Exploring An Unknown Part Of London On My Own


I spent yesterday morning on my own in London and it was abso-fricking-lutely delightful.

I feel like we become so obsessed with cramming as much ‘productive’ stuff into our days as we possibly can and rushing about everywhere that we don’t ever actually take the time to explore where we live, to appreciate the hidden gems, the beauty, how perfect places are.

Because London is pretty perfect isn’t it? Hideous, soul-destroying and draining sure, but it’s perfect in its own buzzy, magical way.

I lived in central London for 18 months and rarely got much further than the local corner shop for chocolate and cans of Diet Coke at the weekend – because well, SO TIRED.

Yesterday I took myself off for a walk along the Thames armed with a skinny latte and sweet little apple danish for second breakfast (first breakfast was red cheer wheats and tea obvs). I’ve walked along (and got howling drunk) on the Southbank so many times, but I’ve never explored that cute little spot by Tower Bridge before, never. I’ve never walked east, I’m such a moron.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 14.20.06IMGP1304IMGP1291

I’ve never seen the Tower of London, I’ve never seen Tower Bridge close up – not only am I a really shit tourist, I was also clearly a very shit Londoner, so yeah I did those things and it felt all sparkly.

London yesterday was *almost* like spring. I wore strappy sassy flats and a suede biker jacket rather than ankle boots and a coat and scarf and 348275 layers, and alright, admittedly I was hideously chilly when the sun went behind a cloud, but it was almost tolerable aside from that and it’s got me SO SO SO EXCITED to not spend my spare time hiding under multiple blankets with a sweatshirt over my pyjamas and a cup of tea balanced on my lap. How nice is it actually going to be to leave the house and not wear 72 per cent of everything you own?

How flipping sweet will that be?

Aside from eating and drinking coffee and posing for strategic Instagram snaps without giving a toss whether tourists thought I was mentally unstable, I also explored the new Pop-Up Mexican Exhibition that’s perched on Potters Field Park next to City Hall (it’s open from 10am-8pm until the 12th March and is free just FYI).

It’s supposed to be a way for visitors to ‘discover the inspiring story of Mexico’. And TBH I know very little about it aside from y’know, it’s south of the USA and the place where bad things happen to Marissa in The O.C. Oh, and that nachos come from there and I seriously love nachos.

So here’s the first thing to report: I need to go to Mexico, like seriously. And not just to Cancun (even though the beaches there look absolutely bloody insane).

The exhibition is held in a dome next to the river and walking in, you’re instantly immersed into this multi-sensual experience. OK, that sounds a bit weird, but what I mean is that it’s not just a room filled with pretty pictures and facts about Mexico. It feels like you’ve walked into the new snazzy part of the science museum or something.

There was this amazing upbeat music that made you feel a *bit* like you were in a cross between an Indiana Jones film and in a queue for a rollercoaster. It instantly put me in a shiny, happy, let’s-do-this-mood.


Oh, and the dome had this ever-changing ceiling that was like a real-life Hogwarts Great Hall ceiling which tbh was just pretty damn maginificent.

The exhibtion also had fun interactive stands where you could pretend you were flying over Mexico or exploring Mexico city. Oh and a car made entirely of beads. GUYS, A CAR MADE OF BRIGHT COLOURED BEADS.

Sadly, the lighting did not make for a happy DSLR, so you’ll have to just check it out fo yourselves.

There’s also a Wahaca food truck next to the pop-up because, well, everyone needs more Wahaca in their lives ALWAYS.

It’s going to be moving to Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh after its time in London as part of a yearlong schedule of events and activities – to celebrate 2015 being the year of partnership between Mexico and the UK. (Just FYI you can find out more about that here).

So what I’ve decided is that I’m going to stop spending my weekends in Tesco, doing the hoovering and the clothes washing and wishing my life was more exciting.

I’m going to get off my bum and start exploring and going for walks and going for drives to new places and getting the train into London more and just DOING THINGS. Because I’m lazy and obsessed with routine and places I already know and sometimes it’s nice to find NEW places and to stop being so dull.

I’m typing this and it’s Saturday and Chris is waiting for me to go to Tesco and I’m in my pyjamas and the washing machine is beeping at me to unload it so yeah, maybe I’ll start next week instead. *Insert that monkey emoji here with the hands over its eyes*

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