Why I’m Not At London Fashion Week


OK, so maybe you didn’t even expect me to be at London Fahsion Week, or maybe you did, either way, you may have worked it out by now: I’m not there.

I’m actually at home in my pyjamas. I’m thinking about uploading some photos of my trip to Budapest with my boyfriend, I’m thinking about breakfast. I’m debating going for a swim and picking up some parcels from the post office. I’m wondering whether I’ll have time to play Theme Hospital or watch American Horror Story today. I’m not thinking about whether or not I’m missing out on the greatest fashion event this spring, I’m not worried that everyone is having more fun than me, and I’m certainly not jealous of all the fashion-obsessed babes currently wondering if they’ve got hypothermia and if their blistered feet will always hurt this much.

Because fashion week isn’t all fun and glamour and OMG I’M AT LONDON FASHION WEEK NOW I’VE MADE IT IN LIFE.

I remember when I thought that. I remember when I thought all my 22nd birthday dreams had come true when I was asked to work for free, covering some of the shows my ‘editor’ couldn’t get to. I remember dolling myself up and dragging my laptop into town to cover pretty shit catwalks for 5 days straight. I’d include highlights from those 5 days as the McDonald’s I ate for lunch on day two, and the 10pm bath and Deep Heat session I’d have every evening. I’d queue an hour for a show, watch said 7 minute show from the back somewhere and then run to anywhere with WIFI to write it up. I didn’t have a car. I didn’t have a throng of mates to take my photos for me and to lunch with me and party with me.

Sure, there are highlights. Free blowdries and hair cuts thanks to Toni & Guy, a lot of low cal snacks – probably popcorn, and a few mediocre freebies. Maybe a sample size moisturiser that smells like vinegar from a brand you’ve never heard of, if you’re lucky. Oh, and there’s always a healthy flow of Prosecco to help take the edge off.

London Fashion Week, heck, fashion month, have become the all-time most important thing to Instagram. Shit, she’s at fashion week? She must mean something. Her life must be more glamorous than mine. She must be more successful than me. She must be better at life than me. I hate me.

Pretty much anyone can pull on a pair of heels and a bright lipstick and pose sassily on the cobbles at Somerset House and use the #LFW hashtag. It doesn’t mean shit.

OK, so here’s one of the big reasons I’m not at London Fasion Week, aside from the aching body and blistered feet and cold and tiredness – I don’t actually CARE all that much about high fashion. Nope. Sure, I’d like to wear a Marchesa dress and own an Anya Hindmarch bag as much as the next girl, and YES I want to sit FROW at the Burberry show next to Anna Wintour and one of the Beckham boys (surely Brooklyn will be there within a few seasons, right?), but I don’t care abough high end fashion because I don’t get to wear it. I want to know what’s going to be in Primark next month, which sandals New Look will be stocking before my next holiday – not which outfits *might* inspire them.

The other biggie is that, as much as I could get press accreditation and request tickets to all the shows, I’d probably only get a handful and to designers I’ve never even heard of, let alone be able to pronounce. I don’t want to see them, I’m being honest. It’s the high street that has my heart and my excitement.

The truth is, I’m not a big enough blogger to get invited to fashion week through a brand, the way a lot of the girls coming up on my Instagram feed are, and that’s fine. Maybe it’s something to aspire to, maybe it’s something that sounds better on paper than it is in real life, either way, this is me admitting to you all that I wasn’t really invited to fashion week. Not in the way that would have convinced me to go, anyway. As I’ve already mentioned, anyone can go and just hang out and take photos of themselves – but CBA.

I loved this post from Lily Melrose, where she explained that she wouldn’t be going either – that the whole blogger scene at LFW is about bragging and blagging, and it’s too much. She then tweeted a pic of her downloading Sims 4 and I thought, YES LILY, SO MUCH YES.

I suffer from the worst FOMO and social-media envy and comparisson as it is, so why would I make that worse for myself by putting myself in the thick of it? Why would I go and make myself feel like I’m not a success just because I didn’t get accepted for a particular show? Didn’t get gifted by a particular brand? I wouldn’t, I’d rather be at home with my boyfriend and cat, actually living the dream. Not just living the Instagram dream.

I think one of the weirdest parts of the transition from journalist to blogger has actually been the blagging element. I’ve never been much of a blagger. When I was Digital Content Editor I once asked MAC for a replacement lipstick after the one they originally sent me got lost in Mykonos, but I think that’s about it. I’d rather be gracious than have a load of free material posessions.

