Outfit Of The Week: The SS15 Oasis Culottes


This post should have gone up on Saturday. You know why it didn’t? Because somebody, and I’m not naming any names here, forgot to pack her camera battery when she went to Cambridge so said outfit photos couldn’t actually be shot. FFS.

Then I was supposed to do them yesterday with Chris when it was gloriously sunny, but alas, my crippling period pain and overwhelming beer pong hangover meant I only managed to leave the sofa to answer the door for the Domino’s delivery man. Sigh. (Had a stuffed crust pizza with wings, chicken stripped and nachos just FYI).

I headed up to Woodbridge today which is a little town about 7 miles outside of Ipswich to take these photos and drink coffee and eat cake (it was gluten free through which pretty much means one of my five a day, right?)

I was trialling a pair of culottes that Oasis sent me from their new SS15 range and HELLO, there’s so bloody comfortable.

OK, so it was a tad too chilly for them, what with some random Arctic winds howling down on Suffolk and my legs were probably a *little* bit pale and crispy to get out in public, but I’m obsessed, they’re so easy to wear.




I actually wore them with these same olive New Look heels and a stripy Breton top and sleeveless jacket out in Cambridge on Friday night for Byron burger and was pretty haps with the overall result – although obviously a bit like OMG ARE THESE TOO LONDON? Will people laugh at me? (Note: No-one laughed at me, although I did make friends with a family who were playing a London Underground trivia quiz at their table – amazing).

This cute nude floral top is also from the Oasis SS15 range and has a cute buttoned back – something which is was sadly just a bit too nippy to photograph. I originally planned to wear my beige trench with this little ensemble and have it as like, a really bloody cool office outfit – but I just liked how it looked with my leather biker.

I’m planning on doing some more style posts centred on these culottes over the next couple of months because culottes are scary and daunting aren’t they? I’m going to go on Pinterest and learn how to wear them with sweatshirts and Nikes without looking like a child playing with a fancy dress box. I’m going to make culottes EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY, you’ll all see, you’ll all want them too soon.

Also, excuse my hair. You know when you leave the house and think your messy top knot looks kinda cute? Turns out in photos it just makes you look like a frizzy mum on the go. Good.

Sunglasses – Primark, £1.50 (new)

Jacket – Miss Selfridge (similar here)

Top – Oasis, £35

Culottes – Oasis, £40

Shoes – New Look, £22.99

Bag – New Look (similar here)





    My problem with culottes is that I rarely wear heels. And the make my legs look about 2 inches long when I wear them with flats. Sigh. #shortlegproblems

    • hannahgale9

      I hear ya. Such a comfier alternative to a skirt though for a Friday night. I’m determined to make myself wear them with flats and look COOL rather than squat and stumpy.

  • Philippa Ruddlesdin

    I love your shoes!

  • Hi firstly you rock those Culottes. ANNNDDDD those shoes are amaze. Hi 5 for baring your legs. I’m a 45 (22 in my head) yr old girl and I love your posts – hv 2 teenage daughters that do too! Am I too old to still love fashion/makeup/nails etc? Have just contradicted my blog ‘Does Your Age Define You?’ Don’t know if I’d be brave enuf for culottes – also am 6ft tall so wd prob be hot pants on me, unless I pay thru the nose & buy from long tall sally!!!! Sammie http://www.feastingisfun.com

  • India

    Whenever I see these types of posts on other blogs, it literally never makes me want to buy the stuff they are wearing/trialling/promoting. Not sure how you have done it, but whilst the coulottes aren’t for me (I wore a few too many pairs during my days as a brownie and think I may have some form of coulotte PTSD) I love the top and am actually going to order it. So well done you for making me want to part with my hard earned cash for an item I would otherwise not have known existed. Xx

  • Now, you do make them look good, but…..no, just *no* to culottes on me. NO. Bad memories of them the last time around. Girl guide uniform, awful early 90s dreadful fashion disasters…..will your next outfit of the week be an oatmeal waistcoat?! Good luck to all you brave culotte-wearers out there, you’re made of sterner stuff than me!

  • Catrin

    You look great but I can’t get over how sassy the shoes are! I’m in love.

  • Even with heels, my legs are too short for these. They look great on you though and I’m in love with that clutch!


  • Amy

    Those shoes are so perfect!

    http://www.saltandchic.com // UK Fashion Blog

  • I like this because it *almost* looks like you’re in front of 10 downing street with that black door, and also because culottes were my nightmare when I was a teenager and in Scouts (none of that brownie shit) and they were part of the uniform and I hated them. But these are cool. Hmm…my mind may be changed.

  • This outfit is a total winner – I love how you’ve given it a bit of an edge by styling it with the biker jacket but at the same time dressed it up with the heels and kept it ultra feminine. Seriously something I struggle with *insert praying hands emoji*.

    Also I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – your blog is actually amazing and reading your posts are the highlights of my day 🙂 xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

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