36 things all women in their twenties are obsessed with


1. Eyebrows. Eyebrow products. Eyebrow colours. Eyebrow shapes. Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. EVERYTHING ABOUT EYEBROWS.

2. Avocados.

3. Olivia Palermo’s sweet sweet style.

4. Saying ‘OMG I’m so old’ when we’re like 25 and not old at all and everyone older than us is tutting profusely at our lameness. BUT OH EM GEE, SO OLD.

5. Everything about the Beckham family. Because Beckhams. We’re allowed to think Brooklyn is cute, right?

6. Black ankle boots.

7. Reading nostalgic lists about the nineties and noughties. Because it was so good back then wasn’t it? No. Hormones.

8. Saying ‘i’m the only one on my Facebook without a baby’ meaning you’ve seen three different babies on your Facebook within the last 24 hours. Oh you.

9. Buying cushions. ‘I’ll take… erm, all the cushions please’.


11. Reading articles about why the contraceptive pill is bad for us.

12. Hunting out the very best liquid eyeliner in the world. One day we will find it and the world will be at peace.

13. Thinking about whether ombre hair is still cool and whether we should get it.

14. Lauren Goodger. No, but really, what even is she?

15. Wondering where Maddie is. Like once a week, just a casual, BUT WHAT HAPPENED?!

16. Buying all the candles. But mostly vanilla ones because, well, we’re vanilla.

17. Red lipstick. It transforms your make-up from natural to OMFG WHO IS THIS HOT SOPHISTICATED BEAST IN THE MIRROR?

18. Personalised jewellery. OMG this ring has an H on it, must buy immediately.

19. The Mail Online’s side bar of shame.

20. Buzzfeed quizzes about what city in America we should live in. Because, y’know, it’s important to know where you’d fit in should you migrate.

21. Buying bright coloured trainers. Lusting over bright coloured trainers. Pretending we’ll wear said coloured trainers to the gym.

22. How other women look in a bikini. SHE’S UPLOADED A HOLIDAY ALBUM, WONDER IF THEY’LL BE A BIKINI PIC.

23. Pretending we love green juices as much as chocolate. ‘No but honestly, it’s so yummy and it totally fills me up’ *wonders if stomach is about to concave in*

24. Oven food. Is our age group actually keeping McCain’s Smilies in business? Who knows.

25. Watching Friends more than any other programme. Oh, we’re supposed to have moved on?

26. Looking up holidays, booking holidays, planning holiday wardrobes, talking about holidays. Just holidays. Holidays.

27. Wondering where it all went wrong for Amanda Bynes.

28. Sophia Webster. Can’t afford shoes. Need shoes. Heart hurts.

29. Diet coke. Pretty much as good as sex, no?

30. Amaro filter.

31. Carbs, and all of them together preferably, in one gigantic binge that we will never reveal to social media. Oh.

32. Adding skinny in front of every hot beverage we order. Because darling we are so fetch.

33. Two for Tuesdays.

34. Drinking from champagne flutes. We be fancy ladies.

35. Hot men with babies. *Ovaries dart in all directions and hyperventilate*

36. Comparing ourselves to everyone else our age on Instagram. WHY ARE THEY MORE ACHIEVED THAN ME?


Basic bitches together forever <3


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  • Claire

    Just bloody brilliant, not other words!

    • Maria B

      No need to be in your 20’s to relate to this, I am 30 and found myself nodding and smiling throughout the entire article 😀

  • Oh I do bloody love these lists. I feel like we were separated at birth!
    In my house of 4 twenty-something-gals, we have about a gazillion random heart shaped hanging ornaments… can’t get enough of them!

  • This is just so fetching fabulous! Spot on. Spot on.

  • Mary

    When I read eyebrows I knew this list would be good! But I didn’t realise how accurate! Haha they are all so true and I love this! Also no 35 follow dilfs in Disneyland on Instagram you won’t be disappointed 😉 x

  • Laura

    This is the truest thing I’ve ever read! Love this list Hannah!

  • Amen! Forever trying to find the perfect liquid eyeliner. X

  • totes spot on – eyebrows, ombre, daily mail…. were so predictable!! http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/pizza-pilgrims-kingly-court-review.html

  • Mel

    Honestly Hannah these lists you write make my life, they’re always SO on point. Thanks for the laughs,


    http://www.justmelkate.blogspot.com xx

  • Rachel

    HOW SHALLOW! Apart from wondering about Madeline Mccann, I don’t relate to this in the slightest and am so glad that I don’t.

    • Kate

      I’m with you on this, neither me not any of my friends do any of these things because, well, we have lives… I haven’t watched tv in years let alone 10 year old friends re runs, I don’t care about anyone’s eyebrows, who the hell is Lauren goodger?? You my friends, need a life. Or to get laid. I am lucky to get both but… Wow
      I’m also really disappointed at the quality of writing I have to say, there is some incredibly poor use of the English language in such a short list. I have a literature degree, I recommend further classes.

