26 Things You’ve Definitely Done If You’re A Blogger


Because let’s face it, we’re all going through the same thing really, deep down.

1. Googled ‘how much money do bloggers make’ and then felt really sad and let down that there was no definitive answer. Sob. How will you make you future life plans accordingly?

2. Had that moment where you realised that if you just brightened a photo and sharpened it your photos suddenly go from amateur blogger to super-swish, professional blogger. Who knew Amaro filter wasn’t the answer to more likes, eh?

3. Umm-ed and ahhed over a £15 candle. Because you could really use it as a prop in photos and also, candles = happiness, but WHY ARE THEY SO FLIPPING EXPENSIVE?

4. Had to physically walk away from your computer to stop yourself sending a really aggressive email to a PR who’s just emailed to see if you want to do a whole post and maybe a video and maybe a few social media mentions about their new campaign on villas in Spain. For free. Because yes, that’s exactly what bloggers do, you clever little PR you.

5. Had a little cry (full blown meltdown) in the corner of a room because why is HTML AND SELF HOSTING AND DOMAIN NAMES SO STUPIDLY HARD?

6. Sat down to write a few posts. Had a quick peruse on Pinterest to get some inspiration. Realised three hours had passed. Oh.

7. Gone to Homebase, B&Q and IKEA to buy the dream cactus. Come home empty handed and bulk-eaten chocolate to take the edge off your plant-based sadness.

8. Reasoned with yourself that it’s actual vital you spend £72 on ASOS because you really need new material for your outfit posts and it’s basically a business cost. Yup, vital.

9. Wondered whether you should book a trip to Paris just so you can do a Sephora haul and Instagram some macarons.

10. Bought fresh flowers, postcards and other pretty things just to use as photo props because that’s just how you roll and you don’t care who knows it.

11.  Read about 783567856 other people describe their blogs as ‘my little corner of the internet’. Oh you guys.

12. Spent over half an hour just rearranging products on your floorboards for a damn good photo. Normally rushing said photos because OMG HOW IS IT GETTING DARK ALREADY.

13. Secretly praised the universe lords when the clocks go back ebcause hello light evenings and hello plenty more hours in the day to shoot glossy, perfect photos.

14. Bought almond butter, coconut oil and chia seeds because Bloglovin told you to.

15. Tried to take a photos of your dreamy smokey eye, only to have a camera roll that looks like close ups of you having a stroke. Oh.

16. Used a piece of tissue to clean the side of your plate to make it photo-worthy. Those pasta sauce splatters make it look way less attractive.

17. Wondered whether it’s important to own an iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook Air. It probably is, you should probably buy all of them. It’s the only way to be a success.

18. Tweeted out a link to your blog for readers to ‘enjoy with a tea/coffee/afternoon chocolate-y treat/cake ETC ETC’.

19. Had a really bloody good photo-opportunity day but then not wanted to Instagram them all at once and so staggered them out over a few days and hoped no-one noticed because LOL, girl got to be consistent.

20. Edited out cigarette butts and trodden-in gum out of your photos because ewww London can be gross.

21. Only painted the nails/fake-tanned the parts of the body that are on show in a photo. Hey, time is precious.

22. Hope and prayed that no-one ever finds out that your camera roll is 67% selfies, 21% brunch and 10% cats.

23. Gone out of your way to buy Essie nail polishes and MAC lipsticks over other brands because they just look so damn on point.

24. Introduced the words ‘dupe’ and ‘drugstore’ and ‘pigment’ into your top 20 used words of all time.

25. Sat and stared at your Google Analytics active users on site number and thought whether you should probably get a bit more of a life.

26. Wondered whether blogging is the most exciting, happiest best thing in the world, or the worst, most soul-destroying, negative thing you’ve ever encountered. Oh internet.


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