My Recipe For The Perfect Weekend


Weekends: the two days of the week that make our worlds go round.

OK, so for me they’re not that big of a deal. I could have my weekends on a Monday and Tuesday if I wanted, heck I could take a three day weekend every week if I sort of wanted. But I like weekends because it’s the time when I don’t have to be on my own. I get to see Chris for more than just stir frys and GBBO. I get to see friends, family, to get out of the house for more than just coffees and swimming sessions, it’s the highlight of my week just as much as it is anyone’s, because everyone’s just in suck a fucking great mood.

As you might have spied the other week on Instagram, me and Chris spent the night in Cambridge. OK, so he took Friday off work and we did have a three day weekend. So step one for the perfect weekend is to book that pesky Friday off. Like what, why is that even a working day?

Citroen very kindly loaned us their C4 Cactus model to drive the 50 miles up to Cambridge for the night (which, just FYI, I’ve only been to once and it was to visit my best friend at dance college and we spent the whole weekend shopping and eating pizza because obviously). They said I didn’t have to write about the car in this post, but I want to, because that’s the second thing (after booking the Friday off) that made this weekend so damn perfect.

I’ve only ever driven tiny cars. My Fiat 500, the Corsa my grandad bought me when I was 17 and the Clio I drove for a bit when I was an estate agent – all tiny, all small, all designed *probably* with female drivers in mind, and the Cactus isn’t tiny. It’s big, and it terrified me and pushed me seriously out of my comfort zone.


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 19.06.33



There’s something stupidly exhilirating about doing something you find frightening. I knew I was safe, I knew I could drive – I’ve been doing it for 8 years, I know the rules of the road – but it still made me feel a bit uncomfortable. It filled my veins with the good kind of adrenaline.

And on the dual carriage way it felt so smooth and safe and effortless – not like my Fiat 500, which sometimes sounds, despite being brand new, a bit like it just wants me to take my damn foot off the accelerator and slink back into the left hand lane pottering alone at 50mph. It’s like CHILL OUT HANNAH, BE SLOW AND SENSIBLE AND SAFE AND LIKE AN OLD WOMAN WHO CAN’T SEE. The C4 Cactus was more like a suave, handsome gentleman, and I liked it. I liked it alot. So much so that I got home and admitted that maybe when our lease runs out on the Fiat we should upsize.

So yeah, maybe my next car will be some giant soccer mom car from the States that looks as big as a whale. Maybe. (Probably not).

Anyway, so yeah, we stayed in Cambridge on Friday night in a hotel called The Varsity. It was located right in the centre of the city which was great for pretending to explore the university and college buildings and drinking coffee.

The hotel also had a spa with views over the river, and at one point we were the only people in the jacuzzi just watching the river drift on by and it felt so perfect and chilled and yeah all that. Before we actually headed onto the spa I realised I’d forgotten my bikini (as well as my concealer, MAC brow pencil and camera battery -FFS, HANNAH) so I was all like ‘yeah, I’ll go to M&S and buy a sleek swimming costume’. I cried in M&S buying said sleek swimming costume. Like, why are changing room lights so harrowing? And why are my thighs dimply? Anyone? HELP ME?



Aside from having breakdowns in changing rooms and sitting in jacuzzis, we ate burgers and macaroni cheese in Byron, drank raspberry cider and cocktails in random bars, oh and I read the first half of The Opposite Of Loneliness and tried not to cry/stay in bed the rest of the trip.

So yeah, a night away in a hotel always makes for a great weekend, but it was the things we did when we got home that really cemented it as my perfect weekend.

I just had this warm, fuzzy feeling constantly in my belly from Friday to Sunday.

I attempted to make a rainbow birthday cake. Can confirm that Sainsbury’s food colouring is not good enough, you *will* need to order the specialist food colouring gels off the internet, this is not a lie.

We watched a MH370 documentary on the sofa, I painted my nails, we had the back doors open because HELLO SPRING, I did my make-up really bloody well, I PUT ON A KIMONO and we had Chris’s family round.




We ate pizza, we drank Prosecco, we played Cards Against Humanity and ALL the beer pong. We laughed. We took a selfie stick picture.

And then I spent Sunday basically in a half-concious state on the sofa drinking about three litres of water, watching 16 and Pregnant and ordering Domino’s.

Someone commented on my blog recently (HIYA TO WHOEVER IT WAS) and said that the answer to happiness is variety. And that was this weekend, it was variety. All the variety.

