10 Friday Favourites: 23rd Jan 2015


I’m doing a bumper weekly favourites this week, because I didn’t do one last week. And it has a bit of an unintentional beauty theme.

As most of you know, I was taking time out for personal reasons and so you poor little chumps missed out on a Friday favourites, an outfit of the week and some sort of random Sunday drivel. It’s OK, I know these are your least fave kind of posts anyway.

I’ve had an OK week, it’s gone past mightily speedily and I’m typing this up on a Thursday with a Christmas candle burning (I bought like 843687456 and am still attmepting to use them up because I’m too poor to invest in an array of non-Christmas scents), a bunch of £1 daffodils from Sainsbury’s chilling on my desk (they’re so cheap because you get about 7 and they’re all still buds) and my mind frantically wondering what I need to pack for my overnight trip to London later on.

I’m also starring down at my outfit and wondering whether I made the right choice today. So many life dilemmas. And also trying to work out whether it’s acceptable to wear my monochrome leopard print coat AND my Zara leopard print boots out and about in London today. Life.

1. Primark trilby

Alongside biker jackets, faux fur gilets and leopard print – the humble trilby seems to be an integral part of the blogger wardrobe. I lived in a black Whistles one (freebie – I’m not like rich or summin) until I left it on a plane in Stockholm, well done Hannah. I recently bought a new black one from Primark and have just snapped up this brown version which I spotted in the Tottenham Court Road branch last week.

I adore it. And I now have trilbys in three colours and believe they just make a standard outfit SO MUCH BETTER, like a red lipstick or slick of liquid eyeliner. So yeah, it fits perfectly, doesn’t feel cheap and I adore it. Go buy, my pretties.


2. Make-up brushes

I’m ashamed to admit that I only started using a brush to apply my foundation this week. I’m so late to the flipping party, aren’t I? Reading that question back makes me sound like some sort of pancake flipping party which sounds way more fun and I would definitely not be late to that.

I’ve been using both bareMinerals and Zoeva brushes and they’ve made my skin look sort of flawless – I mean, using 30 per cent Amaro filter helped make that Instagram picture I uploaded look even glossier and more perfect than in relaity, obvs.

Now I’ve just got to remember to wash them weekly (LOL, sure) and invest in a Dipyteque candle so I can use the glass pot as a make-up brush pot because OBVIOUSLY (I’m not really going to do this just FYI – OK maybe).


3. Painting

A different sort of painting to foundation painting on my face. When I was signed off work back in 2013, I spent my days off social media and away from technology – I spent a week painting and reading books. I realise that sounds like something from a weird mental health novel, but as is life. Chris bought me an easel, some watercolour paints and some canvases so I could have some time out, and I’ve really been enjoying painting nothingness instead of refreshing my Twitter feed for the 489326575th time.

So yeah, there’s nothing worth showing you (I did get an A for GCSE so it’s important you remember that…), but it’s keeping me content and sane.


4. Zoeva lipstick

I’m a statement lip kinda gal, like most of you know. But I’ve started actually looking at and using nude lipsticks this month, and my current fave is Faith & Love by Zoeva (uh huh, the brand with the make-up brushes) and costs £7.50, which I think is pretty OK for a lipstick. It feels good quality, lasts pretty well and doesn’t dry out my lips or have any hidden shimmer in it – why do so many lipsticks think this is OK?


5. MURUMAYA Melting Cleansing Balm

Most of you know I mega struggle with my skin. OK, I exaggerate. My skin is pretty good, it looks healthy, it looks fresh, it looks dewy, but I just suffer from angry breakouts and oh, I’m pretty lazy. Make-up wipes are just so dead handy, right?

I’ve been trialling this for a few days and basically, using dry clean hands, you apply this to your face and spend a while massaging it in – just FYI it genuinely smells like being in a really posh spa having a facial. Then, when you get bored of rubbing your face, you remove it using a flannel or face cloth or whatevs that’s been run under the warm tap. And voila, ridiculously squeaky clean, baby soft skin.

I adore it, it costs £15.50 from John Lewis, and I’m hoping after a few weeks of using it morning and night my spots will start melting away. Please?


