10 beauty products that are absolute bloomin game changers


Some of these gems I’ve been using since I swore by So Kiss Me! perfume, others were sweet, sweet freebies from my time at LOOK, and others are new loves I’ve only recently discovered.

Either way, these 10 babies are things I actually use pretty much every day and would happily part with my hard earned cash for time and time again, so you know i’m not just listing them to please PRs.


1. St Tropez fake tan, from £20

Long gone are the days when Johnson’s gradual tanner was enough to give us a golden glow for a party, sob. I’ve been using St Tropez since I started first working in the fashion and beauty industry and it’s fast becoming the only brand I trust.

The mousse is my absolute fave, and I tend to put two coats on with a mitt the night before a big event – but the gradual tan and tan boosters are great for daily use when you’ve got the time to make yourself look like a smouldering reality TV star. Or when you’re desperate to prove that your Mykonos tan is so intense it’s lasted for three months post-holiday. Uh huh.



2. MAC Relentlessly Red lipstick, £15.50

I mention this lip shade all the bloody time and harp on about it on my YouTube channel , but I am obsessed.

I won a MAC voucher from Peugeot on Twitter when they were running a campaign to randomly make people happy, and after a very thorough Google search, decided this was one of the things i’d buy (as well as foundation, obvs).

It’s the perfect deep pink shade, despite the name, although definitely does have pigments of red in it. I love MAC lipsticks for how well they stay on and don’t bleed onto your skin despite a lack of lip liner – although they can be quite drying so I tend to alternate lipstick days with Vaseline days.



3. Liz Earle Botanical Essence No. 15 Perfume, £47

This was, admittedly, a perk from my old job.

I love the strong unusual scent, and it was an all round favourite in the LOOK office and there were always squeals of delight whenever someone sprayed it.

There’s something just a little bit cool about having a Liz Earle perfume over something typical like Gucci or Nina Ricci, isn’t there (totes have both of those too though, lolz).




4. Palmers Cocoa Butter, £3.99

I think I first started buying this from my local village Superdrug when I was at sixth form – I love the smell and I thought it would help get rid of my newly acquired silver stretch marks on my lower back.

Admittedly I don’t apply it enough for it to make a real difference to skin blemishes and old stretch marks, but I love the rich, creamy texture and sweet scent. Mostly, this is a holiday favourite. I keep it in the fridge and basically drown myself in it after a shower – I like to think using it, along with gentle exfoliation, helps prolong my tan. I’ve never peeled if that helps sell it to you, EVER.



5. Bobbi Brown Party All Night Palette, £48

Firstly, I don’t party all night, and secondly this palette isn’t actually available anymore so I’ve linked through to a similar one. Basically, buy a Bobbi Brown palette and expect to never need anything else for your eyes/brows ever, until it grows a bit mank.

I adore this palette and use the middle top shade for my eyebrows because it’s quite a mousy brown and one end of the brush is really fine and perfect for fine detail (like taking my brows from growly, oily, sparse weeds to pretty sleek blooms) whilst the bottom left is perfect for a smokey eye and I like to blend it with the more gold shades for a warmer, easier-to-wear shade.




6. Color Club nail polish in Reign in Spain

This bad boy is a Birchbox exclusive and has remained my favourite summer nail shade since I was sent it in Spring 2013. It’s like a pastel coral but still neon at the same time, it’s hard to explain, but I always get tonnes of compliments on it.

I haven’t been able to find a similar shade in any high street brands, and sadly can’t find anywhere to buy it – maybe eBay.

There’s a few more similar pastel neon shades i’d also love to try as part of the exclusive Color Club for Birchbox. So pretty.



7. Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner, £2.99

I’ve been using this since I waas 14, and it’s the best. I’ve tried designer stuff, tried pens, tried pots, tried kohl, nothing works like this bargain beauty does. Nothing.

It’s fluid, easy to use, a good solid black and lasts all day. Dream. Recently I also discovered New Look’s liquid eye liner from their new beauty range and I like that too – it’s thinner, so I tend to use Collection on my lids and New Look’s to polish off my ticks.




8. Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, £4.99

This is the gamechanger to end all other gamechangers. It’s the best nail varnish remover in the world. They released it about 18 months ago, and have also brought out one for toes that i’m yet to try, but it’s amazing.

You just dip your fingers in the sponge-lined pot and twist about and all your nail varnish is removed, and it isn’t at all drying on your nails either, it leaves them with a slightly oily finish.

It saves the mess of cotton wool and also the hour long hacking off of dark polish when you’ve run out of cotton and have to use loo roll. Yup.



9. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner, £4.99

OK, so I haven’t had my hair cut in over a yeah – you can all berate me later, but this dreamy little bottle has kept my hair feeling soft and healthy regardless.

My boyfriend has been stealing it, because let’s be honest, you just can’t beat that sweet, sweet scent of Aussie hair products can you? And the packaging is great to, because instead of fiddling with a lid of flip cap whilst you’ve got soap in your eyes – you just squeeze the bottle and it comes out the bottom.




10. Leopard Tangle Teezer, £12.49

Just imagine if these had been invented when we were children and how many painful leave-in-conditioner and comb detangling sessions we could have avoided.

I don’t know how or why Tangle Teezers work, but they just do and they are the dream. The future. The answer to world peace.

Even if I’ve been lazy and had my hair in a top knot for days without washing or brushing it, this little beast can detangle my wet hair in a few brushes. It’s like a clever alien, and we should all own at least three, in case of emergency.




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