      • Emma

        If you’re going to insult the quality of somebody’s writing based on the fact that you have a degree in literature then it’s only prudent to make sure your own grammar and punctuation is correct… which it is not. 😛

      • Danielle

        From this comment I can tell you’re super busy having a life and getting laid, I’m so disappointed you had to take the time out of said life/sexual activity to express this opinion that no one could care less about.

      • Nicola

        I have a man & can relate to most of this stuff…Sounds to me as if you’re the one not living life. Just because most of us GIRLS know half of this stuff doesn’t mean we are not out working everyday or living our lives to full, this article is all part of being a girl & I for one LOVE it.
        “I have a literature degree” you read an article which you seem not to care about yet nobody cares about you or your fancy grammar

    • Amy

      Same here. went through the list thinking, nope, nope, nope.
      I can’t relate to a single item on this list.

    • Farrah

      I am so glad im not the only one who doesn’t relate to this! Yes I do wonder about Madeline Mccann from time to time but I have much more important things to do than worry about my eyebrows, and what is with the Diet coke bit?! seriously its rank, only original coke for me thanks!

  • I love this! It’s so true! I really like reading these kind of posts, I think I might try to come up with something similar 🙂 Danielle xx


  • Chloe

    Shite article you boring cunt.

    • Alexis

      HAHAHA. Agree

  • kelly

    check out my lifestyle blog! whereworryendsfaithbegins.wordpress.com

  • brightparticlarsta

    Is this a satire?

  • You forgot: ‘themselves’.

  • Sarah

    There is literally only one thing on this list I can relate to is vanilla candles and even then it’s only a passing interest. As a 26 year old woman I feel like this list is weird and pigeonholing. I don’t even know who the women are you’ve mentioned. Good job ignoring a large majority of the female population.

  • elora

    When did a writer (term used as loosely as possible) capable of drivel such as these lists ever get published in a paper which is read by functioning humans? I’m utterly bewildered, baffled and incredibly disheartened at the state of literature and journalism in this age.

  • This is all so true! Made me smile this morning because I can relate to so so many of them.
    Jennifer x

  • Emily Blunt


    How ridiculous do you sound, hardly any comment about actually living life, its all about social media and getting noticed

  • Sarah

    Nope, not at all. Not all women are so shallow and obsessed with their appearance, other people’s appearances and chocolate.
    And it’s ”there will be’ not ‘they’ll be.’

  • Laura

    Oh i love this LIGHT HEARTED bit of reading! So true.

  • Haha love this!! Your so right on all of it!!! haha

  • Concerned Reader

    Come on darling; you can write better than that!

    Your grammar is appalling. I would actually like the list if it wasn’t presented to me in such a dire manner. What is “more achieved”? Or why don’t you tell me more about how you love starting sentences with “because”. I’m very worried that my head might “concave in” if you don’t up your literary game!

  • Taylor

    Wondering where Maddie is. Like once a week, just a casual, BUT WHAT HAPPENED?!

    ….you fucking serious?


    i think who ever wrote this needs to the research this a bit better because this is not a normal 20 yr olds mind!!!

    i actually find it a little bit offencesive but hey!

  • Lyndsey

    The amaro filter makes everything better! Loving this list xx

  • Elizabeth

    I think the level of grammar displayed amongst not only the self-proclaimed ‘journalist’ who wrote this, but also those who actually ‘like’ this list says a lot about the people who identify with the absolute dross this person suggests ‘all’ women in their twenties are obsessed with. You poor things.

  • This is just fantastic! I giggled and nodded along the whole way through! x

    Beauty with charm

  • Peyton

    Why don’t you rephrase this to, “36 Things YOU are obsessed with.” Hmm?

  • Ooh goodness, ignore the haters! I found this funny, I may not relate to all of the things but I smiled and nodded along to most of it! The way you write is so funny and I’m sure the haters just don’t get your sense of humour! Keep writing and keep making me giggle! …and omg, potato smileys, now you’re talking!

  • wrong

    This is the most stupid thing I have ever read and just makes me think that other women in their 20’s or people that relate to these are morons.

  • Kate

    Put down the chocolate bar, turn off the T.V, go back to English class and start getting involved in real life.
    There is nothing remotely relate able on this list unless you’re a bored housewife or single girl with no friends who hates her job…
    I’m so very glad that I am not a “typical twenty-something” if this is what they do.

  • Dave

    You forgot obsessing over making lists

  • So, so, thoroughly true. Except I take great pride at posting my carb binges on social media. How many potato wedges did you THINK I could eat? You’re wrong. It’s more than that.

    But speaking of the best liquid eyeliner, I think you’ll find it’s this one… cough, plug, cough.

