Outfit Of The Week: The Butlin’s Red Coat


Chris picked me up from the station this week whilst I was wearing this particular outfit. The first thing he said to me? ‘How was your day at Butlins?’ FFS.

I obviously hadn’t actually spent the day at Butlins (although HELLO some of the best swimming flumes EVER), he was making cruel references to my red coat.

I love this suede jacket as documented in this week’s Friday Favourites. I love that it’s bright, I love that it instantly makes a boring and blah outfit really fucking fun, and I love that it’s suede because 2015 is the year of ALL the suede. Yey.

The wonderful Kristabel from IWantYouToKnow.co.uk took these photos of me whilst we milled about in Shoreditch following a dreamy Korean lunch at On The Bab (and just before I trotted off for a speedy mani at The Cheeky Parlour because Friday, gurl gotta treat herself). And never in my life have I made myself sound like such a massive blogger dick head than in the sentence above. I’m mildly sorry. I never do anything stereotypical so it was kinda nice to just spend what *could* easily have been a spring day, just being a lady of leisure.


I’ve been wanting to wear these New Look flats out since I bought them back in January, but considering it’s been blisteringly cold, I’ve had to wait until now. I seriously apologise for the strange grey colour of my feet. It wasn’t actually warm. My feet were numb, they got a bit pins and needle-y, they weren’t happy about the shade. On a brighter note – after the first wear, which I’d say included about 7,000 steps, my feet were completely unblistered which is an absolute bloody win with new shoes.

My jeans are also New Look and another first wear. They’re a perfect dupe for Topshop’s Leigh jeans (and over a tenner cheaper), plus I prefer the ever-so-slightly washed out look and the frayed hems (which I’ve rolled up because of my squat legs). I would say they’re better for girls with slightly less sizeable bums than mine because even with a belt there wasn’t quite enough fabric to stop my back fat making an aggressive bid for escape.

I don’t have all that much more to say about this outfit aside from the fact it’s probably one of my favourites ever and yet so un try hard. Oh, and I ate some pastry for brunch/second breakfast and got pastry cumbs stuck in my suede and now can’t get them out and so now I’m going to be carrying around apple danish crumbs with me whenever I wear this jacket, so yeah, that’s fantastic.

Good thing I really like apple danishes.


Sunglasses – New Look, £5.99

Suede Jacket – IL2L.com, £79.99

Shirt – ASOS, £21

Necklace – Accessorize, £17 (similar here)

Jeans – New Look, £24.99

Bag – New Look, £15.99 (only available in other colours)

Shoes – New Look, £22.99

(this isn’t a sponsored post by New Look, despite what it may look like… my bad

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