I don’t think I could ever bring myself to email a brand and say ‘Hey you guys, I’m Hannah, I run a blog – can I have this coat please? xxxxx’. In fact, even just typing that made me feel a bit like my red cherry wheats might move back into my throat (ate them whilst typing this, obvs). Blagging is rife in the bloggersphere, and even some PRs have said I should be emailing other brands I’d like to work with and asking for things because, put simply, I can.

I get the whole ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ thing – hence how I managed to pester Chris into being my boyfriend (not a joke), but in the work place? Nah, it’s not for me.

The way I see it, I didn’t ask for promotions at LOOK, I didn’t beg Metro for a job and I didn’t email people and ask them to read my blog – when you work hard things will come to you. So yeah, that’s what I’m sticking with. I don’t ever want to be the girl who took more than she was entitled to.

If brands want to send me things or invite me to go to fashion week with them or put me up in hotels during fashion week and offer me free cars, then sure, that’s great and I’d be beyond grateful. But until then, I’m not going to brood over it, and I’m not going to travel into London with the sole hope of being snapped by street style photographers and you know why? Because it doesn’t make me happy.

Oh and it’s cold and I’d only spend the entire time feeling awkward and refreshing Twitter every 17 seconds in the hope of looking busy.

And I’m too old and too wise (no, but seriously) to do anything that doesn’t make me happy.




  • I love your honesty! It’s so refreshing to hear this, as all I have seen in my Facebook and instagram feeds are photos of people posing for #LFW and to be honest…. it’s getting sooo boring! I completely agree with you, I am much more interested in what’s new on the high street, and I don’t give a damn about designer brands!
    I really enjoyed reading your opinion on this 🙂
    Emily xx
    Emily May Designs

  • Thank fuck *somebody* isn’t there. It’s all my Instagram feed is processing and I’m bored of the shit catwalks and freebie posts, too.



  • What an absolute great post, I absolutely admire your honesty towards the reality of LFW. Some times when reading blogs I feel like too much is being bragged on and the dark side is being hidden to brag on about the ‘perfect luxurious blogger life’. You literally hit the nail on the head!


  • Really good points, I admire your honesty! I completely agree that a lot of fashion week seems to be centred around egos and that can’t be an enjoyable atmosphere for anyone. Interesting point about not being able to relate to the clothes too!
    Hannah x

  • Hannah, I am a recent follower of yours and I love reading real, true honesty every day. Your blog is the only blog that I actually ‘follow’ and it is all down to your ‘say it how it is’ attitude. I love this post, London fashion week is a pile of crap in my eyes and like you, I have no real interest in it. Seeing my Instagram feed being filled with #LFW fills me with the urge to ‘unfollow’ ‘unfollow’ ‘unfollow’.

    Keep up the good work.



  • Ty

    FAB post. Very honest and I totally agree!

  • WELL FUCKING SAID. I hate this time of year on Instagram with everyone and their mother posing in the street wearing clothes they wouldn’t wear the rest of the year just on the off chance someone features them in a street style piece. Yawn.

    I am far more interested in the high street like you said. Give me a YouTube Primark haul over an LFW update any day. The whole thing just seems like it’s about showing off. You really hit the nail on the head with this post Hannah.

    I also agree with what you’ve said about blagging freebies. I know that a lot of the time that’s how you get your name out there but it just seems SO CHEEKY. Urgh. I’d rather read a genuine blog like yours than one full of sponsored crap and gifted review products.

  • Love this post. I actually really enjoy Fashion Week (I’ve been a couple of times), despite being a very small fry blogger. I’ve made it into one show, but I like the people watching in Somerset House, and I’ve met so many bloggers just through being around, and made some great friends.
    I do whole heartedly agree, however, that for a lot of people, it is just showing off and blagging.

  • I really admire your honesty Hannah. This post was brilliant and a very good read which really made me think. Keep doing what you’re doing. Your Followers LOVE you and everything you say is true- going to fashion week is better on paper

  • Amy

    YES Hannah!

    “the whole blogger scene at LFW is about bragging and blagging, and it’s too much.”

    This is exactly what I’ve been expressing to others about LFW. After being a fashion graduate, I’ve ditched my idea of being invited to sit at a Burberry show equals ‘making it’. Unless you’re well-known enough to be sat FROW and afford the clothes to wear to watch the show, it’s pretty hectic and shit, as you point out.