I did something that scared me, I explored somewhere new, I had pamper relaxing time, I had one-on-one time with Chris, I baked, I watched GOOD TV, I ate shit loads, I saw some of my favourite people, I played games, I napped and I stepped back from work for a bit. I didn’t put one blog post up the entire weekend and it was nice. It was nice to forget about blogging, forget I was a blogger if just for a few days.

So yeah, I’m using this dreamy little weekend as an example for the rest of the year on how to live happy, on how to make the most of my weekends, on how to make myself feel like the best, sparkliest damn version of myself.

Oh, and just FYI you can win a two-day test drive with Citroen here.


  • Looks like such a lovely trip, I’m jealous and inspired to do more with my free time! x

  • Looks like you had a lovely time. Cambridge is only 60 miles from me and I’ve never thought to visit, but I might just have to now!

    Christie x

  • I actually grew up with Cambridge as the biggest city near me, and I find it refreshing to read other peoples posts about visits there because it makes me appreciate it more!! I’m liking this whole variety thing, I might try it. Glad you had a good weekend!


  • This sounds and looks like a phenomenal weekend! The perfect recipe for a fun time with friends and family 🙂

  • I LOVE THIS!!! It can be so tempting at the weekend to dull stuff like food shopping and laundry, but REALLY we should all be doing the fun stuff you mentioned in this post. *scurries off to a plan a magnificent Easter weekend*

  • Glad you had a good weekend! That feast looks unreal 🙂

  • Ha ha, had a smilliar weekend but I still wondered if you had posted while I was on my great weekend(couldn’t get wifi). This morning I thought I cant wait to see your email ! That is just sad on my behalf because for the first time I am actually a fan of someone well apart from when I was obsessed with Gary Barlow and take that lol.
    Glad you had a good time.

  • Caroline

    hurrah for weekends of nice things !

    obviously overnights stays in hotels and spa days etc are fab, but like you say its the other little things that also go a long way to making you happy (baking, seeing mates etc).

    We all work so hard and get stressed out during the week that often I find my “to do” list of crap for the weekend is huge. Its important to give yourself permission to perhaps not be 100% productive at the weekend – that is necessary “recharge the batteries” time.

    Yeah, of course we all have food shopping to do and chores, and family to see and all that guff, but finding time in your weekend for fun things (browsing a 2nd hand bookshop, having a wee walk, chatting with friends for longer than a 1hr coffee catch up) is all just as important for your well being.

    This is what I am working on……..inspirational as ever Hannah. I haven’t baked in bloody ages, next weekend cupcakes are HAPPENING!


  • Cambridge looks great! Also I love the look of your camera in the 4th photo!

  • As great as Cambridge looks (and it looks like you had an awesome trip) I was most struck by how jealous I was that you can get corn on your Dominos. We only have the boring “normal” toppings here.

  • How much deliciousness can you fit in one weekend?! BLOODY LOADS CLEARLY! Gorgeous weekendspiration! xxxxxxxx

  • That lipstick in the last picture looks awesome. I never go anywhere in this country and I’d really like to visit places like Cambridge. Where I live sucks, It’d be nice to get away from it once in a while.

  • This 100% sounds like the BEST weekend, I cannot wait until I’m no longer a poor student who has to work EVERY weekend, ALL weekend. Unfortunately I very rarely get to experience that Friday feeling and lazy Sundays, I’m totally booking a weekend off a taking this post as inspiration on how to spend it. P.S. the comment about variety being the key to happiness, I believe that was me 😉 HIYA to you too! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  • Sounds like the absolute perfect weekend to me! Opposite of Loneliness was a stellar book, one of the few that has ever made me cry.

    So glad you had such an amazing time, and know I reallyyy want pizza as well 😀


  • This definitely sounds like the perfect weekend! I totally agree that the best weekends are those that are varied. I like a nice mix of getting out and about, exploring and having fun, and just relaxing and taking it easy. Also, Cambridge looks lovely!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Sounds like the perfect weekend, but I agree, the perfect weekend is definitely one full of variety – filling it with all the things we enjoy doing best xx

    Ioanna |

  • In love with your camera and food pics! Proper hungry now! 🙂

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  • Ahhh looks like such a lovely weekend! I used to work in Cambridge and it always seemed such a chilled out and beautiful place! Enjoyed the read 🙂

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! xxx

  • I’m glad you enjoyed Cambridge! I loved reading this post as I live here and it is such a beautiful place. If you visit again I could give you a whole list of places to go 🙂

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