I’ve got some pretty bloody big blogging news for 2015


It’s happened.

It’s officially happened.

The day is here.

I’m a full-time blogger as of next Friday.

Someone wanna pass a girl a glass of Prosecco?

I started the year as Digital Content Editor across LOOK.co.uk/MarieClaire.co.uk and InStyle.co.uk and I’ve ended it as a self-employed bad ass. I’m pretty haps with that.

The truth is, living outside of London means I don’t need to earn anywhere near as much as I was earning earlier on in the year and I’m now in a place with my blog where advertising is pretty much paying me enough to do things like eat and have a gym membership and run a car and that’s pretty bloody exciting.

I’ve been working part-time at Metro.co.uk since September (prior to that I was a full-time Senior Reporter there) and now the time has come to get back my Mondays and Fridays and use them to really amp up my blog.

I’m pretty amazed at where this has all come from. Although i’ve owned this domain name for a seriously long time, i’d never done anything real with it until March, and I still can’t understand how all the weird thoughts I have every day seem to be the same weird thoughts the rest of you had.

I never for one moment thought that there’d be so many of you suffering from depression, from anxiety, from the loneliness that follows graduating. So many of you feeling lost, so many of you obsessed with avocados and McDonald’s and Primark pyjamas. So many fellow basic chums who sometimes cry because life is just so darn confusing, and I’m glad i’ve found you all. You make me feel less alone and like i’m part of some weird big old support group, I love it.

I remember that day back in March when my first post went viral vividly. I remember texting my friend like OH MY GOD MY BLOG’S HAD 5,000 VIEWS. Oh wait, 10,000, no 20,000, 30,000. I had no idea how quickly this blog would grow, how much it would be shared and how many of you would reach out to me and make me smile so much i’d sometimes cry. True story. When i’m overwhelmed with happiness, I cry. Like that time on my 25th birthday when I couldn’t go longer than 10 minutes without sobbing relentlessly (although that also may have had something to do with turning 25, so yeah, that).

I’m excited to see where the next nine months of blogging take me, although it’ll be very, very weird to say goodbye to the journalism world. It’s been a huge part of me for the past 7 years and I’ve no doubt that my blog would never have been the success it’s become without everything the industry taught me about writing online.

I think i’ll always think of myself as a journalist rather than a blogger, but i’ve started referring to myself as a writer to strangers now, which is weird, but pretty bloody fun.

I think one of the strangest things for me to come to terms with will be how my relationship with PRs change after this. I’ve met some lovely new people through my blog, people from brands i’d never worked with at LOOK or Metro and i’m so excited to continue those relationships, but I know it means that my relationship with bigger brands won’t be as tight.

I’m really excited to see where digital journalism and content creation goes, it’s such a rapidly changing business, but I feel like self-employment and blogs and working for your own brand rather than an established one is entirely the right place to be in 2015.

So that’s my advice troopers, build your own brand. Make your own name mean something, cause waves, ruffle feathers. Because it’s inspiring and exciting and guess what? Some days you’ll actually want to get out of bed and that feeling is indescribable.

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