37 Things That Instantly Put You In A Good Mood


1. Uploading a selfie to Instagram. Leaving your phone whilst you rustle up a spot of lunch. Coming back to double figure likes. Feeling like you *might* be getting seriously hotter.

2. Seeing blossom on trees. Oh hello spring, it’s so bloody swell to see you.

3. Waking up with the sun pouring through the windows, remembering it’s Saturday and you can do whatever the flip you want. Life, come at me.

4. Kittens, just kittens.

5. Buying a new book. Demolishing it within 36 hours. Feeling like a cultured, intelligent badass. Look at you, you avid reader.

6. Coming on your period on exactly the day you predicted. No emergency dash to Boots with a wad of loo roll in your pants, no days of innate pregnancy fear. Just right.

7. Hot tubs because you be so hella fancy.

8. That first sip of cool, sexy wine after a long week at work. It’s Friday and you’ll drink ALL the wine, ain’t nobody stopping you.

9. Hot Ribena.

10. When you’ve completed all your clothes washing and have your pick of pants for the day. Like, do you want your favourite black lace ones? Or your other favourite leopard print ones? Today is going to be such a good day in my good pants.

11. Going food shopping, being offered free samples of chocolate flavoured things. Yum.

12. Trying on a pair of jeans in the size below the size you thought you were and HELLO, they fit. You’re so slim and healthy and athletic, you knew it.

13. New notebooks. Hundreds of pages of crisp, clean white pages. Come to mumma.

14. Bath. Fresh bed sheets. Fresh pyjamas. All the happiness.

15. Someone buying you an ice cold can of Diet Coke without you asking. Ideally at about 3pm during an office slump.

16. Having a sofa day. Pulling the actual duvet downstairs because FUCK IT, the flimsy blanket just won’t cut it, and then watching Harry Potter and Disney back-to-back allllllll day like a boss.

17. Ringing the doctor’s for an appointment, getting one the same day and feeling like the world is coming together nicely.

18. ASOS free delivery. That £20 dress is still £20, rather than £23.95. Take note everyone else.

19. When someone else suggests you get a takeaway. Oh no, poor me, I HAVE to have a takeaway. Woe is me. No food guilt.

20. When it’s hot enough in the UK for bare legs and kimonos and ice lollies. I’ll take 765625 Twisters please Mr shop assistant.

21. Old people holding hands. Be still my beating heart, be still.

22. Getting handwritten post. A nice little card or letter. Such a nice change from angsty council tax bills for £1200.

23. Wearing really fucking snazzy matching socks. Maybe with dinosaurs on, or cats or rainbows or unicorns.

24. Being bored on a Sunday evening and there being an absolute babe of a film on TV. Your Sunday fear immediately being halved.

25. Planning a holiday or little trip for weeks and then booking it. Like guys, this is ACTUALLY happening. Holiday booked. Sexy.

26. Seeing a glass bottle of ketchup, your heart dropping with fear of how you’ll get it out so you can eat your chips. It gliding out in one very beautiful dollop without you having to hit it approximately 62 times. Life win.

27. Doing your nails. Not getting accidentally painting your skin. Not smudging them or getting duvet print (why? why?) on them. Having a perfect home manicure.

28. Making a tea, putting tea down, forgetting about said tea. Remembering tea, tasting tea, realising you’ve caught it at the absolute perfect temperature.

29. Going to pay for a coffee and realising you have loads of £1 coins and £2 coins and 50ps in your purse. Change just feels so damn handy.

30. Applying hand cream, applying Vaseline. Just being so on top of your skin moisturisation levels like an actual grown-up.

31. Seeing a rainbow, like OMG so pretty and ahhh all the colours.

32. Drinking a cocktail with an actual half a passion fruit in it. You are flash and healthy. Better Instagram it.

33. Having a tan. A golden, glistening tan that makes every outfit look about 386753 times better. You queen.

34. When you’re having a good hair day and your hair just sits in these loose, dreamy waves and you’re all like yeah, I pretty much look like Michelle Keegan today so there’s that.

35. Fairy lights and candles. Such a nice atmosphere. Maybe someone will propose to you or like all your stress will just melt out of your system.

36. When a relative’s like ‘oh here, look it’s your turn to hold the baby’ and it doesn’t cry and it looks a bit happy and you wonder if you’re maybe the best person in the entire world.

37. Accomplishing a task or a goal and feeling like you might as well go an run for Prime Minister or something because you are so on point right now.

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