29 things that make Christmas the absolute best thing in the whole wide world


1. Seeing your entire family sat round the table in matching coloured paper hates. LOL, you idiots.

2. Going in for round two of the Christmas roast about 7pm. Jamming everything into a sandwich. Why don’t M&S sell a Yorkshire pud, turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potato and gravy sandwich? Seems pretty bloody obvious.

3. Opening a present and it being something you vaguely mentioned wanting back in September and being like PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME, ALL THE HAPPINESS.

4. Freezing cold night. Gloves. Hat. Scarf. Giant cup of mulled wine.

5. Watching a family member look like they might physically explode or assault someone during a game of Articulate.

6. Singing ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ to yourself and wanting to break into a spontaneous jig.

7. Buying more candles than usual, lighting them all at once and not giving a flying fuck about how much it’s costing you because YOLO.

8. Seeing cats in Christmas outfits on Instagram. N’awww.

9. Wearing your Primark Christmas pyjamas and socks at the right time of the year for the first time all year and feeling stupidly smug.  Yes, to these fleecy bad boys with snowflakes on.

10. Knowing that the Downton Christmas special will be the one episode of the whole year where anything actually happens. PLEASE SOMEONE DIE.

11. Starting every day for the whole month of December with a mouthful of chocolate. Advent before the 25th, stocking filler snacks after the 25th. Yum.

12. Daring to step foot on Oxford Street/any of the surrounding shopping districts and being absolutely bloody mesmerised by the decorations and lights. I LIVE IN SUCH AN AMAZING WORLD. LIFE, I LOVE YOU.

13. Leaving out a sneaky mince pie and glass of milk for Santa Claus. Just because you’re in your twenties doesn’t mean you’ve got to be boring.

14. Listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album about 674 times before the month is out, no shame.

15. The fact that most food events suddenly have a helping of cheese. Let me just add some Brie and crackers on the side of everything. Put’s the perfecto emji right about here.

16. Decorating your Christmas tree with more precision than you ever did any school art work and not even giving a crap when the pretty twinkly lights reflect onto the TV, ever so slightly disrupting your viewing of Elf. SO MUCH PRETTINESS.

17. The way everyone drifts off back to their hometowns, goes to the pub, sees people they only ever see on Christmas Eve every single blasted year. Hi, you guys.

18. Having no money in your bank account all month but not giving a shit because you’ve bought SO MANY lovely things for everyone and thei’re going to bloody well love them. Those lucky tykes.

19. Seeing strangers in the street wearing a completely normal outfit with a sneaky Christmas jumper just thrown into the occasion.

20. Being able to say YES to every second dinner and third glass of wine guilt-free because Christmas.

21. Sticking on a Christmas film, surrounding yourself with rolls of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and gift tags and feeling like the most festive person in the whole entire world.

22. Drinking Diet Coke plastered with pictures of Saint Nick and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

23. The John Lewis advert making you sob with love for humanity at least three times.

24. Carole singers that make you squirm with awkwardness at your front door but at the same time want to throw every last penny rolling around on the floor at them.

25. Seeing tinsel draped on everything. Yes, it’s hideous but ahh so twinkly.

26. Being able to sack off the gym, errands and pretty much everything else in life to roll about in pyjamas and onesies forevermore.

27. Drinking Buck’s Fizz for breakfast and feeling like a posh champion of the world.

28. Tins of Celebrations, Roses and Quality Street. Come at me.

29. The excuse to spend time with some of your favourite people in the whole wide world without being distracted by life because EVERYTHING is closed and ahh so many games, so many food, so many wine, so many happiness <3


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