My March Fashion Wish List


Guys, guys, it’s sorta sunny. It’s sorta spring. It’s sorta time for florals and striped tees and my pineapple print Primark skirt again. I’m excited, but also absolutely fucking terrified of getting my scaley, almost purple, winter legs out in public.

This fashion wish list is a bit random tbh. I struggled quite a bit because I don’t really understand what stage the high street shops are in at the moment. I wanted more sleeveless jackets, some sweet A-line skirts and ALL THE SUEDE. Maybe a suede pinafore. But there’s a serious lack online right now. In fact, I just Googled suede pinafore and nothing came up. WHY WORLD? Instead there’s leftover winter coats and a lot of dresses and striped shirts and cropped tees that I don’t quite like enough to like.

Since the weather has warmed up a few degrees I’ve hardly left the house, so my uniform has consisted of £3 Primark leggings (bought a pair this week for the first time since uni and yes they’re a bit see-through, but SO comfy) and baggy shirts. I look like an artist.

I’m excited to get out of ankle boots and into some of my dainty flats. Hurry up and go away weird winter cold wind that’s scuppering the spring sunlight.

I’m going away to Tuscany in a couple of weeks and am desperate to snap up a few high street little numbers to make my holiday wardrobe look a bit less Malia 2009 and HELLO FABULOUS YOUNG WOMAN. So yeah, so far, nothing I like enough to part with my money-I-shouldn’t-really-spend-pile. Sob.

fashion wish list march

1. Topshop dinosaur sweatshirt, £30 2. Boden polka dot heels, £119 3. H&M suede skirt, £99 (uh seriously, A HUNDRED POUNDS), 4. Z for Accessorize ring, £15 5. Dune pink pom pom, £15 6. Topshop denim embroidered dress, £45 7. Marks & Spencer striped top, £25 8. Topshop pink tassel loafers, £46 9. New Look tassel jacket, £44.99 10. River Island midi skirt, £45 11. New Look camouflage heels, £19.99 12. Astrid & Miyu gold-plated necklace, £39 13. ASOS floral dress, £35 14. Missguided floral dress, £45 15. ASOS embroidered dress, £42


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