7 Friday Favourites: 13th Feb 2015


I’m writing this because I have to and not because I want to.

I’m tired (guys, guys I only had seven and a half hours sleep instead of my usual ten – woe is me, right?), I’m a bit grumpy, my toes are mega cold and I just want to snuggle up in my new day bed and play Theme Hosiptal and forget that I’m supposed to do blog posts. Gah.

I think I’ll feel better though once I get my work done, or at least that’s the hope. So yeah, I’m going to type this gem up, paint my nails that blue denim shade from GOSH that I love, light my new Etsy candle and listen to a bit of Ed. Today is going to be sunny and happy.


1. Theme Hospital

OK, I thought I better get this one out of the way first. Uh huh. Chris has been Clash Of The Clans every single damn day for months and now it’s my turn to get addicted to a game and behave like a 10-year-old playing Pokemon Blue on their Game Boy.

You might have seen on Facebook or Metro or Buzzfeed or somewhere that this classic nineties game is now available to download free from EA Games, and oh my. I’m about three quarters of the way through the game now, and have pulled out all my original tactics from the time I completed it the first time around back in 2005.

The Origins site (which is part of EA) also have all the Sims 3 & 4 available to download at a cost and I’m hoping that offering Theme Hospital free has been such a success that they’ll consider offering the original Sims too. Oh my. Just imagine. Like I wouldn’t even have a blog anymore because OBSESSED.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 15.57.08

2. Highlighter

I first got a bit hooked on using highlighter as part of my every day make-up routine back when I was about 19 and I got a tiny bottle of Benefit’s High Beam free with my Glamour magazine. LOL, remember when we actually used to buy magazines religiously? Oh, the noughties.

I’d sort of forgotten about it for a while – mostly because I’ve got a really oily T-zone and think I became a bit obsessed with making it looks less glossy and shimmery. But I am back on it and I’m in love with how dewy and perfect my own skin looks. As in, it looks like I’ve been kissed by angels. And it’s so fresh looking that you almost can’t see the massive, crusty spot that’s been dwelling on my chin for the best part of a week.

Both of these are pretty damn budget. The BD Trade Secrets highlighter is from Tesco and costs £7.99, I like this one because it has a gold hue which makes me want to go on holiday and get a tan so I can look sizzling and Brazillian rather than like an albino worm. The other is a classic pearly sheen from Seventeen at Boots and costs £5.99 – I’ve been applying both to my cheekbones and under my brows, but have a master plan to add to my foundation when my skin has a bit more colour and life to it.


3. IKEA day bed

I’ve been harping on about this day bed for bloody ever. We spied it on our late night trip to IKEA the other week and I got it delivered the following week. It’s the Hemnes style and costs £260 (although the mattresses do cost extra). So we have this in the spare room which is also where my office is and well, yeah, it makes me new level happy. It doesn’t look like much but it’s just so nice to have somewhere extra in the house to curl up – especially one so close to my desk for me to have a bit of respite between blog posts and emails.

Mostly I’ve been draping myself in the duvet and playing – you guessed it – Theme hosp whilst drinking tea and Blueberry Wheats, but I’m sure at some point in time it’ll be mega useful for overnight guests as it does in fact turn into a double bed. Oh and it has massive drawers underneath which are perfs for all my wrapping paper, bikinis and kaftans (the things that don’t have a proper home, basically).


4. Make-up area

I’m pretty pleased with my current cosmetic set-up and pretty much all of the bits and bobs came from H&M home, because DUH. I keep just ‘popping’ in to the Oxford Street store when I have a few minutes spare and accidentally on purpose buying more things, so yeah, my bank balance is looking sad.

I didn’t realise how many of you were unaware H&M did homeware – it’s been out for about 5 years and is sold online as well as in a few stores across the country.

In this little spot on top of my chest of drawers in the bedroom I’ve got this cute gold tray (£9.99), gold wire basket for bulky products (£7.99), marble effect pot for brushes (£3.99), silvery-gold pot for eyebrow pencils and mascaras and such and this cute little pineapple candle. Sadly my little mirror isn’t an H&M find, it’s something I bought from a Worthing charity shop years and years ago.


5. New hair

It feels pretty late to be writing about this now (although I will be doing a full write-up about the whole Wella couture colour service soon), but guys, I HAVE NEW HAIR.

It’s not drastically different, but it’s fresher and nicer and glossier and happier than it’s been in a long, long time.

I got it done last week at the Wella studios and decided I wanted to go blonder for spring and I wanted to have some super subtle ombre put in to – the new service is absolutely fantastic because I I had my colour tailored to my skin tone and face shape and all that, so it just looks about 7582567 times more incredible than any of the times I’ve just had bog-standard highlights or attempted a blonde packet dye, so yeah, my new hair makes me haps. Also makes me feel a *bit* like Blake Lively.


6. ASOS button up skirt

I used to be such a skirt girl, I had pretty flirty summer styles in every pretty pastel shade and floral design going, and then I went off them in a big way. I’ve been wearing a black leather mini from Miss Selfridge a lot this autumn and winter, but it’s getting creased and looks a bit ragged, so yeah, bought summin new!

This skirt keeps going in and out of stock and it feels like everyone has it. I like it mostly because it goes with everything and also denim skirts remind me of being 15 and going to house parties and beach parties.

I got this in a size 14 and I’d say I’m usually a 12-14, and it’s come up pretty damn small. At first I thought I was going to have to send it back, but somehow I’ve managed to squeeze myself in – although TBH it’s lost a bit of tht lovely A-line shape thanks to my buxom bottom and thighs. Weep.


7. The NHS

This is a bit of a weird one, but basically I’ve been really impressed at how the investigations into my low blood sugar has been handled.

Initially the GP was a bit of a twat and just told me to stop eating sugary foods and white bread and pasta, which is fantastic but I’m not a moron. I was referred to the Diabetes and Endocrine centre at Ipswich Hospital and the doctor there was mega helpful and set me up with a test for Addison’s Disease (which is basically where your adrenal glands don’t work properly) but I had the results back today and they’ve come back clear – although my Cortisol levels are generally kinda low.

But yeah, it’s all been taken very seriously and i’ve felt very communicated with for the entire process and I haven’t had to wait too long for anything and the next set of tests are already in the pipeline. SO GO YOU GUYS AT THE NHS. Whoop.


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