My YouTube channel and the vlogging industry


I’m going to do it. I’m going to try my hardest to make my turbulent relationship with YouTube work.


I hated drama at school, I had no confidence in myself to put on an act, to put on a performance for people I deemed cooler and more popular than me, for people who had the ability to make fun of me, to make me feel mortified.

The first YouTube video I filmed back in September was harrowing. I had butterflies in my belly all morning in the lead up and I was beyond paranoid that the neighbours would be able to hear me talking to myself, talking to the camera and that was scary shit.

I don’t even remember what I rambled on about, but after that it became less scary, less nerv-y and less embarrassing.

I’m still shit at editing (because who the flip wants to watch themselves back and hear their actual voice? Errr na), I don’t put fancy music in my videos (mostly because I haven’t a clue how to) and I don’t use a proper camera – just my snazzy iPhone 6. I’m a beginner for sure, and that scares me, I hate not being the best at something. Because I’m ALWAYS the best at things – except the gym. I’m awful at the gym too, because I’m overweight and have asthma and am pretty much just Piggy from Lord Of The Flies.

YouTubing overwhelms me the same way that blog design overwhelms me. It’s just so confusing and nothing really makes sense that I find myself quickly losing interest when trying to teach myself using Google. I want somebody to say ‘Here, Hannah. Here’s a free all-day YouTube masterclass we’d like you to attend’. Although TBH I’d probs then be like, nah, train’s too expensive, I’ll just stay at home in my leopard print pyjamas and so some ironing whilst watching Teen Mom 2.

I want to do it because it’s another string to my bow, another ability to add to my CV (I don’t have a CV anymore, I’m just brand Hannah Gale – so I should say, another skill to add to my brand. Oh and you should build your own brand too, here’s my guide on how to). It’s also, so I hear on the grapevine, very big with advertisers at the moment. Everyone wants to invest money in someone who can mention their product on as many platforms as possible – on a blog, across social media and via a video on YouTube. So if I want to keep growing, if I want to make my blog to become a proper stable income, like the sort of income I had in London, I’ve got to get down with this YouTube malarkey. I’ve absolutely got to.

Every big blogger has a YouTube channel, pretty much. Even people who have been solely uploading photos and words to blogs for years and have become a success from just that alone – they’re all turning their hands to the video world. It’s the new in place to be.

And the biggest YouTube stars? They have a tonne more social media followers (and money) than those who have just blogs alone. Look at the likes of Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya Burr just to name a few.

In fact, the more I rattle on about this and the more I think properly about it, it would be insane in today’s digital climate to NOT get on board with videos. To not have a YouTube channel. So yeah, all you aspiring journalists and aspiring full-time bloggers, go and get comfortable in front of a camera, because it’s a very up-and-coming skill to have.

Which brings me back to my own YouTube channel. That.

My views and subscribers (I LOVE you guys for sticking with me despite my basic videos) are much, much lower on YouTube than my blog, and a large part of that is probably because a lot of my readers aren’t into YouTube (because I like to think i’m my average reader and I’m definitely not into watching vlogs – I’ll stick to Friends re-runs thanks).

I like filming snippets every day whilst I’m on holiday or on a work trip. I feel like you’re getting better value for your time – I’m doing interesting things in interesting places and you get a real insight into my day, my life, and it looks fun and glamorous and cool. I like doing hauls too, because I love a good sneak peek into what someone has bought on the high street, especially Primark as it’s one of the best ways of seeing the actual stock that I could buy myself.

And after travel vlogs and shopping hauls? Yeah, I get a bit stuck.

Traditional vloggers do things like lookbooks and get ready with mes and tutorials, but do you want to see that? Like, really? Or would you rather me just talking shit about my day?

I’m aiming to upload every 2-4 days now that I am full-time concentrating on my blog and have a little bit more time and energy to put into my videos. And as much as I’d love every single one just to be me pulling things out of shopping bags, I kinda don’t really have the money (although if anyone want to fund that, that’d be OK to).

So hook a girl up, let me know what you’d watch and what you wouldn’t. Give me some inspiration and some feedback because I want to win the YouTube competition. OK, so not win it, I think Zoe Sugg *may* have that glittering crown, but you get the picture – I want to nail this.

I love putting aadding pressures on myself that I’ll probably fail and feel bad about (see yesterday’s post), but you got to jump head first into these things otherwise you’ll never know if you’re supposed to be the next Caroline Flack, presenting things on TV because you’re SO good on camera, oh and sleeping with One Direction (soz, Chris).

