Outfit Of The Week: Working In A Fashion Office


OK, so this post was supposed to go up at the weekend, but guess what? I couldn’t find anyone to take any damn photos of me. I feel like keeping on top of my outfit of the week posts the hardest out of them all because they require sunshine, a good photographer and a good backdrop and, turns out, there’s hardly anyone about on a midweek afternoon when the sun is shining because they’re all at work. Who knew, right?

So I took matters into my own hands. These were shot in my dining room, by myself, whilst it was raining outside and there were gale force winds (go on, make some funny joke about gales and Hannah Gale, LOLZ).

There’s a few that could have been more in focus but in general? In general I will DEFINITELY be doing this again, because it kind of worked. And there’s something a bit nice about seeing me in my own surroundings, I feel like I look more relaxed, more ME. So yey, yey to self-timer and cropping Rudey’s hair balls out of the shots.



As you may have noted, I’m currently doing a couple of days a week of copywriting for Warehouse – something to break up the endless days on my own in Ipswich and also to bring in a little extra travel money because I have so many plans this year that include airplanes, Prosecco and eating burgers as big as my head.

So this is a work outfit, because in fashion offices, ripped skinny jeans are a go-go. I used to wear things like this at LOOK – shirts teamed with jeans or midi skirts and a bright lip and heels. There’s something so nice about wearing things like this, it makes you feel sophisticated and mature and elegant and in charge. Although I won’t lie, there were plenty of jeans, Converse and NYPD t-shirt days too, mostly worn accompanied by a sausage and hash brown sandwich and the faint odour of last night’s wine sweating out of my pores. Eek.


This shirt is an old favourite, a classic I picked up at the GAP outlet in Woodbury Common on my last trip to NYC, and I actually prefer it to my standard white one. It just clashes so perfectly with that orange-red hue, which just FYI is Soaked by Illamasqua again. SUCH A BLOODY PERFECT LIP COLOUR.

So erm yeah, enjoy my posing about it my dining room whilst listening to Classic FM.

Jacket – Very.co.uk (here’s a similar £25 one)

Shirt – GAP, £22.99

Jeans – Topshop, £40

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins at House of Fraser, £16

Bag – Primark (here’s a similar £4.29 one)

Lipstick – Illamasqua, £18.50

Nails varnish – Topshop, £5

Watch – Daniel Wellington, £159




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