Outfit Of The Week: My Current Go-To Outfit


IMGP1442I feel like this outfit sums up everything that is right with my wardrobe right now. I hate the majority of everything I own and would happily trade off about 92 per cent in favour of some newer, fresher, more flattering and grown-up pieces. There is so much hideous shit just taking up valuable space and it’s doing my head in.

So, what’s right? My Leigh jeans from Topshop. I put the rips in myself so they’re actually in the right place (having short little stumpy legs is a fucking nightmare for pre-ripped jeans). I actually hated these for ages, until I started wearing them with a belt. My waist isn’t actually all that big but because of my supersize bum and generous thighs I have to go a size up which always makes them fall down at my waist – hence my belt set up.

I’m also pretty haps with my new Nike trainers, and in fact theey’re my favourite piece of transeasonal footwear. Firstly, they don’t make my feet go numb with OH MY GOD IT’S NOT ACTUALLY SPRING YET, THE SUN LIED, and secondly they’re not as bulky as winter boots despite being as comfortable. I’ve even been wearing them with tights and dresses, so yeah, mental.


I’ve been relying on GAP shirts and my sweatshirt collection a lot recently. They’re just so warm and kinda chic and go hand in hand together. I spent most of winter hiding behind roll neck jumpers (I’m currently wearing one that *could* be a dress with a pair of leggings because am I hungover? I shouldn’t be hungover? But then why do I feel so sick and tired and eurgh? Put me back in bed) so I’m excited to get back on the sweatshirt wagon.

I’m writing this post and I’m like EURGH BE INTERESTING HANNAH, BE FUNNY, but see hangover note above. I’m sorry, my creative writing abilities are failing me right now.

Lastly, my sleeveless jacket. My dreamy bad boy. My handsome navy fella. My faux Zara actually from eBay number. I reckon i’m just as excited to layer it over dresses and sandals as I am over jumpers and coats. Such a good £18 spent. You should all go do it. Uh huh.

Sunglasses – Primark, £1.50 (new)

Sleeveless Jacket – eBay, £18

Sweatshirt – Oliver Bonas, £39.50

Shirt – GAP, £34.95

Jeans – Topshop, £38

Trainers – Nike at Office, £84.99

Necklace – Accessorize, £17

Bag – H&M (sold out)



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