So cheers, here’s to us not being terrified of YouTube.


  • I’m glad you’re going to do more on YouTube. I watch a lot on there rather than TV now. It’s just easier to sit down with my tablet and watch stuff on there. I like watching travel vlogs and things like book reviews, house tours to get inspiration, and DIYS. I look forward to seeing what you’re going to do x

  • Tessa

    Hey Hannah, I’ve been subscribed to your blog for about a year now and have always loved how honest you are about things, no sugar coating, just saying things how they are. This is something that has aaalways comes out in your writing and I’m sure I’m not the only follower of this blog that genuinely feels like they know you haha! Probably a bit weird for you to be told that by someone you’ve never met but I’m sure you gets what I mean! So with that in mind, it’s frustrating and a bit sad to see you getting worked up about this because you’re sooo entertaining, real and interesting… and I, from reading this, can tell how much you want to succeed with YouTube etc.

    I’m constantly reading in blogs/articles that say to stand out you need to find your niche and embrace what makes you different (not trying to patronize the pro here!!) and yours – to me as a loyal reader of Hannah Gale! – is definitely your way with words, quirky lists (I know you’re growing a bit tired of them haha!) your silly little anecdotes, all the relatable stuff you post! It’s all so much more meaningful than outfit posts/beauty post because yeah, while people love reading that kind of thing on the day it’s put out, they’re easily forgotten about… I have gone back to posts you’ve done on being a full-time blogger, how to get into journalism, how to start a blog etc. etc. time and time again because they have genuinely been so helpful and insightful. One thing you’re not is superficial and if you’re gonna go with this whole YouTube thing it’d be so cool to see you doing what you do best. No offence, you’re kinda silly 😉 but that’s what everyone loves about you! And the youtube vids I’ve seen on your channel, the best bits are always just the daft noises and faces and silly stories about your days! So if you’re asking for readers views on what we’d want to see – Advice! Silly lists! Maybe run with a theme and rant about something. I used to watch JackMaate before he got really really crap! But he ended up getting some kind of mediocre presenting gig and was on BBC Three a couple of times… Kind of beside the point, he’s shit, and you’re great and fab and hilarious! But I could see you doing these kinds of magazine style themes but well, better.

    Would also be cool to see maybe a tour of your blogging space and where you got stuff from etc! I dunno I’m no pro here… Pretty much just rambling. Basically I think all your readers are really rooting for you with all of this but you need to take your own advice and be kind to yourself along the way  xxxxx

  • Ok sad fact of sadness: I love your vlogs. I watch them when I’m prepping dinner or getting ready to go out. Tutorials on makeup? Um, sorry, not a tween, have a life. What’s in Hannah Gale’s fridge and general home decor progress? FASCINATING!! The series in Washington was just fun because it so reminds me of how I feel when I’m travelling – usually exhausted because of all the work I’ve done leading up to the flight, then collapsing in a pile of tiredness at the airport, perking up miraculously with the influx of free food and drinks in the lounge, acting like a right dweeb after boarding (OMG, look at how cool this inflight entertainment system is – and the seats go how far back??) then drinking because well, yes it’s 8am but we did survive takeoff.

    More of that, I say.

  • Ah I really liked that well done! If I’m honest, I’d really like to see a video where we have a nosey at your desk next, probably because I don’t have one and I like to dream about a time when I have my own desk (tragic I know!) but otherwise really cool video! xXx

  • Izzy

    Hi, I really like your youtube videos because I find because they’re not perfect, they seem more real and interesting to watch! I also really enjoy your hauls because it seems like youre giving your honest opinion. Also love your blog! Keep going with the youtube thing, it’ll be worth it I’m sure!

  • This is a really interesting read, Hannah.

    I’m a ‘mummy blogger’ – ugh, hate that term but that’s what I am so until I come up with something better to call myself, I’ll stick with that. I’ve noticed a lot of other bloggers in that genre are also taking to youtube in their droves and I have thought about it too because I feel like it’s something I HAVE to do. But to be honest? I’m not that into vlogs myself, so putting content out there would be really hard for me. I don’t wear make-up so no tutorials etc. I don’t shop for nice things (I’m a SAHM with no income of my own) so no hauls and I don’t have a particularly interesting life either! This is the same reason I struggle to get into other people’s videos – looking at people prettifying themselves bores me, watching people’s hauls makes me feel like I need shit that I actually do. not. need. and sorry to say, most other people don’t have youtube worthy lifestyles either.

