7 Friday favourites: 6th Feb 2015


It’s been a very fucking cold week. So cold in fact that I felt it necessary to swear in the first sentence of this post. I need it to warm up a bit because it’s starting to feel like my soul is cold and I’ll never be warm again and OH MY GOD I JUST WANT TO FEEL COMFORTABLE AGAIN.

So yeah. It’s also been quite busy on the shopping front because I got paid my first full three-month pay check from Handpicked Media for my blog so I could finally afford all the things I’ve been desperately pining for of late which is why I went on a bit of an IKEA bender (guys, we have a day bed coming, an actual day bed, I feel so grand and middle-class) and bought myself a neat little haul from H&M home. It’s a seriously lame saying, but just having a little bit of money to spend has meant that the house is starting to feel like a home and it’s making my heart happy. And I’m feeling in a really good place, so yeah, all is A-OK in the world of Hannah Gale.

Onto my faves…

1. The Billy bookcases

Billys are an IKEA classic and I naturally bought two on our late night escapade to the Lakeside branch last Friday (honestly, THE best way to start the weekend – it’s so quite and so fun and OHMYGODSOMUCHHOMEWARE). Chris didn’t think we needed them, but I needed them. I’ve got so much crap lying all over the spare bedroom floor that desperately needs to be sorted out and there’s been no where to put anything until now, so yeah, hence these white mini bookcases.

I think together these cost about £35 which is pretty bloody reasonable – I’ve just dumped some of the ornaments from my London flat on them for the time being as well as my scrapbooks, old diaries and books but I plan to use them for beauty sample storage too.


2. GOSH nail varnish in Denim Delight

You know when you see something when you’re out shopping and in the heat of the moment you panic and put it back and then walk away and then YOU LIVE IN REGRET FOREVERMORE? Well, yeah, that happened. I’ve never had it happen with a make-up product before, probably because I normally set out knowing I’m going to buy something and it tends to only ever be lipsticks and nail polishes that I buy spontaneously and they’re so cheap that I don’t even think twice.

This pretty doll is from GOSH at Superdrug and cost £3.99 (I think) but it goes on beautifully and has the sort of shine on it that makes it look like it’s gel.

I didn’t buy it the first time round because it was the day after my IKEA binge and it made me feel guilty but then Monday came around and I was like FUCK EVERYTHING and went out of my way to head into town and snap it up, so yup. Love.


3. Blogger friends

I don’t have blogger friends or cliques, mostly because I’m so new to the bloggersphere and all my media accquaintences are journalists. But I’ve been making an effort to change that and to get more involved by going to events etc – it’s so nice to be around people who get Instagram angles and spending half an hour shooting outfit pics. Being a blogger is a weird thing, like when you start taking it seriously, and full-time and it takes over your entire life, so it’s nice to remind yourself you’re not the only one.

This week I met Kristabel from I Want You To Know and we ate pasta and shot some pretty photos and last week I was with Hayley from Frock Me I’m Famous for MORE photos and a quick browse in Oasis.


4. Half up bun

When I first tried out this hairstyle it was more of as a joke because all the kids and hip people of the world seem to be OBSESSED with it. What’s happened is, I can’t stop wearing it, I’m addicted.

OK, so I *may* look like an adult trying to be down with the kids, but it’s the perfect style for the day after a hair wash. I get annoyed with my hair in my face but know I look nicer with my hair down, so this is a dreamy in-between that requires no effort.


5. Skye Candle company candles

I’m the sort of cliche that loves a creamy coloured candle lit at all times when I’m at home. I have one on my desk for daytime and one in the lounge for evening TV time. Sadly there isn’t one in the bathroom at the moment because the bath is broken and it brings me daily pain that I have to wash in the shower rather than have long, relaxing soaks with a candle and Classic FM. First world problems and all that.

Anyway, I got sent these sweet candles this week and they smell AMAZING. I’m such a vanilla girl (in every sense) so it’s nice to mix it up with something a bit fresher and more spring-like. I’ll let you know what the burn time’s like (hopefully more than my IKEA one which has pretty much disappeared after two lengthy uses).

The large tumblers are £15 which is pretty standard for a good-quality candle, and there’s even a mango scent which I’ve definitely got my eye on for summer. Dreamy.


6. New glasses

ABefore we set off on the now infamous IKEA trip I stuck my glasses in my coat pocket. I’ve had them since uni and have always been pretty lazy with keeping them in their case so they’re pretty rank and scratched up and I had no respect for them – anyway, long story short, they broke in my pocket, which meant Chris had to do the 50 mile drive to Lakeside and the 50 mile drive back because I couldn’t see. LOL.

My new frames make me feel a bit like a German physicist from the 1930s, and I’m OK with that.

They cost £69 from the men’s section in Specsavers and I got a free pair as part of their 2 for 1 deal, so yeah, pretty haps that I now have a spare for the first time ever. OH, and also, they gave me an eye test and made my glasses all within an hour and a half on a busy Saturday morning with no appointment, so yeah, GO YOU GUYS AT IPSWICH SPECSAVERS.


7. New stationery

I get a lot of messages and comments asking for my advice on where to buy new stationery from and I’m SO HAPPY that I’ve become a go-to for this. It makes my insides all warm and fuzzy because I love notebooks, like A LOT.

Two new online finds this week include LALALAND which do amazing pencils (that look immense on Instagram and are pretty useful too), I got the cat collection but there’s also mega cool Mean Girls and Haters Gonna Hate sets as well as the sassy girl emoji, cat and Harry Potter notebooks that are INCREDO – and prices start at £4.

My other find is an Etsy shop called Naked Tile that has clever little slogans on recycled mini notebooks. I was sent the two below and the list one is my favourite, because, well, obviously. Duh. They start at just over £3 too, so yeah, pretty damn nifty.


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