7 Friday Favourites: 13th March 2015


I’m writing this with one of those sneaky hangovers. The type that you don’t wake up with, the type that creep up on you just as you’re getting settled into a new day. The type you don’t really deserve because I DIDN’T EVEN DRINK THAT MUCH, FFS. So yeah, bare with me, I’m feeling all over the place and maybe I might throw up and I’d REALLY like a Diet Coke and OMG should I eat a McDonald’s or some smiley faces? And FUCK, is my boyfriend’s mum about to turn up to *help* me clear the garden. She definitely is and I don’t want to clear the garden, I want to sob my wine tears into a blanket on the sofa.

Anyway, back to this week and favourites and all that.

1. Primark’s high-waisted skinny jeans

No but seriously, these fit incredibly well. I’m typing this and realising I don’t have a photo of me wearing them and maybe I’m going to have to take a photo of me in them but I just don’t want to, you guys.

I find it really hard to find jeans that fit, something I’ve documented on here a billion times over – and what I love most about these high-waisted dream boats (aside from the fact you can tuck your food baby into them and pretend he doesn’t exist) is that they just have one button. I’m so over high street brands thinking that just because you want high waisted jeans you want like three buttons. Erm, no.

These cost a tenner and I cut a few inches off mine and rolled them up to make them ad hoc petite for my little legs. My only downfall is that the rips aren’t quite where I’d like them. But if you’re normal height then DREAM CHEAP JEANS. Also come in other denim colours, so that’s nice.



2. Rye bread

EWW, WHAT EVEN AM I. I’ve been eating healthy bread. As in the non-wheaty kind. And actually it’s not even because I’m trying to be all trendy and cut out wheat, it’s because it’s supposed to be better for my sugar levels. Chris looked kind of disgusted when he was chowing on a slice with butter, but I’ve been topping mine with avocado and poached eggs and spinach and chorizo and lovely nice and have been enjoying a change in texture to bagels.

So yeah, healthy bread. Good for you. Good for your sugar levels. Good for avoiding wheat. Sold in Tesco.



3. The Opposite Of Loneliness

If you’ve watched my last vlog, you’ll have already seen me whittle on about this. I was recommended it by this girl here. The book is a collection of short stories and essays from a 22-year-old girl who went to Yale and had a job at the New Yorker, and, and here’s the catch – she died in a car accident five days after graduation.

Uh huh.

So it’s haunting. It’s haunting and majestic and unfair and sad and wonderful. I found myself comparing myself to her at times, wondering why she was such a talented fictional writer with so much ambition and drive and why she had to die. It reminded me how stupidly short life can be and how you can never really plan your life – that it can be taken away from you at any moment. It scares me. It makes me want to live a bit harder. Fuller. For the moment. To appreciate the present successes and not the future ones.


4. Culottes

I would never have bought culottes, like ever. They’re terrifying and for tall, slim people that get papped at Paris Fashion Week, not normal people that carry around 3am kebab pounds around their thighs. But I own them and I LOVE them. Oasis sent them to me as part of their SS15 collection and yeah, I’m going to be brazenly wearing them ALL spring. They’re so much better than a skirt because no-one can accidentally see your pants when it’s windy, and they look good with all shoes – strappy heels, strappy flats, pointed brogues, trainers. EVERYTHING.

I suggest you man up and get involved, they’re fun.


5. Embroidered EVERYTHING

Remember that white shirt with blue mebroidery that I bought from Budapest last month? It has started me on a destructive addiction to embroidery. Destructive on my bank balance, not like my soul or anything. I find myself searching on ASOS and on Free People for dream embroidered summer dresses. I want floaty numbers that skim my belly and long-sleeved beauties that just look so effortlessly chic.

It’s my brother’s wedding in about 7 weeks and there’s a festival theme so I’m going to snap one of these little numbers up and team it with a gold sequin kimono and flower garland and sandals and look like a cute little pixie. Yey.

Currently pining over this and this.

(Just spent 20 minutes scanning eBay – not sorry)



Yeah, alright this is a lame one. But the sun constantly shining and being woken up to actual bright, wonderful daylight is SO INSANELY AMAZING. It makes me feel like I have so much more get up and go, like I can actually conquer the day instead of wanting to stay in bed all day.

OK, so yeah it’s still a bit chilly, especially when that flipping cold wind picks up, but I feel optomism in the air. Optimism that soon it might be warm and we can do nice things like have picnics and eat Twister ice lollies and drinking strawberry ciders in pub gardens on weeknights. GUYS, IT’S COMING. Spring is so bloody close I can basically taste it. Oh wait, no, maybe that’s last night’s wine. Eww.


7. You guys

A lot of you leave nice comments, a lot of you email me, a lot of you tweet me and tell me you like my blog, but none of it really hit home til this week. It’s a massive effort to vote for someone in a competition when it involves tweeting something out from your personal account and I can’t even begin to tell you all how overwhelmed I am that so many of you have done that for me with this whole Aer Lingus thing. It’s just insane. Like what, how can people I’ve never even met in real life be so stupidly lovely and supportive towards me?

So thank you, thank you for making NYC 2015 a very real possibility and thank you for making me smile even on the days I really, really, don’t want to. You guys are ace.

(P.S. you can vote up to once a day for the next fortnight, just in case you were wondering or anything…)



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