7 Friday Favourites: 2nd Jan 2015


I’m still playing around with titles for my weekly favourites round-up. I realised ‘7 things this week’ was a bit uninspiring and bland and WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN?

Plus, you may have noted that I’ve finally worked out how to put related posts at the bottom of my posts and so yeah, I need to make my headlines more exciting and obvious. I have such a wild life.

I’ve tried to avoid just sticking 7 Christmas presents in this week’s lists because that’s easy and I need to challenge myself a bit more and think outside the box in terms of favourites, so yup.

I’m writing this with crippling period pain so if I write sentences a bit like a tired 5-year-old, then you understand why. No but seriously, ouch, my periods are really fucked up at the moment and I don’t know why and i’ll write a post about my impending menopause (not really, I hope) next week. You lucky, lucky things, you.

Back to this week…

1. Tesco bedding

If I was writing this five years ago it’d probably be about a really sexy new lingerie set I splashed out on from Ann Summers with my JJB weekend pay, instead no, i’m writing about my new bedding.

Although we’ve had the bed a good couple of months now (it’s another Tesco gem), i’ve only just pulled out this new striped bedding from the airing cupboard for post-Christmas sheet freshness. Dreamy.

I wouldn’t be that excited about my bedding were it not for the fact that this king size charmer cost Β£8. Eight measly British pounds and it’s not even in the sale, it’s just part of the basics range. Uh huh. And it’s super soft and snuggly too.

(Just FYI grey cushions are Primark, pyjama bottoms are Primark, toe nail polish is Model’s Own, hand nail polish is Rimmel and mug is, err, no bloody idea).


2. Hannibal

OK, so *maybe* this was a Christmas present. So shoot me.

My brother bought me this boxset because I needed something new, gritty and dark to get stuck into and I’m quite enjoying it. I say quite because I’m not quite as hooked into every episode the way I was with Broadchurch and The Missing, but I do want to keep watching.

Also, I want to cook up more succulent meat. So yup.


3. Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Descanso

I was sent this product when I worked at LOOK and thought it was the perfect colour to wear to my Granddad’s funeral. Then from all the stress of the event I accidentally crushed the tip with the lid and left a peachy coloured mess in my coat pocket and then forgot about it. Fast forward 18 months, a baby wipe and a sharpener and this little dream boat is as good as new.

I love statement lips, bright pinks and deep plums, so this is a completely different look for me, but I love the way I’m able to eat food without worrying if I’ve got lipstick marks all over my chin and nose, plus the satin lip pencil is so soft and silky it basically feels like Vaseline rather than lipstick so yeah, we all win.


4. New Look fox pyjamas

My best friend bought me some really cute heart print pyjamas from New Look for Christmas and I was like YES THESE ARE SPECIAL AND COOL, and then I put them on and they didn’t fit and I was all sad.

I tried to exchange them in the Ipswich branch but there was pretty much nothing left (apparently people queued for 40 minutes on Boxing Day to get in – you’re all INSANE)Β  but I did stumble upon these bad boys on my way out of the store.

They’d been reduced down to Β£9, were left in every single size, and guys look, look, THEY HAVE FOXES ON. Amazing. I don’t really like animals, in fact my animals I like list only includes cats, foxes and dinosaurs, so there you go. Soz.


5. Photo wall

I’ve literally become a Pinterest cliche, although in my defence this wasn’t my idea, it was Chris’s. I have A LOT of framed photos and prints leftover from my London flat with no place to go so we’ve decided to create a photo wall in our dining room and I think it looks pretty damn nifty.

The frames are from Wilkinsons, car boots and charity shops and we’ll probably add a few more (we *might* be getting a hand drawn portrait of Rudey done, but I can neither confirm or deny these reports…).

From top left clockwise… A drawing of me for the River Island AW14 campaign dinner, my grandparents on their wedding day, Chris’s nephew Bobby, a Rudey cat print from Etsy, me and my brothers on holiday in Poland, a vintage cat print and a photo of Chris’s Dad holding him as a newborn (up close Chris looks like an Asian baby, which is Lolz).


6. My Fitness Pal

OK, I’m back in the game.

I once told someone I used My Fitness Pal (which is a calorie counting app) and they were like why use something shit that won’t work? Why not just eat healthily and exercise? Which, for morons out there, is exactly what MFP is, a way to eat better and stick to your goals. It tells you how many calories you can eat a day depending on your height and current weight and lets you update a food diary as you go (you get more calories in your daily allowance if you add in exercise). It makes you actually think about what you’re putting in your body.

