The Truth About Being A Full-Time Blogger


Sometimes blogging is overwhelming.

Sometimes it can put you in the sort of mood where you don’t feel capable of doing anything aside from drowning in duvets and blankets on the sofa watching things you don’t actually really like all that much on Netflix.

Blogging is the dream. It’s the career that a generation of pre-teens are going to grow up to aspire to. It’s the career that creates this illusion of glitter and happiness and glamour. It’s the career that also has this illusion of two hours of photo taking in the street, coffee dates and the odd bit of writing thrown in. It’s seen as this easy career. You can do it in bed in your pants on your own time. It’s a bit lazy. Anyone could do it. That most of us don’t actually do all that much, sometimes we jaunt off on two week free holidays because why the heck not. Sometimes we waste entire days playing games aimed at 8 year olds whilst the rest of you are slogging your guts in an office like a real grown up.

And yeah, SOMETIMES we do that shit because we can. Because we worked hard to get to a place where we can afford to waste days and do fancy things that look about 7845648736 times better on social media then they are in real life.

But you know what? Blogging is a fucking nightmare.

I get that as i’m writing this I’m coming across like a spoilt little rich girl, but honestly it’s not like that at all.

Sure, my blog’s a success – it’s not huge, but it’s getting good hits for something that’s only really a year old. My social media following is growing every day, as is my loyal fan base and it’s a fucking fantastic time to be working in this industry – the bloggersphere is booming. There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the community.

Companies are getting savvy with advertising. Thanks to Zoella making 2014 the year people over 25 took note of blogging and YouTube, everyone suddenly wants a slice. Everyone wants to promote their products via blogs. Screw magazines, they’re old news – it’s all about this new form of media the kids are living and breathing. It’s officially all about bloggers and vloggers. There’s money in something that there probably wasn’t all that much money in a couple of years ago. I get to make a decent out-of-London salary from just running this site and that is amazing.

I make most of my income from being signed to Handpicked Media, who put up skins and banners and help find companies who want sponsored posts on my site. But I’m not literally rolling in it. I’m not swimming in excess money and bringing home a six figure salary.

TBH I earned more living in London as a senior reporter for But back then I also had less disposable income because London rent and transport is hella expensive (and so is all the Prosecco London insists that you drink every few days).

I still take on the odd bit of freelance journalism and content-writing work because relying too heavily on blogging terrifies me – what if everyone suddenly decides they don’t like, what if everyone decides they HATE blogs in general? Yeah, OK, it’s unlikely but it’s such a new career, there’s this constant level of uncertainty about how long it’s going to last and how long I can realistically generate an income from my brand.

I feel like a celebrity trying to cling onto fame or something.

The thing with being your own boss is that motivation is hard to come by. Seriously hard to come by. Mostly I just want to watch 16 And Pregnant and light candles and scan Bloglovin on my phone – because what my life really needs is more gluten free recipes and skincare routines and blah blah blogging blah.

And being the only one that has spare time in the day is dull. I wish I could motivate myself to work from the minute I wake up to the minute Chris gets home, but some days it just doesn’t come. Some days, a 10 hour shift at my iMac goes by in a few blinks, and sometimes I literally just feel trapped in my own brain. I try to write sentences, to form posts, but everything is so fucking stupid and bland and average and not worth reading, and so nothing gets done.

When I first started taking blogging seriously last summer, I had a few heavy hitters. A few of those blog posts that boasted over a million views, and if not a million, a good few hundred thousand views. The ones that people shared aggressively on their Facebook pages, the ones that had my Twitter followers going up one a minute, the ones that had my emails going through the roof. Those are the posts which probably sucked most of you in originally. But now? Now I can’t think of anything good and juicy and sassy and with the ability to go viral to save my life. I’ve forgotton how to go viral, to be funny, to be cool, to be fresh. I feel like I’ve lost my writing spark and it sucks.

It’s hard not to compare everything you do to everyone else in the blogging world. When I need to put up a post but the photos could be more in focus, or the backgrounds a bit shit, I genuinly sit here and worry that other people will think I’m not good enough. That I’m not enough to be a successful blogger and that hurts.

I want to be the best because we all love to be the best. And a lot of the time I feel like I’ve lost my creativity, my thirst for exciting and new content.

When my ‘17 Things Every Girl Needs To Remember At All Times‘ picked up serious momentum last year, I was lying in bed crying. My Twitter notifications were moving so quickly that I couldn’t keep up. So many strangers had such kind words and yet I couldn’t take them in, couldn’t absorb them, couldn’t feel on top of the world.

