7 Friday favourites: 9th Jan 2015


I’m liking my new title format, it’s making me feel much more together and organised which is always nice.

This week has been a bit dull, and I mean that in the loveliest way.

Dull because it’s been my first week of getting stuck into full-time blogging, but also dull because I’ve had no appointments, no lunches, no press days, no reasons to leave the house.

Which is fun, because no make-up and trackies are a delight and if I said anything different, those of you who have to wake up at 6.30am to head into an office would probably punch me in the face, but also sad because I SERIOUSLY MISS HUMAN INTERACTION.

Thankfully, I’ve plotted some stuff in my diary next week to make sure I don’t actually go insane and order The Sims off Amazon and become an failure at adult life. (Although yeah, might do that anyway).

So yeah, it’s been a slow week with a lot of swimming, coffee dates on my own and watching old Gossip Girl episodes. But hey, it could be so much worse, couldn’t it? I could be sat at my desk trying to not to cry because I hate my boss so much and OMFG I CAN’T PAY MY RENT. Ewww.


1. New Look super flats

I call them super flats because JUST LOOK AT THEM. It’s like everything good about footwear rolled into one affordable January buy. I love the fact they don’t give me blisters or cut my feet (uh huh, I’ve walked about 4,000 steps in them so far according to my phone), I love the way they go with everything and I love the chic gold heel.

So yeah, don’t expect to see me Instagram myself wearing anything else on my feet any time soon. Oh, and you can buy yours for £22.99 online here.


2. Rudey’s cat portait

OK, OK, you can say it, I’m a crazy cat lady.

I like to think Rudey posed on a day bed for this portrait with her little paws crossed and a little pout (she didn’t, it was drawn from a photo, sob).

We’re going to put it up in our lounge, neatly perched on a wall of shelves which doesn’t yet exist so I couldn’t photograph it in its rightful home. Someone Chris knew on Facebook was offering to draw pets for £20, so we jumped at the offer, something which I should probably be ashamed to admit. Here’s her Instagram if you fancy either stalking animals like a weirdo, or maybe getting your own done.

I dread to think what i’m going to be like when I have human babies.


3. Ed Sheeran’s X album

I’m so late to the party I’m basially in black and white and covered in dust and being sold in an edgy antique shop, but this album… OH HELLO.

OK, so it’s not 1989 because Taylor Swift is well, Taylor Swift, but it’s the perfect album to write to. Especially when I’m writing something a bit deep and honest and painful, it’s like having a soothing friend help you through it. It’s dreamy.

So yeah, it’s been inspiring me this week. Ideally played when it’s already dark and my computer space is surrounded by candles and a cup of tea <3


4. White nails

Copying every other UK style blogger right now with white nails, yup! I got this Topshop polish about two year ago and never opened it, mostly because I was intimidated by how many layers I’d have to apply to have a solid, thick colour. Turns out the answer is three, but three really quick-drying coats that didn’t smudge immediately afterwards.

I either live in sweet pastel nail colours perfect for spring, or bright corals which are perfect for summer holidays, so finding a winter-y shade I actually like is pretty damn exciting.



5. Broadchurch

OHMYFUCKINGGOD. Me and Chris went round some friends’ house for the opening epsiode of season two and ate hot dogs and drank Shloer and I’M SO EXCITED. ALL THE CAPITAL LETTERS. Chris hasn’t actually watched the first season. The first season that had me emotionally all over the place for 8 weeks, the first season that ended with me drinking Lambrini on a Monday night and watching the final episode drunk.

The time, a week later, that I (whilst a bit drunk again, ummm..) met Olivia Colman will forever be a life highlight.

I loved the first epsiode, the unexpected start to season two and I stand by it when I say Broadchurch is 10x better than The Missing. I just prefer the casting like A LOT, and I like how you get little bits of information flitered throughout the hour rather than have a pretty dull episode where OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING in the last 30 seconds. So yeah. Excited is an understatement.


6. Holidays

Thanks to the kind advice of Twitter, me and Chris booked our first holiday of 2015 – we’re off to Budapest next month. Yey. We’re staying in a spa hotel and I can’t wait to drink wine and eat everything and relax and maybe get a massage (I say this every single time I go away, I’ve never had a massage on holiday, ever).

I’ve got big travel plans this year. I want to go to Poland with my family (we have a house out there and this year marks the 5th anniversary of anyone having stayed in it… oops), I want to do a road trip around Europe with Chris this September – focusing mostly on France and Italy. I want to go to the States again, most notably the West Coast, especially San Fran and Seattle, and I’d love to do a girls or uni friends short summery-beach break to somewhere like Lisbon or Bulgaria or Sicily.

Fingers crossed to working hard enough to make as many happen as possible!


7. Salon Science

As some of you might know, I’ve really struggled with hair loss over the past couple of years and the culprit, as far as blank blood tests show, is stress. Dreamy.

Since moving out of London and leaving the rat race behind, my hair has been a heck of a lot better – proof of the shit and enormous pressure we put our bodies through just for our careers and social lives. Eek.

A few people have noted that my hair’s looking thicker at the moment, and it’s actually in the best condition it has ever, ever been. The reason? These babies, oh and not using any heated appliances aside from special occasions, uh huh seriously.

My hair is feeling thicker, growing quicker and well, not clogging up my shower drain anywhere near as much thanks to these little gems from Salon Science, which look mega pricey but aren’t – they’re about a tenner a bottle in Boots.

As for the other side, the laying off curling irons and straighteners and hair dryers? It’s all about having your hair at a length where it sort of looks OK with a bit of a boho vibe going on, a la Sienna Miller. I’m lucky in the fact my hair isn’t straight or curly or even wavy, so although yeah, I feel better and more confident and happy with my appearance when my hair has been styled, it looks OK to the stranger’s eye when it’s left alone.


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