I love it. I used it in January 2013 and lost half a stone in two weeks. So yeah, here’s to spending January attempting to ditch the excess December weight like an absolute cliche.


7. My boyfriend’s beard is GONE

Some of you love beards and will be like NO, WHY HAS HE DONE THIS?! I have no opinion on them. When I met Chris that sweet Summer night in Shoreditch in 2013 he had no beard. He looked more like an Essex boy than a hipster. And then he grew this monstrosity (I say that with love and affection) pretty damn quickly and I’ve only really known him with all this hair on his face. People always assume he’s about 10 years older than me, when in reality i’m nine months older than him (such a cougar, I know), so now it’ll be nice to both be the same age again.

He got rid of it yesterday whilst hidden away in the bathroom so I couldn’t see and yeah, it’s definitely taking some getting used to. I really fancy him right now. Try not to sick down yourselves.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 13.25.28

  • My fitness pal is so good! I also love the photo frames pinterest has too many ideas and I have too little space to achieve them haha


  • India

    I love my fitness pal! I don’t use it so much anymore, but managed to lose a ‘slow and steady’ stone and a half in the first half of this year, and kept it off for the last half of the year!

    My on big tip- until you are near goal weight, don’t add calories to your MFP allowance because of exercise. Exercise is a bonus, as I’m sure you know, the majority of weight loss is about what you actually eat. I found that logging my exercise but just putting it as 0 calories helped me, as it made me feel good about having exercised, but didn’t encourage me to think ‘oh, I ran 2 miles, I can have a burger.’ Because actually, 2 miles of running is actually like a can of coke…!
    Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2015! Xx

      • Ems

        Really good tip! I’m so smug after exercise, like, yeah that run (jog/walk) definitely warrants a Crunchie and a Muller Corner, when actually it burnt about 100 cals.. so now I’ll be putting it as 0.

    • hannahgale9

      My friend does it this way too, but I love the way I can dip into the Quality Street tin after a swim! I’ve lost 4lbs this week, still treating myself a little bit as a reward if i’ve exercised (but only for the amount of calories i’ve burned). I’m hoping it’ll help me keep up my will power, but if the weight loss grinds to a hault i’ll definitely have to try it your way! xx

  • I’m obsessed with my fitness pal and it totally works if you stick to it
    the boyf looks more hot now i reckon πŸ˜‰
    happy new year

  • Hannibal is amazing! I can’t wait for the new season!!

    Ana Leote | Meet Me @ 2 am

  • Ems

    Also, is it just me being weird and stalkerish or does anyone else want to know how you and Chris got together? Maybe it’s my Lizzie/Darcy obsesh, maybe it’s my single London self creepin’ like a lil creeper. Poss blog idea anyway!

    • hannahgale9

      Haha, I’M EXACTLY THE SAME WITH OTHER BLOGGERS! Like, tell me, tell me, tell me, I MUST KNOW. Maybe i’ll time it to an anniversary (we don’t have one) or Valentine’s Day or something πŸ˜‰ xx

  • I’m definitely going to be trying the My Fitness Pal! …and I haven’t heard of the Hannibal series so I’m going to be looking into that too! Let us know what you think to it πŸ™‚

  • Love the framed photos! So jealous of your cheap and snuggly covers too! Wishing we had a Tescos in HK now!


  • So nice to see 7 really different favourites! I love MyFitnessPal, but I don’t use it as much as I should.. I really should jump back on it after eating my body weight over Christmas.

    Beka. xo

  • My OH shaved off his beard a few weeks ago and I was the same, like “who is this hot man I’ve suddenly been presented with?”

    • hannahgale9

      Yes to this. So much yes. xx

  • Really Love your photo wall!!! I’m hoping to make one soon!! yours looks great! love the idea of finding frames in charity shops! i hope to find some to go with one I have bought from the likes of B&M and Β£stretcher!! πŸ™‚

    hannah xx


  • JAnuary. Back from Holiday. Oh yeah – I’m signed back into MFP too! Wedding in May – let’s shift a few pounds πŸ˜‰

  • Rachel

    Hiya, where is your cluster ring from? You can see it on the photo at the top x

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