I was hyperventilating in bed and choking in tears because life.

I feel that I’m supposed to be super happy and feel super happy about where I am in my professional life right now, and I guess a lot of the time I do. But some of the time I don’t. Some days I miss knowing how much I’ll bring home at the end of the month, I miss office atmosphere, I miss being able to say I work for a global fashion or news orgamisation.

A lot of the time my only daily interation is Chris and Rudey, and sometimes that’s enough, but a lot of the time I feel like I’m drowning in cabin fever and that absolutely fucks up your creativity and your ability to be cool and relateable and interesting in words.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that being a blogger is seriously amazing, but it’s also seriously shit at times. I’m constantly being chased for content from brands because they sent me a Β£3 lipgloss, constantly thinking about myself and whether what I’m doing is good enough, and pretty lonely. I rely quite heavily on Twitter for chat and atmosphere during my woking day and I guess that’s a bit weird.

I wouldn’t change my job or my life for anything, but for every nice trip away or delicious dinner or glam event, there’s something shitty going on too. There’s a cruel blog comment, or someone’s tweeted a link to my work saying how shit and anti-feminist it is, or I’m just feeling anxious and hideous compared to every other fucking blogger.

Full time blogging is the most exciting and incredible thing in the world, but also the loneliest and the most self-obsessed and it scares me a little bit. Because I have absolutely no idea where it will take me or my mental health tomorrow, let alone next year.

  • Laura

    I can honestly say that yours is the blog I wait for every day to be posted. I emigrated and don’t speak much of the language here and therefore only work like 4 hours a day so the rest of the time I feel like I’m stuck in the apartment waiting for my husband to come home and talk some English with me. I can’t explain how relatable your blog is and that’s why it stands out in comparison to all these happy, smiley perfect lives. Your blog says what we are all feeling but you just have a great platform to say it. You really do seem like the kind of friend I wish I had in Belgium! Have a good day and wishing nothing but good comments for this post!

    • LydiaGrace

      I agree, instead of ‘oh hi this a review of the same product a million bloggers were sent’ I jump straight to the new, refreshing posts that Hannah Gale posts. Is today going to be an outfit post? Is it going to be reflective and make me feel things? Or am I going to be in stitches reading one of those infamous lists?

      The reason I love all those posts is because of the girl writing it. Don’t you see Hannah? it’s not just your blog that we all love, it’s you.

  • I love how honest you are, Hannah. This blog post is really, really good. But there’s something you should ask yourself.. why do you blog? Is it for readers/an audience or is it because it’s what you love doing? I get that making money is extremely important.. this is your job and you have to live. But I reckon if you stopped worrying about numbers/hits etc etc and just write what about what you love (anything that is, not just lists/hauls because that’s what people want to see), then your spark would return and the numbers would take care of themselves. I personally don’t read this blog because you’re successful, I read it because I like YOU. I like your writing style, humour, fashion/lifestyle sense.. I would read it regardless xx

  • Steph

    Where is that necklace from in you blog main picture?!!…. NEED!

  • Hi Hannah. I just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog. Like Laura, I wait in baited breath every day for you to post. Your blog inspires me to do great things with mine. I love that you are straight forward and to the point. Thank you for making my day each day. Oh and Hannah, You and your blog are good enough.

    P.s. If you need someone to talk to, even though I’m on the other side of the world, you can chat to me.

    Have a lovely day

  • Sarah

    Stop being so hard on yourself Hannah, you’re doing amazing! It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and worry if what you’re doing RIGHT NOW is the best thing you can possibly be doing but look at all you’ve done and how much you’ve achieved. I feel the same sometimes… okay all the time. I’m starting to climb the media career ladder myself and I get myself so worked up over the present moment that I forget to think about how much work I’ve put in to just being where I am. I have to remind myself it’s okay to take a break and check out Hannah’s blog at work sometimes πŸ˜‰

    I don’t know if you typically reply to comments but I’ve been wanting to get into freelance writing and content writing for a while, it’s petty much my job at the moment but for a large charity so not exactly writing what I like to write about (I still love it though πŸ™‚ ). Like yourself I want to make a little extra money and expand my CV. I would love some advice on how to go about it. It’s like I have ten million things I want to write about but I don’t know where to begin or who to send it to or anything. Is there any links to websites/tips/anything you could tell me to get me started?

  • Geri

    I say this as someone who LOVES your blog (I discovered it at the beginning of the year and religiously checks your website for new content. So many of your posts have me nodding away like YES! This person totally understands what I am going through) do you think that being a “full time blogger” is the right decision for you?

