7 Friday Favourites: 26th March 2015


I’m writing this all in a bit of a pre-holiday fluster. I’m downing Diet Coke for energy and motivation (and also because it tastes like heaven and rose gold and happiness), and trying to ignore the brand new, painful, festering spot on the side of my face. Do. Not. Pick. It. Hannah.

As you’re reading this I’m probably up in the skies listening to This American Life (the podcast people behind Serial), and feeling cold because I stupidly decided to wear sandals on the plane rather than trainers and I (also very stupidly) spent the money I was going to spend on a light-weight grey oversized jumper for plane snuggles on a pineapple bikini and a lemon keyring. So yeah, that. My problem is that because I struggle to find anything I like in Ipswich town centre, that when I do I’m all like MUST BUY IMMEDIATELY. And that just happened. I’m not even sorry.

I did stop at buying another fluffy pom pom key ring though, and I’m seriously regretting my decision. It was £2.99, cream and from H&M and all cute and mini and the perfect accessory to all my old clutch bags that no longer excite or interest me. Maybe I’ll buy it next week.


1. Blossom

OK, maybe this is a bit dull, but for me blossom signifies everything right about life. The first few glimpses of that fresh pink stuff on the trees makes me feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It makes me feel excited, fresh and so ready for new chapters, new adventures and new journeys. You know that feeling you get on New Year’s Day when you feel like you can achieve everything and that you’re going to make the forthcoming year your best one that? I feel that renewed hope and optimisim when blossom comes out to play.

You know that soon there’ll be barbecues and Twister ice lollies and driving with the windows down and weddings and Pimms and everything will be right with the world.

I took this sly little snap whilst walking to a bus stop in Streatham earlier this week, where I was staying with an old pal. We drank wine, ate courgetti and cuddled up to hot water bottles. And then we woke up to fresh almost-spring sunshine and suburban blossom. So pretty.


2. Primark bikini

I have the sort of aggressively sized boobs that would probably (definitely) benefit from me forking out on a Bravissimo bikini, but alas, I’ve never wanted to. I don’t want to alienate myself from all the impressive stuff on the high street, and I like kidding myself that my boobs look alright stuffed into them.

This absolute sizzler is from Primark and is the fore mentioned pineapple print one. The top was £4 and the bottoms £3, and I love when shops sell them separately because I hardly know anyone who wants the same size on top and bottom. Personally, I always go as big as I can on the top, and this baby is a 16. I haven’t tried it on yet, but it looks roomy and comfortable and it’s going in my suitcase as a spare to my belly suck-in black swimming cossie from M&S. Not that I’m expecting it to be hot enough for sunbathing in Tuscany, but girl gotta have options for spa days and COME ON IT’S GOT PINEAPPLES ON IT. You must all buy it immediately. I order you to.


3. Bobbi Brown ‘Watermelon’ lipstick

I’ve been raving on about this new beauty on every form of social media – Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, it just makes me so haps. It’s the perfect bright pink summer shade because it doesn’t have that unflattering neon colouring to it that a lot of other ones do. i just know it’s going to look all kinds of dreamy with a tan. If I ever get a tan. Maybe I’ll get a fake one. But where does one apply face fake tan in their skincare regime, huh?

I won’t lie, the fact it’s called Watermelon makes me love it all the more. So yeah, it’s instantly shot up into my top three lipsticks right now. It’s new in the UK this spring, and is available in all the usual Bobbi brown spots like Debenhams and House Of Fraser. Shop her here.


4. Dorothy Perkins court shoes

OK, I know I’m seriously late to the court shoe party. I’m not sure why I never really jumped on board before, I think I just thought they were the least exciting of all the high heeled shoes. Sure, they’re sophisticated but meh. I was wrong, so wrong.

These beauts striped snakey babies are Dorothy Perkins, but from House of Fraser and I’m obsessed. Not only is the shape and cut mega flattering on short legs like my own because there’s no strap to cut off the line of your legs, but the colour is the perfect mix of classic and OMG SO MUCH FUN AND HIP AND HAPPENING COOL.

Plus, they’re a steal at only £16. I’m planning on teaming them with my boyfriend jeans in a post soon. Yey to shoes.


5. Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this back at university on the back of a recommendation from a friend. I was hooked, but not One Tree Hill hooked and I sort of stopped watching it. Turns out everyone in the bloggersphere is obsessed with it. Seriously obsessed. Last week I decided to dive back in where I left off mid way through season two, and yeah, I get it, I really get it.

I’ve found myself sneaking off upstairs to watch it in bed on my iPad whilst Chris is doing uni work. I keep treating myself to an episode in the morning before I get up and come and sit at my desk to slog through my workload. But now I have THE FEAR, the fear that someone is going to spoil the ending for me before I get there. So keep your lips sealed pleasse, please, please otherwise I might cry. (LOL JK, it’s not like you’re revealing the end of HP)


6. Rudey’s new collar

I can’t make Rudey sit still for a photo because she’s a demon child/pampered princess/diva/Veronica Salt. But she has got a new collar. It’s pink glittery, because that’s Rudey all over, but we bought her a little pink polka dot bow to go on said collar. She looks like such a cute little fluffy ball of amazingess. Chris decided we let Rudey be a hunter and treat her to a new collar without a bell, so it’s weird getting used to her creeping about the house in silence.

We bought both bits from Pets At Home and they were megz cheap. I just wish Rudey would let me dress her in clothes, but turns out not so much. Sad face.


7. Busy B stationery

I bloody love new stationery as most of you know, and I had this megz amazing delivery from Busy B this week. Or maybe last week. Life is drifting into one big tangle of 5am starts (thanks Rudes), blogging, trains to London and PLL on my iPad. So much for variety being the key to happiness and all that.

Mostly I love the pen. That seems like a weird thing to say but it genuinly makes me happy everytime I pick it up to work – mostly because I usually only use cheap biros that are nowhere near as pretty or cute as this one. I also love the sticker box, I feel like grown-ups don’t use stickers enough. They should be made compulsory in the workplace because stickers = happy and productive staff, surely?


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