoella). It’s an absolute shame that it’s fallen through this time, but I don’t doubt that someone else will want it (publishers are notoriously fickle).

    It was really brave (and so you) to write about it falling through, but that’s exactly what makes your writing so strong, you don’t shy away from hard or embarrassing topics.

  • Lizi Legge

    DO NOT GIVE UP! I would love to read your book!!

    And if you do give up, I can’t wait to read all of it’s content on your blog as I read your posts without fail, every time they pop into my inbox 🙂

    Good luck with your writing/holiday planning to the countryside 🙂 xxx

  • Becca

    You should be SO proud of yourself! I wouldn’t even know where to start writing a book – i seriously struggled with my 9000 word dissertation!
    I would keep sending it around publishers and maybe someone will see your talent! I Love your blog, i read it all the time and would def buy your book!!! xxx

  • Katie-Leanne Parry

    Please don’t give up, you have such a talent and make so many people feel like they’re not alone with what they go through. You know when you feel like you’re the only person who must be going through something when actually you’re not? YOU make us feel normal.

    I read Ed Sheerans book and do you know the amount of people who told him that his music wasn’t good enough? That he’d never make it? That he had to change the way he wrote songs to ‘fit in’ with what else was out there? He didn’t and he stuck to what he knew was right because he knew his songs were great and in the end he made it, but it took him a good few years for people to believe in him and for people to see that being different is actually refreshing.

    I’d buy your book 100000% – PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!!

    I’ll bring the champers 😉 xxxxx

  • Abby

    Ahhhhh! Now that is a book I would LOVE to read.
    Take this comment to ALL the publishers and make it happen girl 😉
    Lots of luck & love!xx

  • Please don’t give up on the book idea. It is definitely something I would read and wish I had read. I was left without an adult to ask about all these crazy things that happen when you grow up, so had no wisdom to guide me. Which can be a little scary at times, and it would have been so much help to have so answers to all these questions. Especially in your honest and blunt style. It’s so relatable.


  • OMG PLEASE RELEASE THE BOOK. I actually reckon it would do really well! Hope it happens for you, good luck!x

  • Check out this post from one of my fave travel bloggers. At one point she was in the same place that you are now and she’s just submitted her final draft! Things take time so don’t worry http://www.neverendingfootsteps.com/2014/10/15/big-announcement-book-deal/

  • Mel

    You know what, just because it’s not happening right now doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen! Keep going strong, you could even self publish with an ebook these days – I’d love to read more of your words.

    Mel ♥ everyword

  • India

    Why not jump on the self publishing e-book bandwagon? I know there are so many reasons not to, but at the same time, it would bring your book at least in an e-format to lots of your readers. Or maybe consider releasing each chapter as a series of e-novellas, self published? That way you would be staying true to your blogging roots by releasing it online/in e-format only, and if it was a success you would probably get a publishing deal to make actual hard copies. It might not be something you’re interested in, but I would really encourage you not to let the lack of publisher stand between your content and your readers xx

  • Beth

    Boo book-makers suck, can’t believe they won’t publish your book.
    I’ve just discovered you via facebook in little old New Zealand and have fell in love! Haha.
    You’re honesty and life stories are so on point with us twenty-somethings, so relatable.

    Good luck with your blogging and the one-day book…can’t wait to read it someday.

    Much love, a newly devoted reader.

  • amy

    You could Make what you have into a short E-book. Some other blogs i follow have made E-books, they sell them around £2-£3 and have been good. Of course if you have no desire to ever write a book again dont bother. But if you see yourself writing one in the future, write an Ebook for now, get feedback and move on to the next project.

  • Please don’t give up – you are a wonderful writer and your blog is amazing. I’m 23 and it cheers me up everyday because it lets me know that I’m not alone and there is someone else who is feeling the way I’m feeling.
    It will happen for you one day, just not quite yet. But please don’t give up.


  • Grace

    All I will say is remember J K Rowling’s story – the first Harry Potter novel was turned down by 12 publishers before it was picked up by Bloomsbury. Keep trying; I read your blog everyday because it has something different to other blogs. It’s engaging and honest and somehow, always spot on with my own life as a 27 year old. I would read your book too if it was published.

  • OMG congrats on even being approached – you’re definitely doing something right and who knows, maybe now isn’t the time, but it might be in one, five or even ten years! xx

  • I’m more excited at maybe we’ll get more Hannah to read on here instead.
    I’m sure it’ll be released in time, don’t fret m’lovely but in the mean time, we’re all here to keep reading your witty posts and daydreaming about hot tub champers.

