25 photos from last week that’ll make you feel warm, fuzzy and festive inside (I hope)


Last week I felt like a proper full-time professional blogger for one of the first times.

I was lucky enough to get to give the new Pentax K-S1 digital SLR camera from Ricoh a whirl whilst I was out and about visiting press days (Primark was absolutely bloody beautiful – i’ll do a post on the best bits after Christmas), doing a spot of present-buying and and cooking up a festive feast at home.

I’ve always taken all my photos for my blog and my Instagram on my iPhone – previously a 5, now a 6, and haven’t used a proper actual camera since I broke my last one following a particularly lively holiday to Magaluf. Tbh I probably got sea water in it whilst frantically pedaling me pedalo to the weird island just off the Magaluf beach, but these things happen.

Having never touched anything so fancy in my life (or pretty – it’s LIME GREEN, I feel like the green Powerpuff Girl), I was pretty overwhelmed to begin with. I may or may not have whimpered and *nearly* cried last Monday, the day I was supposed to begin my week long Christmas diary for Ricoh. I couldn’t get the camera to focus in dim light and I didn’t have a stand and I didn’t like the flash and OHMYGODITWASJUSTTOOMUCH and I felt like a Mum trying to set up a Facebook account.

Fast forward 24-hours and I was basically taking close-ups of mince pies and melted Camembert like a professional wedding photographer (now available to hire, obvs). The camera is easy to use, especially in natural day light, and i’m pretty much there with the automatic settings (although I struggled trying to take night time photos of the Oxford Street lights – although to be fair that’s probably 97% because there was a weird man leering over my shoulder who almost gave me a panic attack).

The camera comes in, get this, about 15 colours. Mine is from the Sweets Collection which also boasts a pretty pink version and sky blue version. Dreamy.

The K-S1 costs from £599.99, but naturally, because it’s Christmas and people are nice there’s a competition to win one of these darling little gems over on Facebook – check out #KS1mas for more details, and more gorg Christmas-y photos from other bloggers.

So yeah, now to spend hours on Etsy finding the dreamiest camera strap known to man and to invest in a tripod so I can take outfit of the weeks pics that make me look as professional and glossy as one of those high end bloggers that don’t talk about things like cystitis and smear tests. ROFL. I just sniggered as I typed that.


I spent an absolute age cutting out glittergift tags from some card I bought in Hobbycraft. One of my friends Instagrammed a photo of initial tree decorations from M&S that she was using, so I thought i’d attempt it the budget way using card, scissors, a hole punch and cute festive string from Etsy. Pretty haps with the results.






Me and Chris bought some Camembert and had the Home Alone boxset and had the dreamiest little night in. Yes I wore pyjamas with unicorns on. Not Christmas-y, but damn beautiful all the same. He’d never heard of Camembert being a Christmas thing. It is, right? Or is that just me finding any extra reason to eat melted cheese?






I haven’t made home made mince pies with home made pastry in forever, so I thought i’d go all house wife on myself. I used golden cane sugar instead of caster and it made the pastry so sweet and heavenly. I ate three whilst still warm immediately after cooking, because Christmas.






I went into London for the day and finished off with my first ever trip to Duck and Waffle with the lovely ladies from 3 Monkeys. You’ll have to excuse my terrible photography, there was some deep, dark, sexy mood lighting and I drank too much champagne and was all quivery. I’m not even remotely sorry. Just FYI, the view from the lift is both incredible and terrifying and the duck leg covered in maple syrup? Like an actual mouth orgasm.




We bought our Christmas tree! And despite it being about 6ft it also fit into our Fiat 500 pretty snuggly. We ended up going to B&Q three times, to John Lewis and to Sainsbury’s within the space of about an hour, during a late night hunt for decorations. So yeah, here is the outcome.






We had friends over for a festive lunch, played Scrabble and I drank too many glasses of Cava. The evening comedown headache was killer and the blog post I wrote whilst ever so slightly intoxicated was full of more typos than usual, which is grand. My bad.






I polished off all the wrapping whilst watching Gossip Girl and washing down everything with Lemsip to battle the raging cold I managed to develop over the weekend. Boo. But i’m pretty happy with how the presents turned out with my cute personalised gift tags, brown wrapping paper and ribbon selection.





I’M SO BLOODY EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS. Thanks Ricoh for forcing me to have festive fun with my camera. I’m basically about to spontaneously combust with all the joy in my soul right now and *might* keep singing Christmas songs to myself whilst alone in the house. Meh.





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