7 Hannah Gale blog goals for 2015


I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. They just don’t work do they?

OK, so sure, I *might* have gone back on MyFitnessPal with the aim of dropping two stone by summer (totally going to stick to it this time, because this is SO different from the 765 other diets I’ve been on during my short life time, right?), but last year I wrote down a list of about 8 achievable goals. Did I hit any of them? I hit two. Go on three adventures abroad (because holidays = happy Hannah) and give blood twice. The latter probably being one of the most important resolutions you could ever give yourself. So yeah, do that one. I don’t find giving blood scary or painful, I find the knowing I’m helping save a life or two pretty damn exhilirating, plus free Mint Club bars and tea are pretty damn sexy too. So make 2015 the year you start sharing your blood. OK, cool.

Anyway, back to this post, which is about my blog goals.

I started the year with a redundant blog gathering dust somewhere on WordPress and ended the year with, well, a lot of new virtual friends and readers and a business. Somehow, you maniacs coming back and reading more and more is making me an income so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’ve got pretty big plans for 2015.


1. Start replying to comments

I’ve mentioned before that I’m never entirely sure where to start with replying to blog comments, sometimes there are just no words. I read every single one and some make me smile, some make me feel a bit sad, but mostly they make my heart happy. So yeah, as of January I want to take more time out every day to reply and let you know that.


2. Vlog more

I make so many empty promises about vlogging and Vlogtober and Vlogmas and NEVER carry through. I’m soz. But next year i’m going to do it properly, at least for a bit until I figure out if i’m any good at it and if any of you like them. If you do, then i’ll keep going and if not, then i’ll stick to my words. But yeah, you get the idea.


3. Shoot more style pics

Chris hates them because I’m never grateful enough, I hate them because I hate the way I look in the photos and I can’t get them quite right. Thankfully, my Pentax camera is making it A LOT easier. The iPhone 6 is amazing, but it still can’t shoot a street style snap the way a digital SLR can.

The plan, now that i’m fully working on the blog and that, is to have more time to actually play around with my clothes and make decent outfits rather than just panicking and photographing anything. I also want to get a tripod so I can take my own photos.

And, I hate to say it, but I find so much of the time i’m just comparing how my body looks in clothes compared to other people and bloggers on Instagram. I’m not skinny, I don’t have a body that all clothes and trends just float off like Kendall Jenner, it’s OK that things look different. It’s OK that I just really, really like McDonald’s and pasta.


4. Grow my social media following

This sounds like I’m self-obsessed and just want to get more popular and I think that’s the weirdest thing about being a blogger, YOU are the product, you have to sell yourself. Growing my following is more about building my blog’s awareness, about making it more sell-able to advertisers, to help it become more financially stable.

There’s no good way of explaining how strange it is having a blog and using it just because you want to write, share photos, share thoughts, and then it becoming your actual business and having to think about it in business terms.

I think the hardest thing is trying to explain to people who don’t work with the internet for a living that it’s your job, and you need people to want to be interested in what you’re up to and what you have to say because it earns you an income.



5. A re-design

I only had a re-design five months ago and already i’m seeing more changes I want, more ideas to make it not only look glossier, but also make it easier to navigate. I’ll use Squeesome again because a) they’re really good b) they’re ridiculously affordable and c) I want touch-ups and tweeks more than a complete overhaul.

If there’s anything you’d like to see, help a girl out and let me know. It’s so hard to view your blog as a reader rather than as your newborn child.


6. Say YES to more invites

When I say this, I don’t mean say yes to more shitty emails about being invited to join a ‘select group of bloggers’ to do a post promoting a company in return for, but wait, only if it’s one of the best, a social media mention. I’m fed up of those invites, those emails, expecting me to do my full-time job for free. If you want to advertise on my blog or have a sponsored post, please contact my agency you derr brains.

ANYWAY, yes to more blogger events. Yes to more networking with like-minded individuals and press teams. I’m already friendly with a lot of fashion PRs thanks to my former life as a digital fashion journalist, but I need to stop being lazy and stop getting overwhelmed by train fares and evening events. The truth is, Ipswich is only 70 minutes from London and I should be getting out there more, should start making new friends, because if I don’t I’ll only end up sobbing hysterically during a 3pm bath about how I never have any real human interaction. Oh.