    I’m self employed in a creative industry but spend a lot of time working from home (I’m a photographer but 85% of my income is from my work as a digital retoucher). The first year that I was able to make a “good” living out of it was soul destroying. I found that having unlimited time to myself and with a job that demanded that I was on my computer all day long and therefore able to check MySpace constantly was really not good for my mental health. It restarted a lot of old negative feelings that I thought I was done with (I have a history of depression and eating disorders) and generally I felt like a bad person, that everyone was better/more creative/more interesting/more beautiful than me.

    Eventually I got a part time job working in a local coffee shop, not because I needed the money but just because I was craving the discipline of having something outside my “dream job” and camerederie of working as part of a team even though that was just for 2 short shifts a week. It was a little slice of real life that made me able to appreciate how awesome my job was the rest of the time. I was literally only working at the coffee shop for 8 hours a week and it made me feel about 8000 times better about myself. Also free coffee πŸ™‚

    I’m not saying you should rush out and do the same thing but this post struck such a chord with me that I wanted to share my experience.

    G xx

  • Oh Hannah, you are so bloody hard on yourself sometimes! I get that it’s a good thing as you’re pushing yourself to be better but look what you’ve already achieved girl!

    I can honestly say your blog is one of a handful that I read regularly as in, no matter what the topic I want to read it because of the person, not the content. You’re just so funny, relatable and a very welcome breath of fresh air in the bloggersphere, as you don’t portray this ‘perfect’ (whatever perfect is) life, you’re just real.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and people will keep coming back. Have a great day xx

  • Hannah this is by far the best post of yours I have read. I love how honest you are and the fact that your not just sitting back saying, yes it’s great, yes it’s the dream. Plus I can totally relate to the bit about being overwhelmed. I am a newbie blogger still working full time blogging in my spare time and it is bloody exhausting. Glad I’m not the only one who has days when the posts just won’t come.

  • Hannah I feel exactly the same as you. I went full time with my blog late last year and although, I am 100% happier than I was when in my job in retail/office, it’s also really bloody hard too. Even my boyfriend thinks I just sit at my laptop watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix all day, (although I do do this some days but not everyday obvz)

    I think people think working from home is a breeze, but you’re right, it’s lonely * I said sorry to my toaster the other day?* and sometimes you have so many ideas, you think your brain is going to explode into a gazzilion pieces.

    Blogging is so rewarding, like I get to do this full time, what the actual. But it’s not a job you just switch off, you’re connected 24/7 and sometimes your brain feels a bit frazzled. I realise this comment doesn’t make much sense but I wanted to say you’re not the only person who feels this way and it’s nice to read a post which feels the same way I do. People jibe about us ‘full time bloggers’ cause we don’t have proper jobs and have it easy, but it’s like that saying, ‘saying people can’t be sad because people have it worse is like saying people can’t be happy cause people have it better.’

    Also I think you’re a pretty fucking cool blogger. I love reading your posts.


  • Hannah,
    My name is Justine Ryan !
    I look forward to your blog everyday and it drives me mad when I have to wait to read it. Like you I am so honest about everything and you have inspired Me to write a blog, but after 4 pages of explaining who and what I am “the fear” crept in and now I can not look back over the work I did over them 72 hours now I read and just cringe! Your writing skills are exceptional and don’t ever forget that. Towards the end of my blog I was just thinking “what if no one likes me, I try to be funny but I think I come across weird”. So that’s that no blogging for me. Anyway regarding your mental health remember what your cycle of mind was like when you was working for metro and wanting to be someone ? You was probably saying to yourself “this mundane job if only I could do this, and who his he to tell me to do my job and why do I have to go to shit events etc. So it’s no different to what you feel sometimes now but what is amazing YOU ARE HANNAHGALE.
    Motivation ! I understand you so much I have so much work to be doing right now non of which generate much income. One is working for my husbands well and my company but I can’t bring myself to go in the office and work along the debt letters. I am also a mobile hairdresser that I have just decided to go back to after moving from manchester to devon ( I know I don’t know what the hell I am doing) isolated ? So motivation I know it’s tricky one , right now I am in bed (10:30am) with a golden lab starring at me ,begging me to move. Minnie my lab has a ball in her mouth and her big brown eyes are watering she wants my attention that much. Imagine how frustrating it is for her , once again I have my iPad infront of me refusing to move. I hate myself why can’t I just get up and eat my breakfast , take the dog out and go swimming come back clean up have lunch and then tackle making flyers for my new business or sort out the accounts for our business? Why do I feel I should wollow in self pity I should be eggstatic (apologises for bad spelling and grammar) I am not in a mundane job doing mundane things. But it’s all I crave to do. I so despreatly want that guaranteed money and that life everyone else seems to enjoys and so I go out get a social work job (oh yeah I’m a social worker too) and hate it ! I can’t bare working for others so here I am unmotivated. Oh Hannah have you read the book ” don’t sweat the small stuff by Richard Carlson ? And the secret by Rhonda somebody ? That will buff you into motivation for a couple of months and so with the sunshine.
    Look forward to your next post. Sorry for the rambling but your post made me want to tell you your not alone.

