Outfit Of The Week: The Denim Skirt


Remember when you wore a denim skirt like all the time?

Mine was from Topshop and barely covered my bum and I used to wear it with this black and baby pink corset top from H&M to pretty much every house party over a two-year period. Normally with a pearly pink lipgloss and severely straightened hair. I looked hot. I’m sure of it.

Anyway, I just parted with £28 of hard-earned cash to snap up a new one. A new denim skirt. The denim skirt. Because it feels like everyone has this ASOS baby and it keeps selling out and then coming back again, so yeah, keep your eyes peeled.

I’d have liked it to be less clingy to me, and less try hard. I already feel too old to be wearing a denim mini skirt which is depressing and considering my thighs are probably the most bulbous part of my body – I shoud probs be wearing something a bit more flowy and demure on my bottom half but whatevs.

I love it and I’m taking it on holiday and YOU CAN’T STOP ME.




I just had to pause writing this post because it’s Friday and I’m a bit hungover and I know we have Cadbury’s downstairs and well, yeah, that happened. Not even sorry.

Anyway, yeah, I styled up this cute little button-down skirt with a bit of a Seventies vibe in mind. My grey roll neck is from Primark and I bought it in 2013 and basically I wear it ALL THE TIME, so you should get one because roll-necks are cool again and also they keep you so snug and there’s no fear of your boobs spilling out because they’re completely and utterly trapped.

This gilet is the opposite of slimming – it makes me look quite a lot like a full-size polar bear and I’m OK with that because it’s so warm. It’s the one I picked up from H&M in the January sales, but sadly it’s long gone now. I’ve linked a kinda similiar one below, but basically I’ve got a bit obsessed with sleeveless jackets and gilets at the moment, I’ll take them ALL.

So yeah, shot these snaps with an ex-LOOK work colleague in Southwark before getting a bit drunk on all the Prosecco and eating a McDonald’s, the glam life of a blogger, eh?



Lipstick – 107 from Rimmel, £5.49

Gilet – H&M (sold out – here’s a similar £21 one)

Jumper – Primark, £8 (here’s an online one)

Skirt –ASOS, £28

Bag – Accessorize, £25 (sold out)

Boots – Kurt Geiger (mega old)



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