7. To stay real

And yes, I meant that to sound as ghetto and J.Lo lyric-like as possible. Basically, I don’t want to the content of my blog to change just because it’s now making me money. Sure, there’ll be the odd sponsored post littered through, but mostly it should be the same. Me writing lists about my ridiculously basic brain (ha), failing to squeeze into size 12 Topshop clothes (sob, major sob) and feeling like i’m falling apart because WHY DOES EVERYONE ELSE HAVE A BETTER LIFE THAN ME AND OH EM GEE ALL THE ANXIETY.

Soz, I wrote this post as more as a reminder to me about what to get out of bed and do this year than something for you guys, the readers. My bad. Maybe I should have just written it on heart-shaped post-it notes about my computer. Uh huh, yup, that.

Anything else you want to see/read? COMMENT ME, BITCHES <3

  • Kate

    Happy New Year Hannah! Never change!! 🙂 x

  • Lara

    I’ve never ever subscribed to a blog until I found yours, I love your style of writing, and your lists are ridiculously relatable. You’ve opened my eyes to some fab things (including MAC Relentlessy Red). Just keep being you!
    Happy New Year!

    • Emma

      I am the same, this is my first blog subscription and now I love getting my email notification and taking time out to read your blog! I really like how relatable and real your posts are. This particular post stood out to me today because of the part where you mentioned comparing yourself to others on twitter and Instagram in terms of looks. I do this constantly and I drive myself insane beating myself up over the fact that I don’t have the gorgeous size 8 figure that she has or the 3 bed house that that person has bought (like actually bought). But you have made such a good point in that we are all different and that this is ok. I have made a New Year’s resolution to myself to stop comparing myself to others and I’m determined to stick to it. And hey, maybe those people we feel super jealous of have moments when they feel super jealous of us for something. Happy new year Hannah! Thankyou for being inspiring and for making me say ‘thank god I’m not the only one who thinks this’! Xxx

  • Like most people, I found your blog through your list posts that get shared on Facebook. After reading one I decided to have a read through some of your other posts and I absolutely love them. You don’t try to be anything you’re not and I appreciate that you share so much with your readers. You’ve inspired me to put more into my own blog and into my own happiness. Keep doing what you do best, thank you.

  • Waxed Bat

    My first comment on a blog despite being obsessed with them!
    I enjoy your chattering. My only thing would be that I like being able to find my way to old posts to re-read or have a nose but I’m finding it a bit long winded doing it on yours…For example, you mentioned the other day your old “sex lists” that you wrote for the Metro?? I think that’s what got me to your blog to start with (perv that I am)….just fancied having a re-read but couldn’t find it.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck for 2015 🙂 x

    • hannahgale9

      Thanks for your sweet words 🙂 I’ve added a related content widget onto the end of my posts and an archive on the sidebar, i’ll also try and link back to previous content when I mention it! As for the sex posts, just Google Hannah gale sex (uh huh, bit perverted) and it’ll come up with a couple and then they should all be linked from each other. Enjoy! xx

  • L

    Happy new year Hannah! You’re definitely my favourite blogger I’ve discovered this year 🙂 let us know what you get up to when you visit London, I never know which are the best places to visit!
    what did you think of the end of The Missing? And Broadchurch starts very very soon! 😀

    • hannahgale9

      I wasn’t majorly happy with the end of The Missing, but I do think that child was Ollie. Super excited for Broadchurch tonight though! x

  • I love it when bloggers share their goals with readers – transparency is always a good policy! Good luck with your resolutions Hannah. I hope 2015 is everything that you need it to be 🙂
    Beth x

  • I agree about resolutions never working, they just make you feel more like a failure when you don’t keep whatever ridiculous goal and lets be honest who needs that in their life?

    About improving your blog, one thing I did notice was when you click the links at the top, the full posts still come up under the tag, Especially for lists it’d be good to just see a snippet of the list and a link so you don’t have to scroll through ones you might not want to read to get to others. Not trying to be awfully nit picky, just thought you might not have noticed it 🙂

    Happy new year!

