Outfit of the week: Short girls CAN do maxi


This is the post that was supposed to go up yesterday, but you know what happened? Theme Hospital happened. I make no apologies for my addictive gaming personality – I launched myself onto the fifth level of the EA game (you can get a free download here if you too feel like reliving your youth instead of you know, doing work or constructive things) just yesterday alone and it’s made me seriously happy.

We’re so caught up with completing our to-do lists that sometimes we forget it’s OK to do things just because. This game is doing nothing towards my future success. It’s making me spend more hours hunched over a computer screen and guess what? I DON’T GIVE A FUCK BECAUSE BEING HAPPY AND EXCITED IS GOOD.

So yeah, back to fashion.




This little get up was shot last week by the lovely Kristabel Plummer from I Want You To Know  and features my sensational £25 Primark trench coat yet again. I can’t help it, I’m obsessed, it’s just so chic and charming (although yeah, totes not thick enough for how overwhelmingly cold it is at the moment).

I bought the grey maxi cardigan worn underneath just before Christmas and have never worn it out the house before. It’s ginormous and snuggly and feels like I’m wearing a dressing gown but it never felt quite cool enough or tailored enough to make it out the house because, sad as I am to admit it, I’m not a student anymore – I can’t get away with wearing stained baggy clothes where people can see them. Plus, it’s not exactly slimming.

But I’m pretty happy with my maxi combo. I’m only 5 ft 2 and it doesn’t look (or does it?) like I’m drowning in layers of my mum’s clothes and playing dress up like a small child. I thought i’d go to town with my new fave – the half up bun and added in a dark berry lip to make the whole outfit a little bit more hip and Shoreditch than I think I meant to – but seriously, I’ve been thinking about getting my nose pierced. Like, err, what? Third life crisis much? That pained me that I couldn’t write quarter life crisis, because I probs won’t live to 100, FML.

Anyway yeah, here’s me learning to dress casual in cosy layers without looking like a baby yeti. Oh, and here’s me also trying to make the skinny hip belt a thing because GUYS the world is such a nice place when your jeans aren’t falling down, promise.




Coat – Primark, £25 (out now)

Cardigan – Primark, £12 (I think? Also out now)

T-shirt – New Look, £12.99

Necklace – Accessorize (similar one here)

Jeans – Topshop, £38

Shoes – Mega old Office (they do these monk shoes which aren’t even all that close, sad face)

Clutch – ASOS (this Etsy shop sells other styles)

Rings – Cluster ring is my nans, and the black one is super old New Look



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