The Event That Got Me Seriously Excited About Being A Blogger

IMGP1464The headline makes me sound like I’m not excited by blogging, and of course I am – there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most exciting industries to be working in, in 2015. It’s ever-changing, the future is unknown but looks blindingly bright, and well, sometimes I get to take mornings off to be a hungover slug on the sofa with MTV and a duvet for company. I’ve definitely had worse jobs.

But, as I’ve relayed on this blog before, I’ve sometimes struggled with the transition from fashion journalist and editor to well, running my own site. You know how people like Kendall Jenner say that being a Kardashian and already being famous didn’t help her become a global supermodel – it held her back? Well I kind of get it. I’d say about 85 per cent of the perks that have come from being a blogger have come from people and PRs that I had no idea even existed back when I was at LOOK or Metro.

And, whereas as a journalist I lived in London and could attend as many events as I wanted, as a blogger I have to be pickier. I have to work out which ones are worth the £30 train ticket into London and which ones aren’t.

Instagram makes all press events look OMG SO FANCY. But in reality they aren’t. Every blogger or journalist will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that thank fucking God for iPhones. I’ve been to so many events where I’ve rocked up, no-one’s come to talk to me and I’ve just been left to my own devices. I’ve awkwardly accepted a glass of Prosecco from a waiter and played on my phone in the corner, desperately counting down the minutes until it’s acceptable to leave.

These events are bareable if you haven’t forked out any money to be there and are 35 minutes away from being back in bed watching Netflix – not so much when you’ve just put a dent in your bank balance and trekked 70 miles to be there.


I get quite a few event invites where there’s a big likelihood it’ll turn out like the above – mostly because a lot of press events are a canapes and wine, drop-in sort of event. And mostly because, well I don’t know all that many bloggers to attend events with (probably because I don’t go to that many events). Catch bloody 22.

As a journalist I was quite sought after at events – because a LOOK employee attending something looks good when relaying to a client. I went to Babington House with Lacoste, to see Bastille at Somerset House with River Island, ice skating with New Look, to the Cotswolds with Ted Baker and to Aintree with Matalan, I had it good. But as a blogger, I’m not highly sought after, not yet anyway. And so I’m not at the top of the guest list for the sassier, more exciting trips.

Anyway, I’ve rambled a flip of a lot before getting to the bit I meant to get to – the Birchbox X Habitat event. Last week’s event that made me seriously happy and made me realise just where my current career path is going to take me. The event that made me feel excited for bloggers again, that made me feel like we were being taken seriously as a whole.

This month nfamous monthly subscription box starlets Birchbox teamed up with homeware guru Habitat to bring a collaborative product into the world.

And said product is beautiful, like a seiously beautiful, Instagram-worthy version of a classic birchbox. A snazzy treat crammed with beauty samples, including a Benefit mascara, to celebrate Habitat’s new beauty storage collection.


I was lucky enough to be part of a group of about 18 bloggers (no journalists – so no hierachy of who’s more important, which is always nice, which means I don’t have to say freelance journalist instead of blogger during introductions) invited to a sit down dinner at the King’s Road branch of Habitat.

A blogger sit down dinner. Like, erm, amazing. This is something that happened a lot back in the journo glory days, but never as a blogger.

We ate chocolate tart and salmon covered in flowers. We drank red wine, we gossiped, we compared blogging notes and we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over all things Habitat beautiful.

Aside from super swish cosmetic storage boxes they’ve also launched some seriously dreamy dressing tables which are not only incredibly chic, but also compact so they’ll actually fit into your bedroom, which is a nice touch.

The event was empowering. It made me feel me again. It made me feel excited, bursting to see what comes next. And alright, it made me feel a bit hungover too, but whatevs.

I feel like Birchbox have cracked it. They’re a business that work tightly with bloggers and they don’t look down on you. I felt appreciated.

Guys, I think the bloggersphere is about to get seriously good. Like seriously fucking good. Hold tight.

(P.S. get £5 off your first Birchbox using BBXHABITAT – plus pick which benefit mascara you’d like in it – yey!)


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