Twitter party with Herbal Essences and Ben Cooke


Why every Twitter chat isn’t called a Twitter party I don’t know. It makes me want to put balloons and cake all over my profile page.

Point of this post is, I’m helping Herbal Essences host a hair Q&A with celebrity hair stylist Ben Cooke who’s looked after the beautiful tresses of both Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham. Pretty swank.

Anyway Ben’s Herbal Essences brand ambassador and they’ve just launched a pretty exciting new product which doesn’t involve any hair nasties. Woo to the absolute hoo.

Clearly Naked is made up of three products, a shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo and is essentially a detox for your hair, which is pretty bloody nifty for a 2015 fresh-up, right?

The glossy new products are designed to cleanse and condition your hair without using parabens, silicones or dyes, which are typically found in a lot of other products.

To celebrate the sassy new product Ben will be answering all your party hair styling and hair detox questions on Twitter this Wednesday (17th December) between 2 and 3pm.


Let’s be honest, with all the beige oven food and Prosecco you’re going to be drinking over the festive period, these babies are the exact little treat your barnet could do with.

So yeah, set an alarm on your iPhone, get thinking up your burning hair questions (not literally questions about burning hair, unless, well, your straighteners have destroyed EVERYTHING) and tweet @_HerbalEssences using the #GetNaked hashtag.

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