A Tour Of my Office (LOL JK, It’s The Spare Room)


When it was first agreed I was moving to Ipswich, I was just going to use my teeny tiny (shit, and really slow despite being brand new) laptop to work on at the dining room table. That would be my office, my working space.

OK, this is all a bold lie. It was never agreed I was going to move to Ipwich. In fact, I was planning on signing my flat contract to stay on in Leytonstone for another year, until well, there was a flood in my flat and I got forced out of London, and then, well, I guess I just never left Suffolk.

The spare bedroom was originally going to house Chris’s old double bed. It’d be a proper spare bedroom ready for all our adult couple friends to come and stay and drink fancy wine and eat cheese boards and play Scrabble, like real grown-ups.

Then I made a few ‘THIS SHOULD BE MY BLOGGING OFFICE’ jokes, and well, Chris agreed. So yey to subtle hints and Pinterest boards.

We painted the walls in Dulux’s Blueberry White even before I moved in, or maybe around the time I moved in and got rid of all the old furniture. We ripped up the brown carpet and sanded and glossed the floors and we went over the skirting boards with white gloss. Like seriously guys, I am now skilled in the art of re-decoration and I’ve never felt so bloody old.

Everything in here at the moment is IKEA, just because it’s easy and it’s white and it’s affordable yet simply chic. My desk is a BESTA BURS, my bookcases are BILLY and the dreamy day bed is HEMNES. Mostly it’s just Rudey on the day bed cleaning her bum, showing off her fluffy squirrel belly and leaving fur EVERYWHERE. She seriously thinks it’s her bedroom which is cute but irritating for duvet cover changing purposes.


I would love to sit and talk you through where everything else is from, but to be honest there’s just too much! I’m an avid hoarder, and have managed to get rid of SO much since moving here, but my shelves and surface space are still crammed with trinkets. A lot of things are presents, or things I’ve snapped up from eBay or charity shops or car boot sales. Like seriously, so excited for the weather to warm up so we can continue on with our 7am Saturday starts hitting the Needham Market boot sale. The dream <3

I pretty much always work with flowers and a candle because HAPPINESS. And I always have about 7 different notebooks on the go just because I adore hand writing stuff, it’s just so much nicer considering everything we do is online, and when I have a really good pen, the appearance of my own handwriting makes me feel a little bit warm inside. N’awww.

Current stationery faves include Paperchase, Tiger, Ohh Deer, Etsy and LA LA LAND. Mostly because they’re super fun and super affordable.


I always have 69p Paperchase postcards up on the wall because a) they just liven up the whole space and b) they make me do all the happy feels when I’m typing away and trying to navigate internet trolls and eurgh emails.

My cute polaroid snaps were a birthday present last year from Chris from Polagram. My desk nail varnish collection changes every few weeks depending on my mood – but these are the shades I’m currently rotating. I don’t know what it is about that damn Denim Delight from GOSH but I’m addicted. It’s just so perfect and nightime-y and yeah, I don’t have another word to use here.

I also keep a few sentimental things in here. I feel like out of the whole house this room is the most ‘me’ by far. Chris hasn’t really had any say in it and in fact there’s nothing of his even in here. It’s more a space to keep all my excess belongings that don’t fit anywhere else in the house.


I’ve got my framed print of my blog post that was featured on The Telegraph last year, and my favourite vintage print of Manhattan that I bought from a flea market on a trip out there. And then I’ve got a photo of me and my grandad when I was little – he passed away in 2013 and did a heck of a lot for me growing up. From teaching me to drive to pulling out my wobbly teeth to picking me up at 2am when I needed him. He was just 14 when war broke out in Poland and ended up fleeing his home on the back of a chicken truck with his entire family headed for Russia. So yeah, it means a lot.

I’m not really sure what else to say here – ooh, my cute new chair cushion is from Elizabeth Scarlett, a pretty london-based brand – this is more me playing with my camera and getting into photography which is SUCH a new thing for me. Like, it upsets me that I can’t take my own photos from my OOTW, but y’know, can’t actually be two people at once, sob.

It’s also just a chance for you to be a bit nosey. So YEAH, ENJOY. If there’s anything particular that you see and you’re like FUCK, where is that dreamboat from, then leave me a comment and I’ll let a gal know.



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  • Miranda

    It would be bad for business if I had a day bed in the office! But I love it, looks very cosy 🙂

  • Grace

    This post is lovely and a little different. I think we’re all a little nosey and like a snoop around other people’s homes! I like how clean and light you’ve decorated the room and I’m also a big fan of Ikea furniture and Paperchase’s cheap postcards. I’ve recently become a little addicted to the storage boxes you can get in Paperchase to organise all the things and I find myself making up excuses to buy more of them because the prints are darling!

  • Wow, looks so cute. I wish I had the time/space/money to create something like that. I love vintage and chic little Bargins and I am always picking things up while I am out and about. I seriously need to invest in some postcards from paperchase they will definitely brighten up my apartment.


