7 Friday Favourites: 27th Feb 2015


I thought about making this a bumer Friday Favourites, after all i didn’t do one last week because I was too busy drowning in Goulash and embroidered shirts and fizzy wine. But then I wondered whether you’d really want to read that many faves so I stuck to a classic 7.

So yeah, there’s a boring story to start your Friday morning off. Go Hannah.

It’s been a busy fortnight. We were in Budapest. Then we were unpacking and washing and recovering post-Budapest. Then I was in Norfolk and now it’s Friday and I’m sat writing this in my dressing gown whilst nervously eyeing the clock to make sure I’ve still got time to put on make-up before a trip into London. AND OMG I FEEL PREGNANT, I’M SO BLOATED AND REGRETTING LAST NIGHT’S MUG CAKE. I kind of just need a day to roll around in my Ipswich life again.


1. Nike Thea trainers – Office, £84.99

I haven’t really gone that insane over the fashion trainer trend over the past 18 months, mainly because trainers are so flipping expensive compared to other shoes. Like hello, why would I spend like £90 when I could swan into New Look and get a pair of sassy strappy heels for £20? (That’s exactly what my 2nd favourite on this list is about because SHOES).

Chris bought me these Nike ones for Valentine’s Day and I admit it – I did pick them. I like that they’re grey which means they’ve gone with a surprising amount in my wardrobe, whilst the pink streak just makes them feel a bit more Hannah and fun.

What’s happened is, I haven’t really taken them off my feet since there were handed to me along with a cat-themed V Day card. I’ve become hooked on them like some sort of 15-year-old chav and I don’t care who knows it.

Combine them with my nose stud and half up top knot and I look more hipster than a bearded man in Shoreditch. It’s a new thing I’m trying.

I’ve always been such a polished red lipstick and midi skirt kinda girl so I’m enjoying looking a bit more low key, plus it’s like seriously, seriously comfy.


2. Olive strappy heels – New Look, £22.99

OK, I caved and bought another pair of shoes. I have a shoe problem. SHOES SHOES SHOES, ALL THE SHOES.

These are from New Look and I hadn’t seen them online, on Instagram or at a press day so they were a total surprise from the Ipswich branch this week when I popped in looking to buy something, anything (and they never have anything in that branch that doesn’t look like something I *might* have picked when I was at sixth form). So it was a surprising Tuesday win for everyone.

I’m planning on wearing them this weekend and from what I can tell from prancing around my bedroom and taking photos of them – they’re pretty damn comfy and easy to walk in. Oh and they’re olive and olive things win because olives are everything. So yup, there’s that.


3. Serial podcast

I feel a bit angry at my friends for not physically forcing me to download and listen to this. Like grabbing me and holding me captive until it was on my phone and my headphones were in my ears.

Yeah sure it was recommended to me, but guys, this is like made for me, this is classic Hannah Gale viewing (or listening as it is a podcast). I’ve wasted entire days to the crime documentary channel, it’s one of my favourite things EVER.

If you’re as equally late to the part as I was – it’s basically a 12 part series that investigates evidence in a real-life murder case that happened in Baltimore in 1999.

So yeah, I need you all to listen to it so we can discuss theories. And yes, getting used to sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and blanket in the evening to listen to something on a phone does feel very weird. I feel like I’m in the war listening to a speech on the radio or summin.


4. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, £15.50

I feel like a bit of a fool for not having jumped on the OMFG LIZ EARLE CLEANSE AND POLISH IS THE BEST THING EVER wagon sooner.

I love the eucalyptus infused scent that makes it smell like it’s healing my skin and I have to say, it’s pretty damn impressive and taking down the inflammation and redness from all the aggressive spots that keep popping up on my skin.

You use it by rubbing it into dry skin and polishing off with a hot cloth – I guess that’s pretty obvious from the name. But I’m really into these cleansers that don’t involve you splashing your face with water over the sink for a few minutes whilst you try frantically not to get you hair or clothes wet.

Oh and ALSO I definitely thought this was more expensive than it is n0t but it’s *basically* budget (not really).


5. Rimmer Kate Moss liptick in 107, £5.49

Now, this isn’t a new fave, this is like a fave from two years ago, a long time fave that I keep thinking I’ve lost and then find it again and I’m like ALL THE HAPPINESS.

This lipstick is just the perfect shade. Well, OK, the perfect shade which isn’t red or pink, so yeah I get that it’s a bit daring for some people. But I adore it and you might have noticed I’ve been wearing it a lot recently. It’s surprsingly easy to wear for such a dramatic dark shade and it was the first experimental colour I ever tried.

It’s a good winter months sorta shade – although saying that, from my experience it looks really good with a sizzling golden holiday tan too.

