My November fashion wishlist


My fashion and interior wishlists get the least response from you guys, and I get it, they’re boring, they’re what I like, not what you like, but I’d love for you to tell me if there’s anything you think is worth me parting my cash for, or anything that you literally think is so hideous you might stop reading my blog if I buy it.

Got it? Good.

I’m not normally one for dark winter colours. I like a few grey, white and black staples, but i’m naturally drawn to colours all year round, which is why I was so shocked when I looked at my folder of pretty clothes this month. Err, there’s a lot of grey, and brown, and dark. Is this what getting old feels like?

As you get older and wiser and blah blah blah do you start choosing clothes in more classical styles that are y’know a bit dark, and erm, boring? I seriously hope not.

But yeah, i’m getting quite into my faux fur this year for the first time ever (bought this little beaut this week) and am for the first time ever considering getting a fur coat. My Nan used to wear one with a bright red lipstick and a peroxide blonde perm and i’m thinking this could be my new look. Thoughts?



1. Topshop dress, £45 2. New Look mules, £22.99 3. River Island faux fur coat, £110 4. Warehouse leopard jumper, £45 5. Monki abstract bag, £20 6. Warehouse buckle boots, £80 7. Miss Selfridge midi skirt, £45 8. New Look striped dress, £14.99 9. H&M playsuit,  £19.99 10. New Look sweatshirt, £17.99 11. H&M jumper, £29.99 12. Topshop pom pom flats, £28 13. ASOS chain cross body bag, £22

  • Miranda

    Love the dresses, New Look sweatshirt & the play suit but I wouldn’t wear the rest, soz!

  • Simone

    That silver dress is gorgeous!

  • Personally I really like the striped dress – it kind of reminds me of this Michael Kors one from NAP:

    I don’t think I can honestly comment on fur items, faux or otherwise. I live in Australia and today it was 32 degrees…

  • India

    Love all your choices as usual, especially the ‘je suis le bombe’ jumper. BUT please don’t buy a real fur coat! Vintage or not, I just can’t believe it’s a good idea. Or maybe you just included that little nugget to get a response?! Haha if so, I have been fooled…. Xx

  • Katie Durkin

    Love the pom pom shoes and stripy dress!

  • Lynn

    That Warehouse jumper is gorgeous!

  • Lauren

    I love the New Look jumper (10) I could literally snuggle into that right now!

    I also really like the Topshop dress (1), it’s inspiring me to think about my New Years Eve party dress!

    And I love the Asos bag (13), you can never have too many

  • Kayleigh

    I NEED that New Look jumper !! Love the Topshop dress too… So Perdy!

  • Laura

    Hey Hannah, I love your fashion and home posts! Maybe the reason they don’t get many comments is that they just don’t require much conversation? As in you’re not always asking our opinion? Anyway for me I LOVE 1 4 7 & 9 🙂 Number 3 is a bit too real looking for me however!

  • Nicole

    I absolutely must must must buy the warehouse jumper I LOVE it!!!! Xxx

  • Helenka

    I love the pom pom shoes and Asos bag 🙂 you always need a bit of pastel in your wardrobe! The long skirt (number 7) is sweet as, I love that style. Please don’t buy a fur coat 🙁 maybe if its from a charity shop its not so bad, as I do have a sheepskin jacket from a second hand store and damn it keeps me warm! Adore your blog by the way, spent the whole of yesterday reading it, when I was meant to be working! Woops xx

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