12 things to buy from Primark’s spring/summer 2015 collection


I was going to do a what’s-left-in-the-sales wish list, but it turns out everything left in the sales, is well, pretty gross, so there goes that plan.

Instead I’m going to get excited about a whole new season of clothes, most notably Primark’s seriously sassy swag.

I went to the press day almost a month ago and guys, no but guys listen, it’s getting better. Like, even better, and everything feels so good and like it won’t rip if you move your arm too quickly. It’s getting exciting.

Ipswich’s Primark is an interesting place to be. It’s mostly just really horrible jumpers and coats so ugly I don’t want to get too close to them. Turns out, all the good stock goes to the London branches first, and actually, a lot of the super sexy stuff from the press days don’t get heavily produced and sent across the country because Primark’s most popular items, expecially out in the country, are the generic pieces, not the fashion pieces.

Moral of the story? Brave Oxford Street more often.

Here’s what I’ll be buying… I forgot to note down prices, but they’re generic Primark prices, with everything under £30.

1. The trench coat

I bought a Primark trench in August 2012 and am already 107 per cent sure I’m going to be replacing it with this one. It just felt so soft and silky and lovely and OHMYGODIWANTITNOW. I love a trench, me. They’re perfect for layering up in spring, and even for summer showers, plus they make you look way more sophisticated than you really are, so yeah, that.


2. The statement flats

I recently bought a pair very similar to these from New Look, but this super sexy, strappy, sassy flat is pretty much the flat of the season. So yeah, they’re prettier than most of my heels and *hopefully* won’t make my feel bleed and me cry. That, or cut off my circulation. What dreamboats.


3. The embellished maxi dress

Doesn’t look like Primark at all, this number, but it is. I want to wear it to a festival-themed wedding this summer but have just realised that me wearing a white embroidered maxi dress might be a step too far. Woe is me. Pretty though, right?


4. The sexy strappy heels

Heels have been strappy rather than chunky for FOREVER, haven’t they? I love these ones though and I like to think there’s enough straps to keep my heavy-footed feet in their place and not make me trip over myself (this happens more than I should admit, sob). So yeah, these hotties with a gel pedicure and post-holiday tan is everything <3


5. The perfect bed spread and blanket

I can’t ignore Primark’s homeware from this list, it’s like new level cute. I’ve always been obsessed with their candles and in the past year Primark’s duvet sets, blankets and throws have really become pretty damn good.

I’m thinking these two pretties will go well in my new grey bedroom with white bed – and also, how much does that monochrome notebook look like Kate Spade?


6. The suede waistcoat

If suede, or faux suede makes a little bit of vomit and fear rise up your throat, mega soz, but it was at every SS15 press day. I love all the tasseled biker jackets about on the high street next season, but I think this fringed waist coat is pretty sassy for festival season. In fact I have plans to where it over sweet floaty dresses as well as oversized shirts and denim shorts (when they become toned and svelte like Mollie King’s, obvs) when the weather gets warmer again.



7. The could-be Sophia Webster heels

I love how much the high street has really upped its game on statement footwear of late. These babies remind me of the New Look glitter, stripe and gem ones I Instagrammed a while back, but just with a fruitier, summer twist.

I love both pairs, but it’s the courts that win it for me. Perfect with jeans and a simple grey tee.


8. The light coat

I guess this is similar to the trench, but the shape was less structured, like a glossier, chicer duster coat. I’m never really drawn to olive or forest green hues, but I want this desperately. I’ve also heard rumours that it’s already in store in navy, so yeah, that.

I want to wear it now with my cream chunky knit jumper and jeans, like really, really, really.


9. The floral tee

This top just looks like a nice tropical-print piece to wear with jeans or a lace pencil skirt, but what you can’t see properly in this photo (my bad, I was drinking Prosecco, don’t hate the player) is the pretty frills on the sleeves. It just makes this top so muich punchier and a little bit twee and I love that.


10. The pineapple

Because every bedroom, office, lounge and kitchen needs a white ceramic pineapple with a candle inside, always.


11. The vintage white sunglasses

I like these low-key sandals too, but it’s the thing white-framed sunnies that caught my attention. I tend to lose or break pretty much every pair of sunglasses I ever buy so I try and bulk buy as many Primark varieties as possible. I need these.


12. The fruit clutches

The watermelon is a fave but there’s also a zingy yellow lemon one too. I love a novelty clutch, because who the frick doesn’t? And these sweet perspex boxes are perfect for summer holidays and like, erm, all the time.


  • Watermelon clutch. Buy it or fail at life.

  • Nicola

    I really like those strappy heels, and I am a person who is very picky about shoes. But I HATE Oxford Street so much, I always feel like abandoning my shopping half way through! I need to build up to it – any idea when they’re in store?

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  • I love that bedding! Would love to see some more of your home and interior inspiration 🙂

  • Lara

    Ohhh!! Any idea when they’ll be out??

  • Melissa

    I love the white dress for holiday, it’s a beaut, but can never ever find anything in Primark when I visits!! Any idea when they’re available ?

  • I LOVE the watermelon clutch, and the pineapple. Basically anything fruity is a win in my books! xx

  • Cant believe how much the shoes look like the Sophia Webster ones! Will have to go and grab a pair for myself! 🙂




  • Natalie

    Love the flats but that cord looks like it’ll ravage my ankles. Might be worth buying some ribbon as that might be softer (although would it look too ballet-like?).

    Anyway, I love reading your blog. It’s one of the few I read that’s always open and honest. Keep it up!

  • I love the bed spread and novelty clutch bag, I’ll definitely be looking out for those! Thank you for sharing 🙂 xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY

  • Lynn

    I want that maxi dress! Is it available in any other colour? 🙂

  • I cannot wait to for the new Primark season to come to stores!

    I need those statement flats in my life, but I also need that bedding. I may also be treating myself to both of those heels.. Oh dear, bye bye money.

    Beka. xo

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Ipswich branch of Primark, not that I can remember anyway, but the Norwich store was certainly always useless. It’s the smallest Primark and always such a mess!

    Luckily now I’m living in Newcastle I’m blessed with one of the largest Primarks in the country, it’s massive and is actually my favourite store in the country, its as big as the branches in London but much easier to navigate.

    Love these sneaky peaks, thanks for sharing. I’m such a Primark addict, I must pop in at least once a week!

    One thing I haven’t tried yet is the Primark shoes, I just don’t trust them not to fall apart even though they always have some lovely bits in there.

    Chloe x

  • Laura

    I love the maxi dress!

    Also, I really love your blog Hannah. Definitely one I can relate to more than any other I’ve found. Keep up the honesty and the fun 🙂

  • amy

    I love the heels. More so the open toe strappy pair in the back. Is their a way to order from primark online?

  • I recently discovered your blog and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed! I love your style of writing!! X

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  • Nice collection of Primark products.

  • Alice

    Has anyone seen the white maxi in a store? Its beautiful!

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