    Gill EyelinerFlicks

  • I admire your honesty and I think this post is very graceful. I don’t think I could write this type of post with as much grace.

    Chin up though. You are a great writer and the book idea sounds fab. I’m sure it will get picked up eventually. If not its there loss xx

  • Hi Hannah, just wanted to thank you for your honesty and your positivity in this post. Of all the things we deal with in life, the things we perceive as ‘failures’ don’t get talked about very often (I’m looking at you social media) and it is so refreshing to see you lay your cards on the table in such a professional and thoughtful way.

    That said, what you describe isn’t a failure at all, “you can’t win at everything” is a fabulous sentiment, and you are winning in so many ways. It’s just a beginning, and who knows if it will ever have an end, it’s the journey that matters, thanks for helping me see that on this sunny morning in Munich.

    Wishing you luck with the book, or whatever challenge next comes your way! Laura x

  • I think you are very brave, to come and say ‘you know what, guys? I was working on something and that something might actually not turn into anything, but there you go’. And I think your attitude to this ‘failure’ (it’s totally not a failure) is perfect: no, you might not get a book deal but WAIT. You got to have a little getaway in the middle of nowhere which is always good for the soul. You got to have a bath! I can’t remember the last time I had a nice, long, relaxing bath! You’ve probably learned more about how to structure you’re writing. You made SOMETHING, you put something together, and that in itself is an achievement. Be proud, lovely, because some people wouldn’t even bother trying. B xxx

  • Ruby

    Oh man! I would so buy your book. You will deffo get published in the future x

  • I’m sorry it hasn’t worked out so far but I commend you for talking about it nonetheless. It sounds like a great idea – we need more writers talking about what ambitious young women are doing. The beauty blogger world doesn’t always acknowledge what power houses our young blogging women are!

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • Ok, so here’s my 2 cents. These days, creating passive streams of income is a huge win because it frees up your time to pursue your passions because you have money coming in while you sleep.

    Self publish the book and sell it via your blog. You have a HUGE audience, I’ve been getting more traffic to my blog just from commenting on your blog. This means, you have leverage and you have a target audience, so, putting your book up for sale on your blog, means it will sell and you can make passive income. (Take a look at World of Wanderlust’s blog, she has a variety of e-books that she wrote and sells on her blog, same for Yes and Yes).

    Also, confucking-gratulations on even being offered to write a book! I would LOVE that opportunity! Altho I have my own stuff in the works to sell via my own blog that is aimed at my own audience 😉

    This whole experience is preparing you for the next steps in your life.

    As for sharing it with the world, one of the reasons so many of us enjoy reading your blog is because you keep it real and are transparent about both the highs and the lows of life, people relate to that and being honest about it draws people in.

    Keep doing your thing girl and let’s meet up already, we have a TON in common 🙂

  • I’d totally read your book. Also that cottage looks lovely, and it’s really close to where I live. Hidden treasure!

  • OMG this is super exciting news! Publishers are mad if they’re not snapping up this opportunity immediately. I am CERTAIN this will come off for you, maybe not right now, but soon and I will be pre-ordering that baby when it does 🙂 Also, your mini cottage break sounds all kinds of dreamy.

  • Joanne

    My dear Hannah,

    Don’t ever let this get you down. So many people live glossy lives on the web; it is incredibly rare to find someone as real as you. You are a real gem!

    Lots of love,

  • I think this post completely typifies your appeal, Hannah. It was a really brave, mature and well “Hannah” quality to talk about a failure of sorts.

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling ok about it, because if it means it’s provided you with lots of blog fodder for the future, then that means a bit more life in the work/life balance for you. Bring on the prosecco, I say.

    And if you need anyone to help you drink it, ahem *raises hand*

    Sash x


  • Nicola O’Farrell

    Hi Hannah,

    Just wanted to say that although the book deal may not be in the near future – don’t rule it out! I LOVE your blog and can only imagine how great your book would be! Chin up girl – the amount of times I read your Lists and actually laugh out loud or get scared how accurate you are is amazing. I think your great and I’m sure loads of other people do too!

  • I hope your book gets picked it, its definitely something I’d read as a 20-something (ok, nearly 30 but whatever) I love your way with words!