  • nice blog content and image, thanks for sharing you experience

  • Your honesty is wonderful. Wonderful. I just found you and I am just starting out and I can already see its going to be hard and at times horrible and I think well, if someone like Hannah can struggle some days, its ok for me to struggle too.
    Your humanity is the part I like most about your blog. I started my blog because nobody that I could see would talk about the hard road to success or being a grown-up or whatever. Everyone in the blogging world already seems to have their life sorted.
    I look forward to your posts most of all, because I love your tone, your language and who you are. You’re no carbon copy, and that’s the best thing about you.
    (And I have always thought doona/duvet days should be pencilled into every salary package because we are not robots.)

  • Chloe

    Dear Hannah,

    I can honestly say that I read your blog every day because your content is so real- you’re being very hard on yourself here and I just wanted you to know that reading about how much you have changed your life over the last year has inspired me to take a leap of faith and change mine for the better.
    In September, I was living in London having recently met my boyfriend and was working in a job that I didn’t really enjoy and was desperately missing my family who lived too far away to visit very often. So, I took a big step and moved in with my boyfriend closer to my parents,it’s not been easy but I am about to start a new job that I’m so excited about closer to home. It’s all happened because I’ve read all of your pieces and your content has made me see that YOU have the power to change your own future.
    Your posts have made me see that you don’t HAVE to be stuck in a job or a place that you don’t want to be stuck in and that if you put yourself out there and work hard then you can be happy ( even if you have the odd day where all you want to do is curl up under the duvet and watch Disney films because life is sometimes pretty overwhelming).
    So thank you, I know I sound like a major fan girl ( and I definitely am) but I don’t think I’m the only person who has benefited from your humour and frank discussions about all of the issues that worry and stress out our twenty-something generation. So don’t stop, and have a bit more faith in yourself because you’re awesome.
    I wish I lived anywhere near Ipswich because I would really love to be able to have coffee and chats with you about life.


  • Hannah I love your blog! I know the feeling of uncertainty. I’m studying Journalism, and honestly, sometimes I just think to myself ‘this is going no where, you are going to end up jobless and broke’. The pressure form the media industry is enormous! I totes get it babe. I love ya, I think your blog is fab, I’ll read even when you’re old and clueless (if that time ever comes hehe). Keep doing what you are doing, it’s working! I love your honesty too, it’s so refreshing. These type of posts are what keep me going some days. I love that you have acknowledged that it’s hard, thank you for being so open πŸ™‚

  • Zoe

    Aw Hannah! I read your blog posts as soon as they arrive in my emails – your writing style is so relatable and REAL and that’s what I love about it. So easy to read, funny and just so normal/everyday life chat! I read regardless of what you have wrote about. Please don’t give yourself a hard time because you’re doing amazing guuuurl Xxx

  • Emily

    Hi Hannah!

    I absolutely love your blog. Everyday when I get into work the first thing I do (literally before I even check proper work stuff) is check your blog for a new post. You’re so relatable. Whether its your honesty about feeling low and not feeling like you can please everyone, or your hilarious lists! We’re of similar age so a lot of what you say I totally get. Trust me, you make a lot of peoples lives a little bit more bearable with a touch of humour and sparkle thrown in. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will have every deserved success. Both in your personal and work life! xx

  • This is a great post! I’m glad I’m not the only one that compares myself to other bloggers and ends up feeling crappy about it! I think we’re all too hard on ourselves and I can see that you are too, I mean, I’d love to be able to produce posts half as good as yours! They’re Whitty and honest and that what I love to get from a blog! x

    Shannon | Simply Shannon

  • Hey Hannah!

    Have you thought about teaming up with a blogger or two that live near(ish) you and having a day or two a week where you hit a coffee shop and all work alongside each other? It might help you get motivated, you can bounce ideas off each other AND you’re all in the same boat.

