Outfit of the week #10: The monster clutch


You’ll have to excuse my excitement in this post, I finally learnt how to take OK(ish) photos of myself in my bedroom without the help of my boyfriend, and it’s basically opened a whole other world of opportunities to me.

The photo quality isn’t great, but i’ve just got a Pentax K-S1 which i’m yet to play around with properly – so photos will be looking super sexy and sassy soon, but it DOES mean that a) I feel very proffesh and b) my photos will be less like blurs and more like proper blogger pics. I know my photography skills aren’t the reason you guys come back to my site, but you know what I mean, it makes my blog feel more glossy and real and not like something i’ve made up in my head.

Next stop – tripod.

Anyway, this outfit is mostly (two pieces) made out of new things that arrived this morning as part of my Black Friday ASOS delivery. The most exciting piece of course being my monster clutch. You can imagine me adding a variety of heart emoticons here. Or are they emojis? What’s the difference? As an MSN gal, i’m going with emoticons.

I’m 112 per cent not over the novelty clutch – New Look keeps releasing more and more, and there’s some delicious fruit, pineapple included, ones coming out for SS15 – so this £15 badboy from ASOS is my new black clutch.



My last black clutch was a vintage patent one from eBay and I used it to death, so this is my replacement. It’s not a classic and it’s not hideously chic, it’s just quite me and I love it.

My skirt is the other ASOS piece. Now I love a good midi, have done since I bought my first fuchsia pink one from Topshop in spring 2013, and I desperately hope they don;t exit fashion anytime soon, they’re just so ladylike. This check one is made of quite a thick wool fabric which isn;t overly kind of my bulbous hips, but you know what? I sort of don’t mind. I guess not everything we wear has to be super flattering, although yes TBH, I defs should have ironed this before pulling it out the box and prancing around for photos. My bad.

I pulled this outfit together with a few easy staples – the black leather jacket, a grey knit from Zara – I bought this one last year, but I like that it has short sleeves which makes it ideal for layering over a shirt, and my £6 Primark open-toe boots. Easy.

I didn’t wear this out the house, i’m now back in trackies for a day of writing and drinking tea (pretty ace Sunday, right?) but, with a VERY hefty splash of fake tan, this is exactly what i’ll be wearing to all those champagne-fuelled festive season dinners i’ve yet to be invited to (no pressure guys, i’m just sat here waiting for the lavish invitations to roll in…)




Jacket – Miss Selfridge (here’s a similar one)

Top – Zara (old, this Missguided one is kinda the same)

Skirt – ASOS, £50

Clutch – ASOS, £15

Shoes – Primark, £6

Lipstick – MAC Relentlessly Red, £16.50



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