    I still love seeing photos from fashion weeks but I’m gonna be doing that from the comfort of my own bed, with 30 Rock on and a packet of Digestives on hand

    Great honesty and engagingly written as always xx


  • Amen girl! Forever appreciative of your brutal honesty. I hate this obsession with keeping an image alive!! Just be yourself and the right people will follow 🙂 <3

    ExploresMore / Bloglovin

  • Hey! It seems as though the LFW is being hyped down this year! I’ve never gone but ive heard all about the long wait, it must be horrible, surely they can prevent this – no one wants to be fed up before a show..

    I agree with you on the highstreet thing, i like seeing catwalks but you can never wear them – we (average earning people) wear high street clothes & that where the excitement is xx

    Loved reading this.


  • I’m not there for the same reasons – the whole #LFW thing just doesn’t excite me anymore. I’ve found myself checking Instagram a lot less this week and the bragging following by the complaints about how “tiring” it all is are so annoying – it’s not like bloggers have to go and some of us have jobs where we frequently put in 12-14 hour days, now that IS tiring! x

  • I have no idea where I found this blog, but thank God someone had the balls to say this shit. Instagram is unbearable atm with all the pictures of fashion I could never afford nor fit into. I 100% rate this entire piece!

    Gena x

  • Caroline

    Spot on!

    Pouting bragging blogging babes can go to hell.

    As usual your honesty is much appreciated missus.

    High street haul over unaffordable ridiculous outfits on skinny moody looking models any day!


  • Daynna

    Thank you so much for saying this and being honest and real. You’ve got a brand new reader and fan in me.

  • “I don’t care abough high end fashion because I don’t get to wear it. I want to know what’s going to be in Primark next month, which sandals New Look will be stocking before my next holiday – not which outfits *might* inspire them.”

    Seriously could not have put this better myself! xxx

  • Love how honest you are <3


  • I love how honest you are!! Literally love the fact you are more interested in High Street too!
    Cool blog.

    Sam x

  • Such a great read! It’s so refreshing to read a piece that doesn’t declare LFW as the be all and end all in blogging/journalism.

  • Sam

    I just love your honesty! I am rather new to blogging and I am glad I am not the only one who feels embarrassed at the thought of trying to blag free stuff from brands!
    As nice as it would be I am going to carry on doing the same as you, purchasing things I love for people to see 🙂


  • Hannah McC

    Lovely and refreshing take on it all! LFW or ANY FAshion Week means FUCK all to me.
    The most expensive I can deal with is Zara, I’m not hugely into fashion or following trends, I love your blog because it’s some real girl style inspiration!
    Sure I’d love to wear a size 2 pvc skirt with those doll heels that Naomi Campbell fell in and like some nipple flasher t shirt but day to day it’s a bit much for Belfast!
    Thanks for being honest and human, it’s what I really love about this blog.
    On a day where I’m super stressed with work, it’s lovely to read your posts in between emails and research!

  • Great post. Honest, real and piercing through the rose-tinted view of LFW which social media hype creates. The star of the show for me is the fashion. Whether high street or high-end, it’s inspiring to see trends and collections come to life and anything which distracts from that is not even worth the mention (or the hash tag!)

  • What a breath of fresh air that was! I think age is probably the best weapon to deal with FOMO and the temptation to try and fit in with the rest of the bloggosphere when actually it isn’t something that would make you happy. I’ve only just started blogging, I’m in my thirties (old, right?) and whenever I get a bit down about stats, or wish that the blog was a bit more successful I tell myself that I need to stay true to myself, keep working hard to create interesting content in my own voice and eventually it will do better. Not that I’ll ever be a famous blogger.


  • Lucy

    Hannah, I swear reading your posts makes me think we were separated at birth. Every opinion, just everything I’m sat here going “FINALLY”.. I’m not a blogger and will probably never go to fashion week, but attitude in this post is perfect.. I have a good job now, yes I worked hard for it, but I think sometimes you need to just “be” for a while.. Stop blogging and begging for attention. Anyway I need to stop rambling, thank you for being so normal! I mean that in the best way 🙂 xx

  • Hannah, you have made my evening. This is the best blog I’ve read in the whole week! (I’m very new to this). And I so agree with you!

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