  • I am OBSESSED with your chair. Where from pleeeeeeeeeease? 🙂

  • Ahh such a dreamy room! It must be such an amazing feeling to have a space that’s just all your own, I really hope to have a blogger space like this too one day!!

    And major computer envy! I’m sitting here at the kitchen table on, you guessed it, my old laptop 😛



  • Lovely office space! ‘Goals!’ Cannot wait to have a spare room so I can have my own space. Also, love the 69p postcards, must go buy lots of those! <3

  • nueyork

    This is such a cute little space!


  • Sophie

    Hi Hannah, I love your chair, you mentioned before you got it from eBay, what did you search for please? Did you (sand and) paint it yourself, or did it come like that? Thanks x

  • It’s such a lovely space as both an office and a guest room! I like how light and airy it is, and mainly that you’ve got the Slytherin crest up. We’re all Slytherin at heart, really…

  • LOVE the pegs and pics, I have exactly the same in my little blogging space. There is this fab shop in Perth called Typo and I swear it’s made for bloggers; arts and crafts, stationary, notepads and desk ornaments. You name it! So cute. Awesome post as always. Love your work x

  • Love that you’ve made the space your own! I’m really struggling with where to put all my girly bits and bobs in my boyfriend’s house and I’m jealous you have your own little office! Gorgeous prints too,

  • What a beautiful working space 🙂 I love the wall colour choice – going to remember that 🙂 cannot wait until I get to have my own work space like this 🙂

  • Charlotte

    I love that your boyfriend (chris) Let you change his spare room into and office its so cute. You really do have an art to make everything pretty. Thank you for your daily blog, really cheers up my day x

  • Ahhhh, everything is so pretty and I’m mega jealous. One day I will have my own office space, rather than the dining table.

    Also, HOW CUTE is that picture of Rudey as a kitten? My heart melted a little bit, she’s so adorable.

    Beth xx

  • I love it, it looks so pretty and cozy.
    Ikeas white pieces are just so simple and pretty!
    Steph xx

  • So pretty! I wish I had a spare room like this

    Jenna | jennaloves3.blogspot.co.uk

  • I love everything about this room – I really want a blogging room/office/personal space room, even though I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to blog full time. But still, a gorgeous room to blog in would be lovely. I’ll probably use your room as inspiration if it ever happens 🙂

  • Heather

    Hannah, how have you managed to place all your trinkets & girly extras into one room without it looking too much or untidy? Girl, do you fancy a trip to Kent to arrange my stuff?! Haha 🙂 You’ve made the space totally your own and it looks so much fun! Thanksfor ssharing 🙂

  • It looks really nice 🙂

  • Live fast pie yum. LOL, obviously.

    I don’t know what is is about nosing at other peoples stuff but we definitely love to do it! So this was a fun post and made me slyly jealous but whatever, my wonky bed will suffice for now x

  • Caroline

    I loved this little chance to nosey around – and everything is so pretty! love, love, love.

    Flowers, candles and paperchase postcards = me too.

    Just wish I could have a daybed and my snoozing cat in my office too , but I would never get anything done!

  • Do you have two copies of The Girl on the Train or did you take the pictures on different days and move stuff around? (What a saddo I am asking that!)

    I love having a nosy at other people’s office spaces. My laptop is on the dining table and it annoys me, but I don’t really have the space for a proper desk set-up.

    • hannahgale9

      Haha I had a big photo taking session at the weekend but then as I was putting the post together found an old folder on my computer from back in January, so snuck a few of those in. So just one copy, ha! x

  • Hannah Gale! i did not put you down as a slytherin type of gal!! ;). What a dreamy office! JEL.

  • those postcards are my ultimate weakness, they’re so happy and cute and ahh !! Xx

  • It’s sooo pretty, I love it! The cute chair with the blanket and cushion is my fave part!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • Katie

    I LOVE looking at other people’s homes. I would also like to know what you searched for on ebay to find your chair.. all I can find are horrible dining chairs.. and where is the bedding on your day bed from?


    • hannahgale9

      I think I was just browsing all furniture within a 10 mile radius to be honest and then spied this gem! x

  • I am such a fan of your writing style, I always read your whole posts rather than just flicking through the (admittedly gorgeous) photos. The postcards are also so cute!

  • This is so adorable! I love all of the bright colours. I wish I had somewhere dedicated to computer time… as much fun as it is typing thing lying on my bed with my laptop on my chest lolz.

  • Oh it’s such a pretty office/spare room.

    I should use my office/spare room more instead of schlumping on the sofa downstairs!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  • Loved this little insight. I am really enjoying reading your blogs, thoughts and trials… Girl after my own heart! x

  • Love these kinds of posts! xx

  • Major room envy! you have put it together so well 🙂 xx

  • Your blogging room looks amazing 🙂 And nearly everything in my whole house is Ikea!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • Your office is so nice (who needs spare rooms haha). We did the same thing to the floors in my mums room and it looks so effective – much better than laminate flooring!

    Kathryn | Nimble Note

  • Laura

    I am all over this! I love how bright and creative your workspace is! I’m a huge sucker for flowers! And I love your bird bowl!

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