So, have I found the miracle beauty product for reptile-like skin?


About 6 weeks ago I found myself with the scabbiest, most reptile-like bit of skin on my forehead, plonked right in-between my eyebrows on my oily t-zone.

The thing about having an oily t-zone is that when it’s that oily, your foundation does NOT want to be rubbed in so smoothly your face resembles Miranda Kerr’s fabulously pert bottom. Instead it looks like a swirly piece of beige coloured GCSE art work.

Add a patch of flaky skin and you’ve basically got a whirlpool of tsunami debris on your forehead and it ain’t pretty.

Someone on Twitter suggested I use St. Ives to exfoliate away said face debris and so there I was tottering around Liverpool Street station looking to find me a bit of the apricot scrub action. OH HELLO SEXY WINTER SKIN FOR HANNAH.

Shortly after, St. Ives invited me to take part in a seven day challenge – seven days crammed full of products and bits and bobs that were supposed to make skin clearer, brighter, and well, nicer looking.

Aside from copious amounts of dried apricots and walnuts which have inspired me to start snacking on proper food and not just pickled onion Monster Munch (weep), I had detox tea, The Little Book Of Mindfulness, a tangy EOS lip balm (so blinking scrummy – soz, Vaseline, I’ve got a new bezzie friend) and of course, a shed load of St. Ives face and body scrub.

Oh and a personalised pouch from Alphabet Bags, which isn’t supposed to help my skin, it’s just supposed to be pretty. And I love it, mostly because well, i’m a basic B sorta girl and anything with an H on gives me sheer joy and pleasure rushing through my veins. So, yup.

My favourite finding is that the body scrub is bloody EXCELLENT at removing dried paint after you’ve been decorating. Every single speck gone, which was a relief.

And my face? Well, my cheeks are silky smooth, like definitely smoother than Miranda Kerr’s bum, and when I stroke my forehead (I hope the neighbours don’t see me through the window – I look a bit mad), I don’t feel anything crispy.

I no longer have scales and look like a lizard. Someone wanna give a girl a high five?


No make up, no filter. Jeez.

So now my beauty regime looks like this… Johnson’s make-up wipes every night, moisturiser every morning and St. Ives scrub three times a week.  Don’t look at me like that beauty people and skincare experts, I know i’m a bit of a skin wally.

So, whilst St. Ives has done miraculous things for my scabbiness, there’s still a handful more problem areas that need help – mainly blackheads, breakouts and the glossy high shine usually reserved for Maybelline lip glosses that runs from my brows to my chin. So here’s what i’m doing…

I want your budget skin recommendations, and i’m going to have a no make-up wipe month.


Make-up wipes have been my comfort blanket since I was about 15, and now i’m going to get rid of them – because everyone in the beauty industry is forever slating them and saying they’re full of anti-freeze and other horrible ingredients.

So yes kiddos, high street skincare must-haves – can be cleansers, toners, moisturisers or spot treatments, face masks or anything. What amkes your skin dreamy?

And yes, i’ll let you know if it’s really worth cutting down to two coffees a week to make spare cash for the products. I hope so, because I bloody love me a skinny cappuccino with a heavy dusting of chocolate. Wah.

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