I’m basically only bringing it up because I was recently alerted to the news that this Rimmel bad boy has in fact not been discontinued – something which I’ve told about 14 people to date. So sorry for lying, you can indeed still pick up this sassy number in your local Superdrug and Boots stores. And you should, because it brings Hogwarts-style magic into your life.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 08.41.03

6. Red suede biker jacket – IL2L.com, £79.99

Say hello to my new boyfriend. Or maybe this is a girl actually, maybe it’s my girlfriend, whatever.

I like clothes a lot but rarely do I own something so beautiful that I genuinely just stare at it sometimes for fun. If you hadn’t caught on that’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been doing with this suede biker jacket. It’s just been draped on my office door and I keep just staring lustfully at it like a baby kitten or something.

Now I love this ginormous new suede trend that’s taken over the high street this month. It makes me want to own all the suede and only wear suede, aside from the fact that actual suede is hella expensive.

I want suede pinafores and A-line skirts and dresses and a fringed jacket.

But yeah, this jacket’s from IL2L.com which specialise in leather biker jackets. This bright red, slightly aggressive on the eyes style was £79.99, but there’s more classic black styles too if you fancy investing in something you’ll wear for a long time. Because I’ve had my leather jacket for two years and can honestly say I still wear it once a week, so yeah, you should get one. Mega handy.


7. Paperchase postcards, 69p

I mentioned these in a post not so long away as the perfect 69 pick me up, but I felt that they deserved a bit more attention.

I snapped up two more a couple of Saturday’s ago when I was in a bit of a grump because Chris was hungover and had come in late (promise I’m not as sulky a girlfriend as this story is making me sound), and they’ve seriously been brightening my mood whenever I look at them.

Pop them in a super cheap frame from Wilkinson’s or Tiger, or just use wash tape or blue tac to stick em straight on your wall.

Good work, Paperchase.


  • I never really got into the whole trainers trend until recently, now I’m kind of obsessed. I love your nikes! Also how have I not heard of Serial??! Just downloaded it, I’ll be giving it a listen to tonight 😉 x

    The Sunday Chapter

  • That’s such a nice jacket! I love paperchase postcards too 🙂 Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend!
    Hannah x

  • Miranda

    Totes going to Paperchase tomorrow for some postcards to cheer a friend up 🙂

  • Siobhan

    I’m not one for trainers either, unless they are for playing sport in but then they are just practical and not the best looking!
    However my brother works for Nike and has just been to visit me in Australia. He treated me to a neon orange pair of Roshe Runs and they are devine. I wear them with a pair of denim shorts and white top, keep it simple!
    I also love your Olive heels an will be sending the family back home on the look out for them and put them on my birthday list!!

  • I am a bit of a post card collector, and am often found rummaging around the paperchase sale for some bargains! They make great alternative birthday cards too!
    Also, you mentioned Tiger, which is just my favourite shop ever. You can get the most bizarre stuff for pennies. I find it to be like a mixture between Ikea, paperchase and Utility!



  • Lynn

    Nice to know my sister and I aren’t the only ones mad into crime documentaries. 🙂

  • Those Olive heels are gorgeous!! And that Rimmel lipstick is one of my absolute favourites too. Have a good weekend 🙂 xx

  • Caroline

    Love it! Listened to all the serial podcast and now hunting for something to fill that particular podcast void in my life.,,,.

    Had a wee splurge on paperchase postcards yesterday while waiting for the gatwick express. Sending a random wee ” pick me up” card to a mate ( or 5- whoops) is totally allowed – and makes the splurge legit! ( in my book anyway). Let’s just forget that the stamps cost almost as much as these dreamt cards……oh well!

  • I myself am addicted to the Serial podcast. My room mate is further along than I am but we’re constantly debating if he’s innocent or guilty. I’m hoping that due to the popularity of his case, it will be pushed through the American legal system quicker.

  • It seems every other blog I read has been recommending Serial. At this rate, I’ll definitely have to check it out! And I am in love with those heels! The color is gorgeous.

  • Love the Nike trainers, I agree though, why do they have to be so expensive! Urgh. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick some up sometime because trainers > causal and comfy > amazing!


  • Those nike sneakers are so cute, love the colour combination. Have a nice weekend!


  • Ooo The Serial podcasts sound right up my street, must download them asap!

    Yay for Paperchase postcards – I always have to pick a couple up when I’m in there. 🙂

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  • Yes! Someone else mentioned the Serial podcast and this is definitely something I need to listen to since I’m always binge-reading crime thrillers or watching Dr G, Medical Examiner…totally downloading.

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  • Bea

    LOVE YOUR JACKET! It’s so unique yet so classic


  • Love rediscovering make up that you haven’t worn for a while! Its almost better than buying new things.

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