So, did I mention i’m doing Vlogtober?


I’m a writer.

That is what I do, that is what I like to do, and that is where my passion lies, but i’m giving Vlogtober a go, because hey, I could be a secret budding TV presenter and never know, right?

I have never done anything on camera, although I did once have to dress up like I was from the 1950s and help narrate my school nativity play in 2000, so that’s pretty similar I guess.

Unlike a lot of professional and established vloggers, I won’t be heavily editing my videos and making them glossy and nice on the eyes – mostly because I have no idea how, but secondly because I’m just not that interested in learning. It’s like the time everyone else was learning how to use HTML to jazz up their MySpace profiles on a Sunday afternoon and I was like, pfffft, staying in bed with The O.C. and some chocolate biscuits. BYE!

I just want to be straight up in my videos every day. Be real. Sometimes you’ll see me about to cry because, well… life, and sometimes you’ll see me being happy and excitable and talking to my cat. This is just another way for you guys to see into my actual life.

But it seems fun.

I’ll be posting every day for the entire month on my YouTube channel here – so PLEASE lemme know what you want to see and hear because i’m happy to do specials etc.

Mostly, they’ll be short, because I have to be honest, I never watch a full vlog, and i’d never expect any of you to dedicate the best part of two hours a week to watching the drivel that comes out of my mouth, my angry forehead spots, and my messy house. Not ever.


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