A few photos from our yummy pre-Christmas lunch


As most of you know from Twitter and Instagram me and Chris hosted a really yummy little Christmas soiree (this makes me feel posh and grown-up) over the weekend which included Scrabble (I won, obvs), the best £4.50 Cava I’ve ever tasted and a heck of a lot of Lidl food.

We’ve even still got the cute 99p Panettone boxes on our dining table because, along with my festive-scented Yankee Candles, they just look ridiculously sweet and make me mega excited for Christmas.

I did my Lidl food haul earlier on in the week (one of the dreamy joys of being self-employed) and spent about £40 which got me two types of pate, three types of sliced meat (from the Deluxe range which also has a pretty sexy Brie with a cream cheese filling as well as lots of chutneys), three bags of crisps, cheese, two bottles of the sparkly stuff, some shortbread, chocolates, Stollen and some pretty mouth-watering looking frozen party food. I’m still pretty sad that I couldn’t get my hands on the tempura prawns, I’ve heard they’re INCREDIBLE, but clearly the rest of Ipswich has too and they’re currently out of stock. Sob.. As part of the Deluxe range there’s also a heck of a lot of sweet treats including chocolate stirrers (Oh em fricking gee) coconut spreads and macarons. Delicious. Which is exactly the sort of food that feels too naughty to eat outside of December.




Favorina is Lidl’s festive brand. It has everything from nuts and Stollen (I went for the poppy seed flavour because it reminds me of a cake my Polish grandparents used to buy, but the apple flavour looks absolutely dreamy) to Panettone and a £5.99 gingerbread house that I absolutely have to have, because I’VE NEVER MADE ONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

I’ll admit I haven’t shopped in Lidl since I was a kid and my memories are of my grandparents getting really excited at pretty much everything whilst I walked around the supermarket cradling a pack of cookies that I to this today swear are the best cookies I’ve ever had. I sadly couldn’t find them last week on my Lidl voyage, but bloody hell, they’re so much better than Maryland.

So, what you’re wondering is, was the food actually any good and should you be jumping your car now ready to bash other shoppers out the way?

Well, when I bought the shopping home, Chris was all ‘oh, this actually looks really good doesn’t it?’ So there’s that. He had the strawberry and cream shortbread in his hand as he said it – they tasted like little pieces of heaven and are currently getting me through my cold, along with Lemsip, obvs.

I really liked the fresh loaf of bread. Weird thing to pick as a favourite, I know. I popped into Lidl again at the crack of dawn a few hours before our guests arrived especially, mostly because I wanted to dip it in the balsamic vinegar i’d bought. Guys, IT WAS FIG FLAVOUR VINEGAR. And there were more fruit flavours including pear and apple. But yeah, I was pretty much sold by soft bread and sweet vinegar, it’s like all my carby dreams come true.





Other buys that got incredibly good feedback from our guests were the pates (I bought two, they were both duck orientated and they were both heavenly), the prosciutto, which was a bargain at £1.79 and the sausages wrapped in bacon, which, soz Dad, were better than the homemade ones we have on Christmas day.

Lidl actually have a few recipes on their website too which i’m sad I didn’t have enough time to have a go at, like smoked salmon and pesto (my mouth just genuinely watered as I typed that, can you tell i’ve only had soup today?) and a Sandy Claws Lobster Pie which is pretty intriguing, right?

So yeah, first Christmas gathering hosted, tree up (Rudey’s knocked about 70 per cent of the baubles off, naturally) and Home Alone watched. Now to shake off this bloody cold/flu thing so I can get on with wrapping and wearing Christmas jumpers the entire time (and eating all our party leftovers obvs – no Cava left because I drank that all to myself whilst writing my last blog post. I’ve no shame). Check out other dreamy Lidl buys by searching #Lidlsurprises.

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