Outfit of the week: Getting out my pale, pasty legs


It’s only when I look back at these photos that I can appreciate how short clothes are. And yes, that makes me sound ancient.

No, but seriously, I’m only 5 ft 2, so who are these clothes made for? Granted my boobs make things rise up a little at the front, but like, what? I tend to carry my weight on my thighs and bum, so short clothes aren’t really the dream. I feel most comfortable in a midi skirt and roll neck jumper with heeled ankle boots and a bright lipstick, but it’s nice to mix things up.

I saw this dress on Boohoo.co.uk a couple of weeks ago and I love the high, oh-my-god-is-that-a-roll-neck on it. I like dresses like this that work for pretty much every occasion. Freezing cold dinner date? Team with a leather jacket, tights, boots and a faux fur gilet. Festival? Team with waves, a flower headband, fake tan and sandles. This dress just wins at life. Except the length, because, y’know, bulbous thighs creeping out and what not.

I also have to say that it comes up a little small around the arms and chest. I got this in a 14 because I wanted it to feel a bit roomy, and it doesn’t. Not one bit. But hey, at least it’s giving me a bit more diet inspo if nothing else.





I’m really excited about it getting warmer. I type that as this winter’s first snow flakes land on Ipswich, good. OK, so it’s not in the foreseeable future, but mornings are lighter and *soonish* we’ll be able to peel off our tights and maybe not wear ankle boots everywhere and maybe drink fruit cider and look at floral and fruit print things and life will start to feel a bit more sugary again. I’m excited to feel the sun on my face and have a reason to shave and moisturise my legs again.

So yeah, here’s to warmer weather, bare legs and buying clothes now that work for OH MY GOD I MIGHT HAVE HYPOTHERMIA moments as well as heat waves.

Hat – Boohoo (online now)

Dress – Boohoo (online now)

Jacket – Miss Selfridge (old, but here’s a similar one)

Bag – Primark (old)

Boots – Jones The Bootmaker (sold out)

Necklace – Accessorize (gold plated and now only £5.10)







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