7 things i’m obsessed with this month


It feels like two minutes ago since I wrote this last monthly post, but hey, it means i’m only two away from Christmas.

Is anyone else like ridiculously stupidly excited? I’ve already written a list of everyone I need to buy presents for and how much to spend, I’m gagging to put Michael Buble’s Christmas album in, and I keep standing down the seasonal aisle of Tesco like a kid in Hamley’s. I’m all over it this year.

Maybe it’s because we had such a beauts long hot summer, but I am ready, beyond ready, for mulled wine and Christmas jumpers and homemade mince pies and a roaring fire and fairy lights and quality time with the people I love.

Oh right, yeah, back to October…


1. My Oliver Bonas sweatshirt

Oh look, more leopard print, how unlike me. I keep wearing this all the time and it’s getting a little embarrassing. I’ve 100% traded in knitwear for sweatshirts this year, there’s no itching and they fit so dreamily.

Basically Oliver Bonas’s fashion can be just as good as their gifts and homeware. Who knew, eh?



2. My dining table

I remember when I was growing up there was always lots of research going on about how families should sit at the table and eat because it created better behaved children and better communication. I never really had that, we were more of a different dinners at different times sorta household, and actually now, looking back as an adult, I wish we’d sat down together more often.

This table and bench are both from Tesco, whilst the chairs are from eBay, and they’re part of our current re-decoration project.

I keep flowers and a candle on there at all times, and it’s currently doubling up as a desk until my blogging space is made, and I love it. Like really love it.

I’m so excited for all the dinner parties and games and roast dinners and takeaways and deep discussions this table is going to witness. To me it symbolises great times with great people, and I honestly believe i’d rather have a big dining table than a sofa – it’s a place for people to come together, and i’m more excited about it than I ever thought i’d be about any furniture. Yeah, 25 is a weird old age.



3. Primark slipper socks

Since working from home these have been the absolute dream. I have them in leopard and floral and i’m obsessed.

We don’t have a cat flap for Rudey at the moment, so the back door is always open, which keeps the house feeling, err a bit fresh. So these babies combined with a sweatshirt are the things that keep me feeling cosy and comfy whilst i’m whittling out these posts for you.



4. Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes palette

I’ve been pretty much in love with my Party All Night palette since I got it last year, but this is the newer version. There are fewer things prettier in the beauty world than a Bobbi Brown eye palette, mostly because the shades are just so damn bloody wearable.

They’ve just released a pretty small version for Christmas which costs less than £30, so yeah, you should all snap it up.

All i’m saying is smokey eyes that don’t look like you’ve been punched in the face are only one beauty buy away.



5. The Happiness Project

It’s not often I read a non-fiction book that grips me, but this has. Sure there’s the odd page where my mind wonders back to whether I should get a cheeseburger once I get off the train, but mostly i’ve been hooked.

Once i’ve finished I want to dedicate a whole post to it, crammed with tips on how to be happier. The book’s making me look at life a little bit differently, and has helped me gloss over things that would otherwise wind me up and put me in a silly grump.

I recommend it for anyone who just wants a bit more positivitiy in their life without y’know, actually changing anything.



6. Plum lipsticks

Arguably one of the best parts of autumn is being able to wear dark lipstick again. OK, so snuggling up in ginormous scarfs that could double up as blankets and weating winter coats and Halloween are all up there, but plum lipsticks win for me.

These are a few of my current ones, mostly from GOSH, and i’m loving how cool they make me feel. That’s right, cool. I just feel like the slightly edgy, confident girl at school who was popular when I wear one of these babies, so there’s that.



7. Next year’s holiday

Chris keeps referring to it as my ‘pipe dream’ which is sweet. Wah. I’ve decided that next September I really want to take a few weeks to do the west coast of the States. It’s not terribly original, but I want to get a small group of my favourite people and hire a care in San Diego and drive up to Seattle. I want to see the beaches and eat FroYo and I want to explore the national parks and drink cider with my favourites. So yeah, that’s what I’m currently saving for.

I feel like I need a big adventure holiday before I get older and child-bearing issues get in the way of me being a bit wild and young. So yeah, holiday. Holiday, holiday, holiday.



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