Outfit of the week #7


So this is a bit of a different outfit of the week, it’s not something I’ve actually been wearing this week – it’s an outfit that’s been inspired by something. And boy, do I feel like Carrie Bradshaw.

I say Carrie Bradshaw because i’m pretty damn sure no-one else is mental enough to wear a feathered dress with a white shirt and a trilby. BUT LOOK AT ME GO, I’M SO OUT THERE AND EDGY AND FASHION.

I was sent three bottles of wine (I know, woe is me, right?) and had to choose one to inspire an outfit. The bottles in question are from Echo Falls, and all feature pretty prints from Holly Fulton.



The reason that’s so blinkin’ clever is because when you go to Sainsbury’s for alcohol (admit it, this is weekly at least) you just stare at the hundreds of bottles of wine with complete confusion. Instead of working out which one is nice, because how on earth are you going to work that out? You’ll choose whichever one looks nicest or is on offer. Truth. So, pretty bottle for £.6.99 a pop? A Damn bloody great idea.

I went with red wine, because I really like red wine. It makes me feel like a grown-up and since deciding it was my favourite drink ever (about two years ago) i’ve gone off all other wines. Aside from prosecco, because prosecco guys, come on it’s basically like drinking diamonds.

I used the little styling challenge as an excuse to stock up on AW14 essentials, like a new hat to replace the one I so foolishly left on an aircraft in Sweden (FFS, Hannah, you moron) and this amazing faux fur scarf.

I loved the excuse to dig out this violet feathered dress. It’s from Coast and I wore it to the 2013 Scottish Fashion Awards. Like leather I think feathers are one of those things worth investing in because they look so pretty. I might never wear this again (truthfully) but I love looking at it and seeing it hang in my wardrobe. I’d love more feathers in my clothing collection, especially some slightly more wearable pieces, so keep your eyes peeled for me will ya?



I would never have thought of teaming black, white and violet, so i’m glad I have because I think pastels are underrated in AW (aside from on coats, because 97% of us are probably working a pale blue or pale pink coat this season, am-i-right, ladies?

Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue have been leading the pack on faux fur scarves this season and I wore this one out for the first time this week. I got a lot of weird looks in Ipswich. In fact, a woman in London told me she loved it and when I told her it was H&M she was like ‘Oh, I could never pull off anything like that’. It’s a faux fur scarf, I hadn’t styled up a bin liner. YOU CAN SO ALL WEAR THINGS LIKE THIS.

It’s the second week in a row i’ve worn a white shirt under a dress, and what i’ve learnt from that, is you can make pretty much any dress a bit more day-friendly and feel a bit less tired and over-worn by popping one underneath. And you can have that style trick for free. You’re welcome.



I added my favourite ASOS bag into the outfit so it didn’t feel so block colour, and also because the leopard print feels a bit abstract like the bottle print. I saw this bag last month on ASOS’s instagram and had placed an order about 7 minutes later. So there’s that.

And, because it’s red wine, I finished off the whole thing with a dark wine-y lip. Obvs.

I spend a lot of time wearing striped t-shirts and sweatshirts, and putting this outfit together made me realise I have loads of things in my wardrobe that I love but just don’t utilise. So yeah, here’s to wearing all the pretty things i’ve forgotten I own (so long as they still fit me, what with all that relationship weight i’m carrying…).


Hat – Primark, £7

Faux fur scarf – H&M, £14.99

Shirt – GAP

Dress – Coast (but last year, sob)

Shoes – Primark, £6

Bag – ASOS, £18

Lipstick – GOSH, Night Kiss, £6.49





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