    How about crowd funding or similar? Although I’m not sure how these things work or how much it would cost to be self published etc…

    Wishing you the best of luck! xx

  • nueyork

    Firstly, I really think this was an incredibly brave post to write. Secondly, although it is disheartening and disappointing, as someone who loves to write the process can often be an achievement enough. If you found the whole thing just fun and exciting to do, then it most definitely wasn’t time wasted.


  • Don’t be disheartened. I’d keep plugging away, improving on what you already have and adding to a full manuscript. You shouldn’t give up if it is something that you really want.

    That said, I prefer your style of writing for your blog. I think that it works really well in online content and I don’t think that you need to write a book in order to be successful. I like you as a blogger. I hope that makes sense!

    Anyway like I said in the first place, don’t give up. I’m one of those people that quits at the first sign of failure and never goes back to it and I don’t recommend it as a way to live.

  • Rachael

    Hi Hannah!

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages now (it was the “17 things that all girls need to remember” that got me hooked) but I haven’t commented before.

    I just really wanted to for this one because I think it’s amazing that one you’ve basically started writing a book. Like that is seriously worthy of a congrats! Just because it’s not been picked up this time, I can’t see how in year or two it won’t be – it’s 100% something I would want to read.

    I also wanted to say thanks for sharing this. The fact that you don’t feel like you’ve let yourself down because you tried your best at something and it didn’t turn out quite how you expected is something I’d really like to start doing! I’m in the middle of applying for grad jobs etc and generally feeling like I’m flailing and failing and your blog genuinely makes me feel like, actually, I’m doing ok.

    So thanks, I really appreciate your blog 🙂 Please don’t ever stop writing on it!

    Rachael x

  • Hi, I’ve only just found your blog so I have to say this was a really interesting first read.
    I think it’s been a long time since I read something so genuine and heart felt.
    It’s such a shame that publishers are only interested in “celebrity” you tubers and bloggers because to be honest some of the things Herve churned out aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.
    I wish you the best of luck with your writing journey and keep at it because some of the best things in life are the ones you work hardest at.
    Good luck and don’t give up!!

  • I’m with the numerous other people that would buy your book, for sure. As someone else said in the comments, there are other options like self publishing. Just do not let all your hard work go to waste, I’m sure it’s gold tbh.

    Oh and yes please to the hot tub and champers, cheers! xx


  • Please don’t give up on the book! I only found your blog a few months ago, but I’m so glad that I did. Your posts have quickly become a personal favourite. I’m so fed up of all these books being directed at the tween market by people who are clearly in it for the money/ to say they’re a published author?!

    I don’t know where the publishing company got their facts from, but as a 24 year old I wouldn’t be seen dead reading something that is aimed at a teenager. The publishers need to let the people speak!

    I can only aspire to be half as cool as you are by the time I’m your age. I really think you say it how it is, no sugar coating it which is the kind of attitude that people have. What is the point in tip-toeing about when that’s not how people live!

    The fact that you’ve put this post out there shows that you care so much about succeeding and not being handed every opportunity on a plate. I wish you all the best Hannah – you truly deserve it. Your work ethic is aspiring, I wish more people would see that.

    Keep positive, because one day you’ll get there and it will be so much sweeter when you do!

    love, ruth

  • It sounds like a book I’d love to read – was intrigued by those chapter ideas. I hope it happens for you one day 🙂

  • Hey Hannah, I found your blog today and this was the second post I read. And it’s amazing! You’re so honest and amazing, this is so great. Hugs <3

  • Hi Hannah,

    I would definitely buy your book!! Don’t give up. Maybe have a break and get cracking again in few months time. They publish so much sh*t these days (I.e. The 50 shades of sh*t, where the use of the English language was just non existent) – excuse my language. Someone out there one day will come to realise of your talent. So don’t give up!!
    Isabel xx

  • Hey Hannah,

    It’s an amazing achievement! I would love to read your book- have you though about self publishing as an e-book? I’m sure loads of people would buy it (I know I would) As I read everything on my kindle now! You might even be better off self publishing, as you won’t have someone else taking all the profits, it will all be yours!
    Keep going babe!

    Big hugs,

    Emily xx

  • Millie

    Hey Hannah,

    First time commenting but 100000th time reading your blog. There are a few blogs that I dip in and out of but yours is the only one I read religiously as I’d say it’s the only one I’ve found that posts regular, consistently good content! Please don’t give up on your book – it is a niche market but I’m sure you’re expanding internationally all the time. Plus, why not do an e-book/self publishing thing like others have suggested above? Your writing style is fresh and contemporary so that sort of publication would suit it.

