Outfit of the week #11: Casual layers


I can’t remember the last time I bought something outlandish and fun, knowing I’d probably only wear it once or twice.

Back in the day pretty much all my Southern Water call centre money went on petrol, vodka and buying pretty little dresses from New Look to where out on Saturday night, now it’s all about casual staples i’ll wear again and again.

It makes me a bit sad that now that most of my work is done from home some of my fave pieces like my maxi skirts and chunky heels and shirts are getting less and less wear in the place of roll necks, floral faux trackies and striped tees. I’m dressed like a year 7 art teacher pretty much daily now and it’s a sad time all round.



This outfit is made up almost entirely of new things, new things that have been really difficult to keep wearing again and again. I’ll admit i haven’t worn this get up out of the house yet, mostly because it’s so cold I fear I may die of hypothermia unless i’m kitted out for a full-on blizzard. no but seriously, why is it so offing cold that my chest shrivels up and gives me shooting pains every time I breathe in?

I love winter and Christmas but i’m also bloody excited to be able to wear layers again, just casual layers, you know when it’s like double digit degree and you don’t open every gas bill as if it’s a letter telling you you were declined from Hogwarts because you were an inadequate  wizard.

So yeah, this is a 2015 outfit. something i’d wear to lunch (I never go to lunch) or out to a museum (I never go to the museum – aside from the Imperial War Museum, that place is a palace of interest).

My boots are actually from Jones the Bootmaker and OH MY FRICKING GOD, the difference in wearing proper well-made leather boots from a boot shop is unreal. They feel like soft buttery slippers on my feet and the heel is the perfect height so that I don’t fall over or get the ridiculous achey feeling in the ball of my foot, without looking too dressed down.

So yeah, here’s me attempting to take photos of myself because my boyfriend is still dying in bed from a hangover (it’s 3pm). life.


Sleeveless jacket – eBay, £18.47

Shirt – New Look, £19.99

Stripe tee – Forever 21 (from the States)

Jeans – Topshop, £38

Clutch bag – Miss Selfridge, £16

Boots – Jones the Bootmaker, £69




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