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It’s been a slow week in that I haven’t really left the house. No, but seriously, I’ve been to Costa twice, done a weekly shop at Tesco and dropped Chris to the station. My life has been all about writing, wiping snot out of my hair and drinking copious amounts of tea to warm up my insides and ward off frost bite this week. Pretty glittery and glamorous, right?

1. Primark maxi cardigan

I haven’t been into long flowing knitwear since i was at uni and insisted on wearing them with leggings and faux UGG boots to pretty much every lecture, but something weird and wild came over me as I was perusing the Tottenham Court Road Primark store last week, and this beauty happened.

It’s dreamy because it’s so long and oversized it feels like a dressing gown and so i’ve been wearing it all week to feel snug and cosy whilst I work. The only nightmare side of it is that it’s so long and so cape like (Huzzah, it’s like being in Hogwarts for real) that I keep tripping over it when walking up the stairs which isn’t all that fun when you’re carrying a mug of tea. sob.

So yeah it’s £16 and also comes in olive green.



2. Sticky Toffee latte from Costa

I mentioned I’d been to Costa twice this week (sadly the Starbucks is a bit of a pain to get to and park from home) and I’ve been eager to test out some of the festive drinks. Now, I eat anything and everything. I’m not ashamed by my raw hunger for all food, but for some reason when it comes to flavoured hot beverages I panic and get scared. I like gingerbread, I like praline, I like all the other fun things they add to lattes in coffee shops for Christmas, but for some reason when I go to order the words don’t come out my mouth. So yeah, sticky toffee happened. Not that festive but it sure is sweet and yum.

I always go for skinny during the year, purely because I can’t taste the difference. But all sorts of crazy things have been happening and i’ve found myself asking for cream on top. Hello extra belly roll come Jan.



3. Rudey snowglobe

I was sent this surprise Christmas present from CEWE Photoworld this week and it came on the day I was most ill and trying desperately not to just whimper and cry in bed all day. The photo isn’t even from my Instagram account, it’s from Rudey’s, which just added to the magnificent surprise of getting it. So yeah, pretty chuffed with it especially as she looks WELL beautiful and I get to shake it and see her little face immersed in snow when I get bored or suffer from writer’s block. Love.



4. Chest of drawers

As much fun as living out of IKEA bags has been, it’s been so much nicer to finally have somewhere to put my pants, onesies and dreams. i bought this little gem from eBay for £65, and was pretty lucky because I fell in love with it and the seller was happy to deliver it to ours because he lived on the other side of Ipswich. I’d been refreshing eBay and Gumtree for weeks waiting for a decent chest of drawers to come up locally, so hurrah for me!



5. Christmas candles

These little pots of joy were actually holiday presents to Chris from my trip away to the States last month (uh huh, I found a guy who likes candles as much as me). We’ve already used up the heavenly Snowflake Cookie and i’m currently burning the Mistletoe and Fig on my desk as I type – it’s a much fresher Christmas scent to any of the others.

I find Yankee Candles last so much longer than the cheap ones. I bought these three little pots for $10 (about £7) from Leesburg Corner Outlet Center in Virginia, and I reckon they each have about 25 hours worth of burning in them. Bargain.



6. Initial gift tags

I mentioned these earlier in the week, but honestly, i’m so pleased with hoe they’ve turned out. If not just because I managed to hole punch about 30 of them without punching the wrong bit, so yeah, pretty chuffed.

They were inspired by the lovely Marks & Spencer tree decorations which holly from River Island PR uploaded to Instagram, and yeah, i’ve teamed them with tape from Etsy, thread from Etsy, ribbon from Asda and wrapping paper from Lidl and Tesco.



7. iMac

This list wouldn’t be complete without the new darling baby from which I’m writing it. I’ve been calling it a him, but maybe it’s a her, and she needs a name. Something cute and fun. Please leave your suggestions in the comment box.

I’d been umm-ing and agh-ing about investing in an iMac for ages, especially as I now work from home, so I took the plunge. If only so that I don’t get the worst posture and back ache known to man from hunching over a laptop all the time.

I haven’t used a Mac since uni, at least not properly, so this is pretty damn bloody exciting for me. I might have to be physically peeled away from my desk. Shame.


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