Outfit of the week #4


OK, so i’ve been mega late on this post. Yikes.

I’ve explained it over on today’s vlog – but basically i’m struggling to find time for my wonderful photographer to snap me in the garden whilst it’s light outside, and err, not raining.

So here you are… my outfit of the week number blinkin’ 4.

This is the exact outfit I wore to Gatwick last week to catch my flight to Stockholm and I can confirm that a) these Zara leopard boots can handle a LOT of walking – I did about 30,000 steps in them over three days and have no blisters which is sublime, and b) this stripey jumper which I waited 5 weeks for (thanks H&M, you starlets…) is as comfy and versatile as i’d hoped and i’ve worn him pretty much every day whilst working from home since he arrived, because no-one can see me. It’s nice.

Actually no, this isn’t the exact outfit i wore to Gatwick, I had a hat too, but y’know, left him on the airplane because i’m a gigantic wotsit. So there.



I love these oversized fine-knit jumpers around this season, but they simple don’t suit girls with sizeable hips and thighs, so they look best worn with a jacket or coat to tailor them in a bit – especially when worn the way I like best, over a dress.

I’ve been adamant to bare my legs where I can – because although it’s got rainier and windier, the air is still pretty warm, and when i’m travelling into London and battling the Tubes with being constantly late everywhere/having a breakdown in Primark, I find i’m actually pretty baking in all my autumnal layers, so having a bit of bare skin is actually a bit of a Godsend.

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When I was at the airport I kept just my passport, card wallet, boarding pass and phone in these teeny £3.50 Primark bag and actually, it was really nice not lugging a gigantic massive handbag around with me. I only took a small suitcase as hand luggage, so kept my additional travelling items like lip balm and a book inside a pouch, zipped away in the front compartment.

My necklace is also Primark, and as much as i’ve been poo-pooing statement necklaces of late, i’m enjoying the floral design of this one (plus it was like £3 and what’s £3 reaaaaaally?) and i’m really pleased with the way it works with the stripes. So there ya go. How to look not like an absolute dickhead at the airport by Hannah Gale, age 25 and 1 month.

Jacket – Miss Selfridge (it was from last year, but here’s a similar style)

Jumper – H&M, £12.99

Dress – ASOS (again old, but this one’s close)

Bag – Primark, £3.50

Necklace – Primark, £3

Boots – Zara, £89.99




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