    Just a thought πŸ™‚

    I must say though you are doing so well for yourself! I would love to be able to say I was self employed – definitely something to be proud of.

    Kelly xxx

  • I don’t care if I don’t get paid for blogging, I don’t care if I don’t get products sent to me, I care about people enjoying my blog, enjoying what I write about and enjoying my hobbies with me. I love this blog post and I wish there were more real people out there like you!

  • Lee

    Hi Hannah,
    Have to say, this post is pretty much a perfect example of “what not to blog about” if the endless plethora of “how to be a successful blogger” articles are to be believed. I fucking loved it though. Your honesty sets you apart from the usual ‘buy this/paint that’ bloggers and offers relevant (badly needed) variety. I can relate to the fear, hell I’m sitting here in a job I loathe doing work I couldn’t give a shit about because of that fear! At least you’re out there! You’re creating! That’s the most important thing. More power to you!
    Ps, as a motivational tool try post its with classic my-boss-surely-goes-out-of-his-way-to-be-this-much-of-a-dick quotes or scenarios on them(I assume you had at least one of those back in your 9-to-5 life). “You can do this” and “follow your dreams” just don’t have the same impact for me πŸ™‚

  • Hi Hannah! I just found your blog recently and I loved it immediately. I also really loved this post. This sentence: “Now I can’t think of anything good and juicy and sassy and with the ability to go viral to save my life. I’ve forgotton how to go viral, to be funny, to be cool, to be fresh. I feel like I’ve lost my writing spark and it sucks.” I could have written it myself. That feeling comes and goes for me, and I know exactly what you mean.

    Please just know that you are not alone. I am convinced that everyone who has a blog, whether it is their main source of income or a hobby, feels this way. You can’t let it get to you, you have to keep doing your awesome thing. You got this.

  • Hi lovely, i’m a new blogger and struggling to up my presence haha do you have any tips for getting your blog pageviews?? i mean what did you do, when you first started out? clearly whatever you did i should be doing1 Appreciate any feedback and will throw good karma your way xxxxxxx

  • that was totally the wrong blog address,
    clearly i shouldn’t even bother trying to be a blogger hahah

  • Hannah

    I do enjoy your blog, which is why I keep coming back to it, but it’s getting awfully repetitive. We know you’re a full time blogger and how you got to this position and we know social media glamourises even the most boring of lives. Blah. How many more “this is what its like being a full time blogger” posts have you actually got up your sleeve?!

  • Lizi Legge

    Hi Hannah,

    I’ve been a reader and subscriber to your blog for many months now and I still remember your posts going viral last year and being like ‘oh guys, they landed in my inbox yesterday, I’m a true blog reader’ (ultimate smug face when you appreciate something that good before your friends).

    I read your blog because I enjoy your writing style – you can make what other bloggers would write as a bog-standard review actually sound interesting and engaging. Your lists are relatable and your content is honest – there’s no pretending that your life is idyllic and hiding your true identity behind an instagram filter. It’s this that sets you apart from other bloggers and is something I aspire to achieve in my own blog.

    Please never stop blogging, you brighten up my inbox with every post πŸ™‚ xx

  • I don’t think you need to worry about churning out those viral-y type posts which were a hit in the beginning because you’ve gained a loyal following where it doesn’t matter what you post – people still want to read it.

    I haven’t invested in a good camera yet so I rely on google images, my iPhone and Pic monkey to help me and I always look at them and sigh like ‘just get a fucking camera’ but it’s something I cannot afford right now. So I know how you feel but to be honest I don’t think anyone has really noticed or not read my shit because of that (im probably in denial but meh, whadever).

    But thanks for the post – us bloggers need reminding it’s not always glitter and cupcakes πŸ™‚

  • amy

    Hi Hannah,

    I started to read your blog at the start of the year, I have it booked marked and its one of the blogs I read through every morning before I go to work. I didn’t find your blog via the viral type posts, nor do like them much. I much prefer the ‘from the head and heart’ ones like this that I can relate too. Maybe thousands of people will read the viral posts once but perhaps having the same person come back for more every day is more valuable for your writing in the future. I am unsure how blogs work, I know numbers are important but like everyone above says keep being Hannah and we’ll stay. x

  • Awesome blog!

  • Philippa Ruddlesdin

    Hi Hannah,

    I remember when i first stumbled across your blog, it was a particular article you wrote about happiness which brought me in. At the time (and sometimes a little now) i really needed to read these things, you helped me remember that it’s important to do the things that make you feel good and i thank you so much for that.