    Keep going gal!! You’re a star.

  • Sounds like an epic jounrey! Have you considered self publication?


  • Hi Hannah,

    This is such an enlightening post to read. We are bombarded with success stories left, right and centre of 20-somethings that hit the big time and made millions. But not everyone has those successes, most of us are just normal 20-somethings trying to pay our rent and have a bit of a life at the same time. It’s comforting to read that people that I see to be very successful have these knock backs as well, and not everything is rose tinted as we are led to believe.

    Keep up the good work, your blog is ace. Your style of writing is so honest and lovable that I’m sure someone will publish your book one day. They’d be stupid not to.

    Mickey x

  • Personally, I found the books that bloggers have done over-rated anyway. I think they’ve tried to hard and not remained true to who they are and its ruined their blogs, for me. I’m glad that your not going down that route. Blogging is defiantly the way forward and I enjoy your posts. stay true x

  • Kaylee

    I would read your book. Obviously, I read your blog.

    Don’t give up. Just because a few people don’t think your book has “magic”, doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream. It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams. Not saying that you will give up, but if you ever think about it just remember that someone out there (like me) will read your book. I’m sure all of us reading your blog would buy your book in a heart beat.

    You’re witty and charming. And a great writer. Keep it up!!

    We love your blog and your awesome self.

    And hey, worst come to worst, just share your book writings on your blog like you said. I am curious to read it based on what you’ve told us thus far.


  • good on you for being honest – i bet in a few 1000 more followers, people will be clamouring for it!! http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/vintage-pop-up-fair.html

  • Sammie_jayt

    You tried and gave it your best shot and that’s all that counts. Personally I would have bought it! And perhaps in the future you’ll get the opportunity to do it once you’ve gained more experience. Keep up the good work, loads of us enjoy your blog 🙂

  • I would read the sh*t out of your book. I am your target demo by the way. 25 year old female, loves makeup and cats. ^_^ You could self publish? I know Amazon does a self publishing programme for kindle, but I think there are alternative options too?
    In some ways self publishing could be better. You don’t have a publisher and editor to answer to, the book gets to be yours and yours only. You could use some close friends and family as a focus group, get someone who is good with words to edit, pay to get a good cover drawn by a graphic artist type person.
    You’re brave for writing this either way. Putting yourself out there is hard.

  • Amelia

    Have you thought of self-publishing e-book only copies? That way, you have no overhead cost of printing to lose, and you could still charge (just not as much) per copy? Check this article out: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2013/04/04/how-to-make-1000000-selling-e-books-tactics-and-case-studies/

    It won’t be a cake walk, but I think it could be good and bet your entire follower base would buy it, recommend it to friends, etc… then, if you even want to write another book you can show your success in numbers to publishers.

  • Phoebe

    Of all the people in this industry to get a book deal, yours is the only one I’d ever actually buy and read.

    Major props for putting it all out there like this – these are the reasons we come back here every day. I really hope you get your much-deserved success.

    You are very talented and have a knack for getting the tone right on point – the publisher that signs the deal will be the smartest person in their sector 🙂 x

  • Hi Hannah,

    I think it’s great that you posted about your experience because life doesn’t always consist of victories and wonderful adventures. I’m 21 and I do read non fictional books if they grab my attention, and a book about becoming an adult (because life after college or uni is just that) is a book I would definitely buy and recommend. Because let’s be honest, most of us don’t have a clue how to live and need some guidance of sorts.
    I really hope that one day soon you will be able to publish your book without the feedback of someone who doesn’t quite get the connection that a way or writing can create between a writer and reader.

  • Eve G

    Don’t give up Hannah. Keep writing your book anyway. Just finish it in your own time and make it the best you think it can be and then try again to get it published. It’s a lot harder to try to sell a book that hasn’t been written yet when your unestablished in that area. And if you still can’t find a publisher you can self publish it (although I am sure it would be successful). When you look at a lot of the contemporary authors they say they had a first book that didn’t get published or that wasn’t a success, or even that they just completely hated it. You just have to keep working at it. I think you’re a great voice of our generation, better than Lena Dunham. You share and even over share your life but you are completely relatable and thats what makes you great. You don’t say thinks to shock and provoke, but say the things that the rest of us are too afraid and embarrassed to say. Thanks for sharing x

  • Such an amazing post, thanks for sharing this great article.

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