What’s On My Face At The Moment?


I mean the answer is *probably* Rudey’s hair, or 57567845 angry under-the-skin hormone spots, or maybe some Sudocrem to help with said hormonal spots, but y’know, the plan for this post was to discuss make-up.

I mentioned it before in a video – the more I blog, the more I get into beauty products and the more I end up applying every single day. Like, I never just roll out of bed, add some foundation and mascara and swan out of the house anymore. Which is something that definitely would have happened when I was hella hungover (still vaguely drunk) back in the London days.

Now, well now, I have an emotional breakdown if I can’t find my eyebrow pencil because OH MY FUCKING GOD IMAGINE IF SOMEONE THOUGHT YOUR EYEBROWS ALWAYS LOOKED BARE. Like imagine if people just thought you hadn’t caught onto the whole filling in your eyebrows thing. So embarassing. Ewww.



Mine are quite sparse and look mousey and greasy and fine – a bit like my natural hair, so they need all the help the beauty market can give them. Poor mites.

I tend to start the morning with a little cleanse and moisturise before applying my Mac Studio Fix Fluid and GOSH primer to the back of my hand. Here I use a foundation brush to swirl them together before applying to my face. Mixing in the primer stops my foundation feeling as cakey and heavy as it usually does whilst still giving good coverage and staying powder.

I apply concealer second because sometimes my foundation covers up blemishes better than I expect it to. I’ve used this little Clarins tube for about 18 months (and it hasn’t run out and I obviously only use a tiny amount and maybe it’s out of date? LOLZ) and it’s my all time favourite. I tend to apply under my eyes with a eyeshadow brush and then dab onto any beetroot-coloured lingering spots. Damn face.

I’ve used Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick for ages too (there’s a cheaper version from Seventeen here) – I just love the natural warm colour that the shades create together. I sweep this under my cheekbones and use it as a really gentle, natural bit of contouring, and create a three shape – sweeping it onto my jawline and side of my forehead.

Next up I use a peachy blusher – my current fave is this one from Zoeva and just use a big brush to add a bit of flush to the apples of my cheeks. I feel like peach is just the nicest cheek colour. It’s natural, it’s girly, it suits a tan, it suits pale skin, it wins EVERYTHANG.



I’m obsessed with this highlighter from Tesco at the moment (or BD Trade Secrets if you want to be brand specific). It has this perfect gold, pearly colour and I’m about 114 per cent sure I’m going to end up mixing it with a BB cream for the dreamiest holiday skin when, y’know, I go on a beach holiday next. But at the moment it’s just going under my brow bone and onto my cheekbones.

Next up, the most important part of all – them mother fucking brows. Dem bitches. Dem babygurls. Dem apple of my eyes.

I bought this MAC pencil back in November from duty free at Washington D.C. because I was bored and a bit drunk off champagne and wanted to spend money I didn’t really have because why the hell not? It’s literally my favourite thing. I fill in my brows, give them a more defined shape and point to the end and then use the brush on the other end to buff the beginning of them a bit so they don’t look too fake and constructed.

I’m really into eyeshadows at the moment. Like seriously obsessed with creating smokey eyes that don’t make me look like I’ve been punched in the face, as well as finding perfect ‘day’ shades.

I’ve gone back to a classic Bobbi Brown palette even though they’re expensive if you’re not me and didn’t get it sent to you free when you worked for a magazine. Mostly because the colours are perfect and they’re not crumbly, they don’t end up halfway down your face when you’re trying to apply them and that makes life SO much easier.

My current fave is the almost silver shade on the left handside, although it doesn’t come out silvery, just a cool and natural metallic chade.

I’m using this Soap & Glory Supercat liner at the moment, but not because I find it ground breakingly good. A lot of beauty bloggers rave about it, but it’s not my favourite. I use it because application is so darn easy – like I don’t think I’ve ever made a mistake with it, and actually, for a pen liner it’s lasted ages. By ages I mean longer than six weeks without drying out which is pretty good going in comparison to some of its competitors. My issue with it is that it’s just not inky black enough. It’s not as dark and fluid as I like my liner – which is why, if I’m going to town with my eyes, I’ll top it up with Collection’s Fast Stroke Liner. Uh huh, two eyeliners. What is life.

I’m currently finishing off my day make-up with a few slicks of the new Maybelline mascara. It has a comb brush which I usually hate, but this one’s growing on me. It doesn’t crumble down my face for the duration of the day, although it’s pretty pesky at coming away with my micellar water. Swings and roundabouts.

I want to update my make-up bag with some high street heroes. What should I be snapping up guys? Is there any amazing bargain eye shadow palettes worth my mosying into town for?

Mac Studio Fix Fluid, £21.50

Clarins Instant Concealer, £21.50

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, £32.50

Zoeva blusher, £6

BD Trade Secrets at Tesco highlighter, £7.99

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette, £37.50 (different one)

MAC Veluxe Brow Pencil, £15.50

Soap & Gloral Supercat Eye Liner, £6

Collection Fast Stroke Liner, £2.99

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, £7.99



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