    So, I’m rambling, but I do think you can offer something to YouTube – you are funny and honest and that’s why I love reading your blog (I’m a fairly new reader so *hi*). I don’t know what exactly you should make your videos about but I think I would enjoy watching. Good luck with your Youtube channel. Stay true to yourself. You’ll do alright.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  • Looking forward to watching your youtube videos! You make a very good point about it being the way forward and I completely agree with you that it’s very scary, it’s one thing writing words and taking photos and it’s a whole other thing actually talking to a camera and making it engaging whilst coming across as confident. I’m sure your videos will be great, good luck!
    Hannah x

  • Murphy

    Hi Hannah,

    I really liked your video, because you appear spontaneous and honest (maybe you’ve rehearsed a million time but for the final take the spontaneousness is still here, well done!), this is so refreshing, I hope you’ll keep this in your future videos.

    I like you showing us your shopping, this is something that I’ve missed for a few years now, a blogger whose lifestyle I can actually relate to. When you show us your findings from H&M and New Look, I find it way more interesting than other blogs because these are the brands I usually wear. I used to follow Garance Doré’s blog about five years ago, and the reason I liked it was because she was blogging on how to find the best Zara pair of jeans or which shade of Essie nail polish was the closest to that totally unaffordable Chanel one. After that her blog went to a direction I couldn’t follow anymore and I stopped reading it. And I think a lot of blogs are now focused on subjects I don’t feel concerned with. All of this just to say that I LOVE your shopping because at the end of the video you made me want to look differently at that blouse and to go out and see what’s on sale at New Look’s. So thank you for that, and every time you find something unusual or worth to buy, please keep vlogging about it!

    It has been said in the previous comments, so I’ll juste be repeating: I would like to watch vlogs about home design and DIYs (what about that bedside table?). But also, I think videos about places you like (you seem to know London very well) for shopping, for coffee or just for a walk, would be great!

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing more videos on your channel. I’m sorry for my English, as I am not a native English speaker. And keep talking about what you like, I’m sure there will always be many people out there that you will touch.

  • A friend and I a few years ago before YouTube really blew up where talking about starting channels, but we always shied away from it and we both regret it now as we feel it would have given us a huge boost of confidence, opened opportunities and made us do really interesting things. But last year I started my blog and at the moment I’m more than happy just to stick to it, if I was to start a channel I don’t think it wouldn’t be things that relate to what I blog about. But I think it’s amazing you just overcame that first nerve racking step and went for it!!

  • I’m looking forward to your vlogs. I’m big fan of your blog and listening to your video just rambling on about your next month ahead was quite entertaining. I always love those kind of videos because they are very natural and I feel like I’m basically just listening to a friend.
    Wishing you all the best with your channel and I will definitely be a subscriber!

  • Natalie

    Hi hannah!

    I must admit I haven’t watched many of you tube videos! I’m more of a read it kinda girl! But i like the idea of you showing ones about your house, when you complete a room , where the stuff is from etc. I Bought a house this year (scary) and am doing it up! And it’s nice to see each room changing from
    What it was to now….And it really helps me be proud of what I’ve done! (And less anxious I bought the wrong stuff) hope this helps xxx

  • Loren

    I’d personally love to see more videos from you!
    I think a good thing to do is mix it up a lot, that way you can have different video playlists in youtube.
    So do some vlog type videos, DIY vids, house/room tours, a few makeup reviews… lipstick reviews maybe seen as you have loads, would your boyfriend participate?? (Zoella’s boyfriend regularly features in her videos) and “tag” videos are good to use too, as you have prompts on what to talk about. EG “my first’s” “50 things about me” and challenges.
    The majority of “big” youtubers feature all these things on their channels.
    Good Luck 🙂 x

  • Kiri

    I really loved this vlog! Felt like I was having coffee with a friend discussing our buys. I mean that in a non-odd sort of way. I’m an avid reader of your blog and have been for a while, I enjoy your writing ALOT so I was a bit dubious to watch a video. My first thought was Christ on a bike what might she sound like? Instantly followed by a nervous feeling as though I was going on a date after Facebook messaging for a few weeks- how bizarre. Whilst I realise I have come across slightly stalkery I suspect a little creepy, I’ve sent the message anyway because I wanted to tell you that your blog makes me smile and sometimes snort coffee threw my nose when I laugh at the funny bits, much love x

  • i don’t really watch vlogs, your sarcasm which works so well on paper might not quite be the same on video!

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