    I look forward to your posts every day, you are a fantastic blogger and you should keep it up, i know sometimes it can feel a bit shit but keep at it because you are going places!

    Thank you again,
    Philippa x

  • Anaelle

    Hannah, I’m trying to be a blogger myself and your article actually makes me realize what is expecting me. I’m not demotivated though I just need to plan where I want to go with it. I feel really impressed and find it incredible that you dare being that honest. You are no scared to tell how you truly feel in yourself. If you want me to be honest with you most of the blogs of nowadays are made of beautiful pictures of me me me, I’m wearing this and that. By making articles like this your is much different. I read lots of blogs. I want fashion yes, recipes yes, but I want culture I’m seduced by a brain who reads books who gives its opinion on news, I want this kind of article I want weaknesses and comprehension. That’s why you are the new kind of blog that people want. Wish you the best for the future and will definitely follow you x

  • YES another 16 and Pregnant addict. It’s not just our dirty little secret! Oh, and great post.

  • Hi Hannah! I absolutley love your blog, and you are the person who inspired me to be more personable in my own blogging. A lot of bloggers tend to be formal but I love your little tangents and sarcasm and how you let your personality kind of shine through your work. I am going to school for Communications, or I hope to next fall, and although I am going to try to land a job working at a social media marketing firm type of job, I want to be a full time blogger. But there are days when I can’t write and days when I can’t stop writing and it makes me so happy but so stressed and I worry about increasing my follower count on my social media accounts and how to get new viewers, and obviously I can only do so much because it depends on if people like me. Blogging is hard that way, which is why I want to follow a standard office job type of thing so I can have a “stable” form of income, in case one day I realize I am never going to make money by blogging. What I mean to say with this whole tangent is I feel you. Totally understand, and I am glad you posted this, because it makes me feel a little more sane and less alone.

  • Laura

    Hi Hannah~

    Your blog has really helped me to re-think my life choices.

    I was suffering from a lot of stress and needed an escape which was both motivational and fun. I’m from the U.K originally but currently live abroad, which has its own challenges. Sometimes I just need to feel connected to something from home. And your blog is a nice way to do that because you write about things I can relate to. I even recommended it to a friend of mine who is suffering from mental health problems. They have found some sort of comfort from reading about your experiences. So just know, you do have some impact on people and it is obvious from the comments here that people enjoy your blog and what you have to say.

    I think you’re doing pretty good ^^


  • i think you do a great job and check almost daily to see if you have a new post – keep up the good work πŸ™‚ (and if ever fancy a prosecco in london hit me up.. i do that a lot!

  • Aww, Hannah! Just remember that you’re in a position that some of us (me) are dying to be in. I’m just waiting for the day one of my posts goes viral and I can quit my job and sit about in my pants writing things, but I also know that I’d probably put on about 10 stone and get a bit depressed. Enjoy your time! xx

  • Laura

    Seriously you do not need to worry about being cool, or funny, or sassy. You manage to be all those things in one blog post most of the time. Yours is my fave blog and i literally check religiously to see if you’ve made a post, and if you haven’t im honestly quite disappointed! It’s the same with your videos. I follow a few blogs and youtubers and as much as i enjoy them, you are my fave because your so relatable. Relax girl, your doing just fine!

  • I’d love to be a full time blogger but I can definitely see the pressure some of the top bloggers are under and then they just crack. I know I can’t handle stress and pressure so doing it part time for me for now is enough
    Reinventing Neesha β™₯

  • Georgina Sweeting

    Remember what Sam Smith said.
    He tried to be all these different people and did all these different things outside of his comfort zone and AS SOON AS he started being HIMSELF….well he just won 4 Grammys so there ya go.

    x x

  • This post is exactly the reason I follow you, religiously. Your scarily honest! You say what most bloggers wouldn’t dare. You say it how it is and you speak the truth. It’s a natural instinct to be envious of others and I think social media makes this a thousand times worse. Thank you for highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of the blogging world. Nothing and no one is perfect, but thats often forgotten by naive and influential youngsters, who often view the lives of people in the spot light through rose tinted glasses.
    keep doing what you’re doing, because you do it well x

  • Nicola

    I found this to be a really interesting post. Full time blogging is not something I’d ever do myself as frankly I need the forced variety and social interaction of work to keep myself happy, but despite knowing that it wouldn’t really work for me I still can’t help but feel a little bit jealous of all the full time bloggers out there. I appreciate posts like this for showing the side we don’t tend to hear about.

    Nicola //

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