    Much love x
    savingxfaces.blogspot.co.uk =)

  • Highly amusing list! Well done!

  • Amen to Avacados!

    Thank-you for a great post my fellow basic bitch!

    Georgina at Brunette in Louboutins x

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  • Orla

    Wow, people can be so horrible! I Don’t think this was meant as a piece of great liturature. It’s just a fun list! If you don’t like it, just don’t read it.

    • Becky

      The problem with these kinds of lists is that it generalizes people and anyone without these kind thoughts feel like outsiders, its also demeaning to womankind in general, this ind of article makes it seems as though women are thoughtless bimbos with no real thoughts or intelligence, its years of womens rights and feminism out the window

  • Anonymous Blonde

    amazing list, so glad to know im not alone haha x

  • Hannah,

    Look, I’m going to be honest with you. I get it. I do! I honestly get it! I get that you have to dilute your writing down just to be hip and cool and get people to read your stuff, but… Trust me, I’m pinching my nose as I write this – these lists? These “articles”? These anecdotal things you spew out? It’s too much. It’s lame. It’s boring. It’s almost childish. It’s not going to cement a career for you, it’s just going to make idiots like you. Maybe you want that. Maybe you want to be lazy and not try, maybe you want to do the bare minimum and be seen as a writer. Maybe that’s what you want.

    But in the name of journalism, in the name of the English language and sharing stories and news, you have to stop. Give up this pipe dream. Become an intern somewhere, learn how to write properly like that.

    Because right now, you’re perpetuating this self-obsessed bullshit image and it’s just… well, it’s bullshit. No one’s interested. Only you’re interested in you.

    So please, give it up. Give all this up. Shut it down. Move on.

    Thank you.

  • I literally nodded & laughed at pretty much all of these! :’)



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  • Ash

    I’m 23 and I don’t know what 80% of the things on this list even are.

    Author has a strong case of self absorption haha.

  • like who even?

    What a sexist load of vacuous bullshit.

  • Rebecca

    Oh, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah.

    I know so many girls like you. Vanilla girls, in your head your battling between thinking you’ve got this awfully grown up grad life and thinking you’re in Clueless.

    You’re observant, that cannot be taken from you. A keen social commentator but can you do it other than in overly americanised lists? It makes me feel a bit sick when I read them because they read like I imagine Mizz or Shout magazine does these days.

    A real writer could make all these points whilst intertwining them with other content, I’d like to see you try it.

    Keep observing.


  • Becky

    I find this disgustingly inaccurate. This is what makes girls seem shallow and dumb, i’m not surprised that parents have little faith in our generation when apparently in our 20’s when we are supposed to be having fun and taking control of lives were watching re runs from boring 90’s shows and talking about eyebrows, fashion and who’s the hottest richest guy we can try and get the attention of. I hope this was made with satire otherwise I have little faith in my generation, what happened to actual aspirations and wanting something out of life.

  • lauren

    My god people need to lighten the fuck up haha. If you don’t like these lists then don’t bloody read them, it’s as simple as that. I don’t personally relate to all of these but it’s all things you see amongst other people too. In magazines, on tv, social media etc. What i think is most laughable is the people saying it’s boring drivel and they have a ‘life’ if you have a ‘life’ why are you reading the list in the first place?

  • Kyra

    This artical should be called ”36 things SOME women of all ages are obsessed with” I’m twenty-one, and only 1 of them I can relate to which is the eyebrows (plucking them)
    There are a big amount of women who generally don’t care about celebrities or what other women look because they are too busy with other more important things. Women who don’t wear make-up cause who has time and money for that? Women who aren’t into being the stereotypical girly girl that the media portrays all women seem to be or expect because personally being girly for me is boring and a bit silly. Respect that all women are different and don’t just put everyone under one category.

  • Helen Walker

    What a load of crap, no wonder sexism still exists , with shit like this reinforcing the idea that all women are stupid and vacuous! Well done!

  • For anyone participating in 11. Let me tell you, the alternative to listening to them said scary articles on the contraception pill are nothing compared to the alternative! Believe you me. The reality is far more scarier, take them little pill’s people!
    Another brilliant post, I have just left my 20’s but can safely say the 30’s isn’t as bad as anticipated! I can so relate to 7. Though I’m quite often nostalgic about the good ole nineties x

  • Sophie

    Don’t listen to the arseholes. I haven’t commented on your blog before, but felt compelled to say something because of those dickheads. Some people need to chill the fuck out haha. I’m in my 20s and while I don’t relate to most of that stuff, I enjoy reading your lists because they’re light-hearted, and fun to read on my lunch break. It’s not meant to be high-brow, and it certainly isn’t meant to be totally serious. I get it. Don’t let the bastards bring you down 🙂

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  • Fashion shopping as a whole. Tops, blouses, heels… Everything! Women love it 🙂

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