    • hannahgale9

      Hi Laura, thanks for helping me out. Yes, I would love to do this, i’ve noticed it too! It’s one of the changes that I just can’t seem to master, so will keep having a play and see what I can do. xx

  • Happy New Year! I hope you achieve all of those goals!
    Hannah x

  • Hey Hannah,

    Told you already but thought I’d say it again, I love your blog! I love how you’re so REAL
    And don’t worry about the fox pj’s. I’m a size 14 too, nothing wrong with it 🙂 you’re beautiful


  • Lynn

    There needs to be an advanced search option, so that one can check for a word in a post title. For example, because you have suffered from an eating disorder that phrase is often woven into your posts. However, when one searches for this phrase, the search throws them all up instead of “!0 things nobody tells toy about eating disorders” or whatever.

    You also don’t seem to have a way to find blog posts by month, i.e. all posts in May 2014.

    Otherwise, I adore ya!

  • Hi Hannah,

    Congrats on all of your achievements for 2014, I’m so excited to see what comes for you next this year! Wanted to say for no. 5… I always wish at the end of your posts that there were other posts there that you could click straight on and read rather than having to go back to the home page or a category. Don’t know if that helps or it’s just me being lazy but thought I’d mention it as I’m sure others want a reason to stay on your blog longer too 🙂


  • Tazmin

    This is the first blog i’ve subscribed to and followed, your writing is so relatable! Refreshing to read something so honest and that i’m not the only one that gets spots in my 20’s!

    • hannahgale9

      Thanks! But honestly, my spots are waaaaay worse now than they were as a teen. It’s a bloody nightmare!

  • Happy New year! As always a pleasure to read your blog. Yes, stay real – that’s what makes people keep coming back! You’re awesome! And btw, quit that body shaming of yours! You are absolutely beautiful just the way you are (size 14 is freakin sexy!) and there is absolutely no need to compare yourself to others. Those skinny, blank instagramgers – they’re all the same! So dance to your own beat of a drum and rock blogging world! And that is my wish for you this year 🙂 Peace! xxx

    • Lynn

      Good point. More body positivity. There are tons of great BP bloggers around too. Such blogs really helped me to recover from my eating disorder.

  • Looking forward to keeping up with your blogs/blogs and for trying my own hand at it!

  • Happy New Year Hannah! I think your resolutions are very realistic and as for number 4, I don’t think it’s self-obsessed. I think any blogger would be lying if they said they didn’t want more followers, comments etc. That’s part of the fun – interacting with more people, becoming more well known.. especially when you are making your living out of it! I hope you manage to read those figures because you definitely have a blog worth reading 🙂 x

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  • Natalie

    Happy New Year! I definitely like, and want to see more of, your vlogs – you’re great at them!

  • Great goals Hannah, really looking forward to seeing the blog over the coming year 🙂


  • Natalie

    Hi Hannah,
    Happy new year. Good luck with the blog. I hope you continue with you tube, I really enjoy it. I have recently moved from Sussex to london and used to spend all my time getting the train. I know exactly what your going through. People not inviting you to things because your not actually ‘in london’. I’m sure you’ll find a balance.

  • That business card is so lovely, I’d love to receive one of those!

    I like your goals, they all seem really realistic and achievable and I’m sure you’ll give them all a good go and achieve them. Stay real, I love your blog for what it is and I’d be heartbroken to see you change!

    Beka. xo

  • Monty candlelight

    I love the beard gossip, good work Hannah!

  • yes to the weight loss, yes to the comment replies, yes to being sociable!!
    look forward to more reading in 2015 http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/new-years-eve-mic-edition.html

  • It’s the worst trying to explain blogging or social media to the golden oldies, I always just get an enthusiastic nod while they wait for me to shut up! I have to do more style pics but I’m either in my pj’s writing or dashing off somewhere that I had to make an effort to and never get time to take them!


  • Siobhan

    I think it’s great that you’re so ambitious for 2015 and that you
    are putting it out there! Don’t put yourself down for not keeping this to yourself…it might not feel like your writing it for your readers but it’s inspiring to read

  • Ally

    Happy New Year!!

    Yours is the only blog I read. I love everything about your posts, enjoy your random lists, fashion thoughts & general what’s on your mind posts. I find myself nodding away smiling about how much I relate to what you write.

    Thoughts re: site, I don’t know about anyone else but I always read this on my mobile so visual setup & nav in this format would be good to keep in mind. I hope that helps.

    Ally xx

  • Ahhh haaa I’d so love some replies to comments (or know it may be an option!) 🙂 I’m an obsessive commenter if I know there may be some conversation, what can I say, I love the chat 🙂
    Excellent goals Hannah!

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