7 Friday Favourites: 10th April 2015


I’m struggling to write an intro for this post this week. I’ve currently got a pastel green nail varnish painted on one hand and am waiting for it to dry so I can get up and shoot some snaps, and I’m feeling overwhelmed and flustered by the response to yesterday’s post. I never expected it to cause such a stir, nor for the negative comments (some borderline constructive, if I’m honest) to hit me so hard. But I’m trying to get on with it, continue pushing myself to write and work and be productive and be OK.

I want to get into bed and cry under a duvet about all the things I can possibly think to cry about. Do you ever get that? When one bad thing sets off all the other bad things you try not to think about and dwell on? I feel a bit like that today. I miss my granddad who passed away two years ago, I miss feeling close to my friends. But I’m OK, I will be OK, I’ll push through it because that’s what us strong women do, we keep on going even when sometimes we just want to break, just a little bit.

ANYAY, BACK TO POSITIVITY. Back to the fresh new lily-scented candle that’s burning on my desk, and the wild blooms sitting in a jar that are STILL alive over a week after arranging to them. Back to the fact the sun is shining and I’m wearing a dress WITHOUT tights. Can I get a high five over here? Back to the fact I’ve already been for a swim and had a coffee and back to the fact I’ve just picked up a prescription for my skin and it *might* finally stop being so damn spotty and agressive. Back to seeing the good in every day and making the most of what life throws at you.


1. Shake Shack

I went to Shake Shack back in 2013 when it had just opened for my *gulp* 24th birthday. Oh to be young and alive and living in London for burgers and prosecco and midweek drinking. It’s based in Covent Garden and is another American import – I really wanted to go to the New York branch last time I was there but sadly the queue outside the door put me off a little (mostly because I had a sickness bug and was worried I might vom down myself in public and well, yeah…). Now, let’s clear something up, Shake Shack burgers are THE best burgers I’ve ever had. And I don’t say that lightly, McDonald’s double cheeseburgers hold a very dear, well-secured seat in my heart, but Shake Shack, well they just do something so damn magical to their burgers. They’re so creamy, so rich, so FLIPPING PERFECT.

I’ve wanted Chris to understand just HOW heavenly they were, so we went whilst we were in London at the weekend.

Chris fell head over heels. I’ve never seen him be so passionate and excited about anything, ever. Including the moment he realised we’d won that trip to New York. We’ve trialled a LOT of burgers during our 20-month relationship. A lot. I went for the SmokeShack which has bacon and cheese (obvs) and we split normal fries and cheesy fries, as well as one of their Frozen Custard Concretes (which are basically really, really sexy McFlurry style set-ups). We had their limited edition Easter bad boy – the Shackbury Concrete, laced with lots of chocolate chunks and caramel sauce.


2. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polishes

These have been rife in the bloggersphere over the past few weeks or months (I’m totally losing grasp on time at the moment) and I’ve been eyeing them up from afar – not because of their super speediness but because their sweet candy shades are RIGHT up my nail varnish street.

Me and Chris popped into Colchester over the Bank Holiday (I don’t even know why – like, it’s not even better for shopping than Ipswich? We just wanted to add some strange variety to our life) and I was determined that if I came away with one thing it was new Essie nail polishes from the Boots 3 for 2 offer. There was no Essie. Nope. Sad face, so I came away with three of these little bargain gems instead (I’m *pretty* sure they’re £3.99 each).

I went for Pole Position (green), Eat My Dust (violet) and Lap Of Honour (lilac). My first impressions are that they’re almost impossible to smudge, which, if you’re as clumsy as me is always a win. Sadly, my first attempt didn’t even last 24 hours before chipping, even with two glossy clear top coats. I’m not going to blame the nail varnish just yet, sometimes I sort of accidentally on purpose pick the corners without noticing – so here’s to my current lashings of Pole Position seeing me through til Monday. I’ll let you know, dreamboats. Buy em here…


3. THESE bikini tops

I don’t know how to describe this style? A ruffled bandeau? A strappy ruffled boob-holding thing? Anyway, this bikini top shape is my new love-affair, mostly because I can wear them without my nipples making a frantic bid for escape. As part of the larger-chested percentage of women, I megs struggle to find cheap bikini tops that won’t flail and give up at the first sign of any movement, but these, these WORK. OK, so I went up to a 16 in both of them – the pineapple one was £4 from Primark (bottoms were £3) and the pink one was from New Look for £4.99 and they both make my boobs look like, well actual boobs, rather than squashed sausages.

