11 Fashion Trends Actually Worth Knowing About For SS15


I say actually worth knowing about because magazines love to invent trends.

OMG EVERYONE’S GOING TO BE WEARING PVC NEXT SEASON and violet and pop art and blah blah blah (no-one has said anything about those trends just FYI, I made them up to make a point). And then like, they find three celebrities who have worn said ‘trend’ over the past year to back them up – but you never see said trends in the real world, ever.

And if they’re not trends that I’ve seen no sign or proof of in real-life, on real fucking people in the street, then it’s trends that are really vague and confusing. You know the ones that are like ‘Modern World Living’, ‘Eastern Magic’ and ‘Floating Florals’ and you’re like WTF ARE YOU EVEN SAYING? What does that mean? Is this a riddle? Huh? Who? What do I wear?

So here’s a trend round-up of things that are normal. Things you might actually want to wear. Things you can buy. Things that are only midly scary.


1. Suede

Suede biker jackets, suede skirts, suede tassels, suede bags, suede pinafores, ALL THE SUEDE. But mostly suede in that deep orange/brown shade. It’s everywhere and it makes a nice to change to leather and faux leather. A lot of the high street are offering up real suede pieces which is a bit scary when you look at the price, yes you H&M and your wonderful-on-the-eye £99 emerald skirt, but places like Missguided and Boohoo are stocking ‘suedette’ instead. Y’know, if you don’t want to cripple your bank balance on one real suede item. My red suede jacket is from here, but also – these suede culottes = hubba, hubba.


2. Flares

I’m not going anywhere near this one, just FYI. And it’s not because flares are a terrifying shape for jeans, it’s because I don’t feel like they’ll flatter my thighs. They elongate, which is great if you’ve got squat little leggies like me, but I’m scared they’ll just make the rest of my legs look as wide as my thighs. But the rest of you should go, go, go try them. They might be the best things since skinny jeans. (I’m going to make SS15 the season I *FINALLY* give boyfriend jeans a go, watch this space). From L to R: H&M £39.99, New Look £22.99, Topshop £40


3. Roll neck tops

I loved that roll necks were everywhere this winter. I grew up with this idea that girls with big boobs shouldn’t wear roll necks because it’d make me look bigger than I was, but WRONG. I have a fine dark grey knit from Primark that I adore and I think the dark shade and light fabric makes it mega flattering. This season it’s all about cropped roll necks (nuh uh) and sleeveless roll necks in light cotton that won’t make you get sweaty and flustered the minute the UK hits 15 degrees. I’m wearing a cute striped number from Joules, but this Warehouse knit is currently riding high on my mental wish list.


4. A-Line skirts

Especially denim ones or button down ones. I snapped up one that was both of those things from ASOS last month and it keeps selling out, so yeah, you know it’s the skirt of the moment. (It’s here just FYI)

Sadly, on me the skirt is more tight mini skirt than cute, flirtly A-line skirt but you get the idea. Ideally these babies are worn with bare, tanned pins and flat, pointed shoes. With a tribly maybe. And one of those roll neck tops I just mentioned. Whilst posed on Brighton Pier with an ice cream. You get what I’m saying.


5. Pointed shoes

If you’re not going strappy then go pointed. The classic pointed stiletto shape is timeless, but for me it’s more about the pointed loafer flats. The slightly masculine, minimalist styles that just look so damn effortless and sexy and cool. The ones I described in that Brighton Pier outfit, the ones that look shit hot with boyfriend jeans and a shirt. I want them all. From L to R: Missguided £24.99, Zara £39.99, New Look £24.99

pointed shoes

6. Trench coats

I feel like trenches and loose duster style coats come into fashion every spring, but they feel bigger than ever for SS15. The waterfall style is a particular fave on the high street at the moment, and the classic beige style is totally owning it.

Whereas it used to feel like a trench coat needed to be dressed up with pencil skirts and shirts, now it’s all about dressing them down with sweat tops and rolled up boyfriend jeans. OMG I WANT THIS OUTFIT I JUST DESCRIBED.

I’m wearing a £25 Primark number that *might* still be in store (with an Adorning Ava necklace that is pure beauts) but I’ve got a thing about this salmon style. I never knew I needed a salmon trench until now because WHO EVER WOULD?


7. Dungarees and pinafores

Remember like three years ago where we all were like OMG DUNGAREE DRESSES ARE A THING LET’S BUY THEM ALL. Well that’s kinda going on again. It’s more just denim dresses in general though for SS15 with everything from denim shirt dresses to denim shift dresses hitting the high streets. I for one am happy to get on board with this because denim dresses are so easy to style and they’re comfy. YEY.

I’m rocking a megz old Topshop style, that *might* be a bit too small and struggling to contain my boobs – but this is the new season one I’ve been staring at online.


8. Strappy shoes

Strappy sandals, strappy flats, strappy heels, strappy erry’thing. I’m happy with this, so happy with this. Strappy shoes are like my new favourite thing ever and what I love about them is all the straps hold your feet in place and make them mega comfy and said strappy heels mega easy to walk in. HAPS. Zara have loads of mega sassy heels (just look at these snazzy beasts), or, if you’ve been following this blog for a while then you’ll know how obsessed I am with my strappy Aquazzara dupes from New Look which are still in store.


9. D rings

I didn’t know what a D ring was til this week, such a weird name, right? It’s basically just like a buckle on a dress or skirt or summin, but they’re on everything at the moment. To begin with I was like, eww, no, what is that horrible belt attached to that dress? And now I’m like OH A D RING, HOW VERY SS15. So that’s happened. Bit weird. I find the one on the top of my culottes helps distract from my gunt, so it is a good thing, clearly. From L to R: Dorothy Perkins £35, Miss Selfridge £42, Oasis £42


10. Folk embroidery

You know how like if you buy a really good quality beach kaftan it might have a pretty bit of embroidery on it? Well that is now EVERYWHERE. I only noticed it after I snapped up an embroidered shirt from Budapest, but now it feels like something a lot of fashion editors are doing on the sly. Like, it’s not necessarily something really obvious on the high street, it’s more of an inside trend that people have made happen. I’m all for it, pretty bright embroidery makes me mega haps. My Hungarian shirt has a bit of an issue with being ironed, bless it – but this Sainsbury’s top and this Free People dress are both seriously on point.


11. Sleeveless jackets

EVERYWHERE. I WANT THEM ALL. They’re chicer and more streamlined than a winter gilet, and they’re an absolute dream for layering. They keep selling out everywhere because I feel like buyers weren’t predicting them to be having a moment to the extreme amount that they actually are. They’re so bloody damn perfect because you can wear them with crap clothes like leggings and giant shirts and look like a damn sassy casual gal, or wear them over a dress for a bit of warmth for Friday night drinks. Win, win. From L to R: Sister Jane £75, Missguided £55, French Connection £84

sleeveles jackets

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