6. Sleepovers

I’ve had two girlie sleepovers in the past week. Both heavy in food, wine and gossips. Since getting Rudey in 2013, I’ve been unable to have as many sleepovers because it’d mean her being on her own ALL day whilst I was at work and then ALL night whilst I was having a blast in someone else’s bed. Then I moved to Ipswich and then there was no-one to have sleepovers with, despite Chris now being able to look after Rudey at night and me being at home with her during the day (OH GOD, it sounds like I’m talking about a human baby).

So now I’m making more effort to visit my friends, to invite them up, to see the people important to me. I think it’ll help make life a bit more rounded, I’ve got pretty caught up in my relationship and blog, and sometimes it’s not healthy for the only people I see in a week to be Chris and my pals at Al-Anon (joke, they’re not my pals, they’re all in their 50s and 60s).


7. Micro Mist treatment

OK, so I got my hair cut and blow dried last week at Easton Regal, a hair salon based in Clerkenwell (which is sort of central east London, near city for those of you bad with maps or far, far away from London).

They offered me a free appointment to celebrate their 5-year anniversary, and as part of that I got to eat a red glittery cupcake and try out their infamous Micro Mist treatment.

it basically entails having this weird sci-fi machine on your head with steam coming out of it, which reminds me of watching TV programmes about what the future when I was a kid. The end result? MY HAIR FEELS LIKE IT’S BEEN KISSED AND GRACED BY THE TOUCH OF BABY CHERUBS AND UNICORNS AND ANGELS AND ALL THINGS HEAVENLY. It will apparently last this way for a few weeks, but in all seriousness, no hair mask or heavy duty conditioner has EVER made it feel this silky and glossy, so if you suffer from angry hair, maybe give this badboy a go.


8. H&M faux fur gilet

I’ve already had a few compliments on this gem that I snapped up from H&M’s online January sale, but sadly, it’s already sold out.

I’m a huge fan of layering gilets over leather jackets and coats and jumpers and everything – they keep you mega snug, although admittedly they also make you look a bit like a 20-stone yeti. But what’s fun about fashion if you can’t look like a mythical creature, eh?

I had this exact one on my pre-Washington holiday wardrobe wish list but just couldn’t justify the £40 spend just before Christmas, so pretty much did a little excitement wee when I spotted it for £20. This New Look one is pretty similar, and this Boohoo one is even fluffier.


9. Paperchase 2015 diary

I’ve Instagrammed this about three times in the past week and I’m not even ashamed, LOOK AT ALL THAT GLITTER.

You’d think by 25 we’d start to grow out of our pre-teen magpie habits but it’s just getting worse and worse with age. I saw a lot of fellow bloggers opt for the blue version of this, and I tried *so* hard to just use my iPhone for 2015, but two weeks into the new year I realised how much I missed actually using a pen to write down notes and meetings and plan and so swanned into Paperchase. I was pretty determined to not buy the exact same style as 72 per cent of the blogoshere (the other 28 per cent have Kate Spade diaries, obvs), but it happened and I LOVE IT. Almost as much as Rudey.


10. Veet Infini’Silk PRO IPL (which, just FYI, stands for Intense Pulse Light technology)

OK, so I admit I haven’t actually started using this yet. It kind of scares me. Although I have just found an online how-to video, so that’s exactly what I’m going to settle down to watch with a cup of tea once I’ve finished writing this.

I’ve been sent this bad boy to review, and essentially it means pretty permenant hair removal, which, in the build up to summer (I keep talking about this build up, IT’S FUCKING JANUARY AND SNOWING HANNAH) is pretty bloody exciting.

It sends pulses of light directly into the hair follicle and stops hairs growing, which means that when life gets too much and too busy and too OMG I NEED TO STOP AND SLEEP in the summer, and I inevitable forget to shave, my legs won’t embarass me.

I have pretty fine hair anyway, but there’s nothing worse than having pasty, hairy legs that look a bit like raw chicken drummsticks poking out from under a pretty summer dress. So yeah, pretty excited to give this gem a go and let you know how I get on.


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