They’re quite materially which means they’re probs not the best thing on this earth for strap lines and tanning and all that, BUT THEY WORK ON BIG BOOBS, GUYS THIS IS MAGNIFICENT NEWS. And there wasn’t even a hint of accidental under boob. So haps.


4. Aldo suede bag

I’ve never bought anything from Aldo in my entire life, it’s always just seemed at the higher end of the price point that I’m OK with, but I was on a mad hunt for a new bag, so after all my go-tos had failed me I thought I’d pop into the Oxford Street branch. I came away with two bags for less than £40, uh huh. Aldo sale did goooooood. The first bag is a simple bright orange tote bag which I’m going to be using as an airport bag and picnic bag and all-occasions-that-require-a-big-bag bag this summer – and the second was this little charmer, this little guy.

I’ve mentioned at least a trillion times how much I love this season’s suede trend and this just nails it without being too OTT or expensive, and that fringing is beauts, simply beauts. It’s a good size too, and fits in my diary, sunglasses, all my lip products and everything else life throws at it (including all the ‘fainting’ leaflets I had to take home from Chris’s blood donation a few days ago – lol SRSLY).

So yeah, here’s to not using that damn H&M black tote bag in every photo and outfit post forevermore.


5. Coconut Lindt Lindor

Last year Chris and I just forgot to buy each other Easter eggs or make any Easter plans and it got to the Bank Holiday weekend and we were like OH. Stupid us. This year we made a load of plans and decided we’d buy for each other well in advance and we’d suprise each other. Every weekly shopping trip to Tesco entailed a look down the seasonal aisle because OBVS and I’d make wild hints about the £50 Lindt rabbit. What happened is, we spent so long oggling all the eggs in the build up to Easter that by the time it came around we just sort of hadn’t actually bought anything, and turns out, shops DO sell out of good Easter eggs and Mini Eggs and Caramel eggs and everything delicious BEFORE Easter. Who knew, right?

Which is how I ended up with said coconut Lindor balls. We ended up in Ipswich Sainsbury’s on Good Friday and just had to make do, so I got these and, ready, because I’m about to swear, they were absolutely fucking amazing. They’re like all my chocolate dreams come true and I’ve been eating at least one a day because where’s the fun in life if you’re not consistently gaining weight?


6. Jack’s First Birthday

This cute little gremlin turned one last week. ONE. It feels like there’s no way on Earth it’s been a year since I was dashing from work to my brother’s house to gather up hospital bags and toothbrushes and phone chargers and jumping in a cab to the hospital for his unexpected early arrival, but apparently, it is.

We spent the afternoon devouring a three-course meal to celebrate. I ate lasagne and calamari because FOOD, and then drank two ciders, two ciders which probably caused me to spontaneously buy two bright coloured bags, but these things happen.

It’s the first time I’ve been with all four of my brothers since Gale Christmas back in December, so that’s always a win. We discussed Serial (none of them have listened to it, probably because they’re massive losers) and my brother’s upcoming wedding up north, for which none of us have sorted our outfits. Very good. We’re currently sorting out rooms and it’s looking like us three youngest and a couple of our cousins *might* be staying in a cottage together. A party cottage, obviously. I’m so excited for good quality family time without at last one of us having to dash off for child bed times or 3-hour journeys home.

Also, how amazed does Jack look at these incred slippers we bought him?


7. YOU

It wouldn’t be fair to write this post without mentioning you guys, you guys who have been picking me up and constantly having my back. Without your heart-warming tweets and sweet support and comment replies, I’d definitely not have made it to my desk today, let alone out the house for a swim, so for that I am entirely grateful.

Thank you for getting what my posts are about, for understanding that I’m not a dick, even when sometimes my posts could come across like that. I’m not a negative person, and I know my closest friends, the ones I’ve known the longest, who have watched my rollercoaster through life, would agree. Or I’d hope they’d agree. Sometimes I can be a bit self-absorbed, a bit of a bad listener, manic and very full-on, but not a dweller, not somebody who downs in self-pity, so I am sorry if maybe my words give that impression. Because I can’t stand self-pity, life is what you make it. You make your own happiness.

So this week one of my favourite things have been you guys, my loyal readers. Thank you <3


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