What’s in my handbag?


This is such a classic lifestyle blogger post, and although I tend to steer clear of things like Get Ready With Me and general product reviews, I couldn’t help myself with this one – I love seeing what’s in other people’s handbags. It’s just so fun and nosey, isn’t it?

I thought about lying a bit. I thought about putting in some cooler objects and belongings and taking away some of the less cool ones – something I suspect a lot of fellow bloggers do (soz you guys) but then I realised that wasn’t any fun in the slightest.

I also took a photo of my bag contents just after I emptied the bag across my office (*cough* spare bedroom) floor, so you can see the real version AND the contrsucted, pretty version. The latter of course being the one that I’ll push across social media to convince you all that my life is all one perfectly presented, glossy affair – when actually it’s not, and actually YES my handbag is full of just as many receipts as yours. And crumbs. And random hairs. And tangled headphones. My life is only glamorous 5 per cent of the time, promise.


Bag – This charmer was £24.99 from H&M and I bought it last November but I *think* it’s sold out now, so soz about that. This is pretty much the first ever proper, grown-up size, black handbag I’ve ever owned and I bought it with my city break to Washington and Baltimore in mind. I love chain cross bodys and fun clutches, but sadly they’re just not big enough for my weekly trips into London and for carrying my hoard of writing utensils about. Sad face.

Bag charm – This pretty fluffy pom pom is from River Island and I bought it a few months back – they’re still in some stores and they have some smaller kids versions still available online. Although I know for a fact they’ll be launching more this spring in a variety of pretty spring shades. Yey.

Si perfume – I don’t tend to wear perfume as part of my daily routine, mostly because I work from home a lot and feel like theser lovely scents would be wasted. Si by Georgio Armarni is my current face and I normally panic drown myself in it whilst at Ipswich train station before a hectic day in London.

EOS lip balm – I got my first EOS balm a few months ago and OMG IT’S AMAZING. This one’s tangerine flavoured and sometimes I make Chris put it on his lips just to remind him how delicious it is. I would happily dedicate my life to collecting every flavour as if they were Pokemon cards or World Cup 1998 stickers. (They cost £6.50 from Selfridges – but are cheaper in the U.S.)

Inhalers – I have two of these babies to help with my mild asthma and like to carry them around with me at all time so that I don’t, ky’know, die. The purple one I’m supposed to take twice a day (in fact that’s a lie, I’m supposed to take some new stronger pink one but fuck paying prescription charges whilst this gem still works – don’t quote me on that if I die) and the blue one is for wheezy emergencies.


Compact mirror – This little heart-shaped charmer was a Christmas present about 5 years ago and I’ve succeeded in not breaking it. It’s from Accessorize and yeah, I use it mostly to check if I have red/purple lipstick on my chin.

Royal Mail missed-parcel notes – The story of my life is missed parcels. The wonderful perk of being a blogger is obviously that I get my fair share of freebies but they usually require a drive over to the Ipswich depot to pick up. I really should just get a PO box because it’s way safer, but yeah, I’ve been mega lazy, my bad.

Diary – This glittery wonder is from Paperchase and I’d genuinely be a bit lost without it. Not just because I write meetings and plans down in it (there’s something so pleasing about handwriting these rather than just sticking them in my iPhone) but because I tend to fill the pages up with blog ideas whilst on the train/drinking coffee.

Business cards – Chris bought me these little charmers for my 25th birthday, just before I went down to part time at Metro in order to concentrate on this little blogging venture. I tend to give them out to strangers I meet at events and it makes me feel like a proper professional who’s taking over the world one blog post at a time.


Glasses – Seeing as these mega geeky/hipster frames are new I’m actually carrying them around in their proper Specsaver case to save me snapping them like my old ones. So yeah, need these gems so I can use my phone/drive/watch TV/read/use a computer because I have an astigmatism in both eyes.

H&M purse – Once upon a time this used to be pretty and pale blue and now it’s been smushed about my bag so much it’s greying and gross. I don’t have a proper purse and I use this for all my excess cards I don’t need every day. Things like my Primark gift cards, my press discount cards, my giving blood card and my Nando’s card because OBVS.

Oliver Bonas ‘H’ card wallet – I keep my bank card, my credit card, my Oyster card and my Young Person’s card in this pretty, personalised bad boy. It’s usually in my jacket pocket when I’m out and about for speedy use, and although yes, my card/purse set up is a bit dysfunctional, I actually really like it.

Pens/pencils – There’s always some weird assortment of writing equipment in my bag, and apparently right now I have an IKEA pencil and a navy blue Sharpie. Interesting.


Lipsticks – To be fair, two lipsticks and a lip pencil is pretty good for me, I must have had a lipstick tidy up pretty recently. But yeah, there’s always a nice variety of lip shades rolling around in various bag pockets – these current faves are an Illamasqua orange-red hue and my 107 Rimmel deep berry shade.

Place setting – OK, so yeah, this isn’t always in my bag because that WOULD be a bit weird, but I liked it so I kept it. It’s actually from a Collection beauty launch I went to last week and so now it’s in my handbag and maybe one day I’ll take it out and put it in a scrapbook or something, maybe.


Side note: I can’t find my headphones – WHERE THE F ARE THEY? I usually listen to music (Taylor Swift, Drake, Frank Ocean, Ed Sheeran) on the train to London. I also sometimes keep a bottle of water in my bag and sometimes another notebook because nobody can ever have enough places to write down plans for world domination.


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