Outfit of the week #1


Oh look, a brand new thing!

OK, so my blog is more synonymous with lists and weird life questions, but I thought i’d mix it up with a weekly style post based on my current favourite pieces in my wardrobe.

Because clothes.

My boyfriend was the darling photographer for this autumn look although I think he just wanted to go inside and watch Sky Sports News for the entire 7 minutes this took, and was probably embarrassed that the neighbours were watching and judging.

And they should be judging because Rudey ate one of their injured doves this week. And when I say ate, I mean bit the head off. FFS.

Anyway, clothes.



My trench coat is a really old Primark buy, but I wear it ALL the time because it’s great and classic for layering – and it’s lasted a good few years considering it was £20.

My sweatshirt is one of my favourite new pieces from H&M (buy him here), I bought it as part of a bigger online shop (that took about 48245 years to be delivered) and it’s probably my key working from home piece. Mostly because it feels like pyjamas but it’t not pyjamas.

I’ve teamed it with my pale blue GAP shirt that I got on a press trip to New York earlier this year (read all about it here) and it stops the sweatshirt looking so casual and like i’m a boy that’s about to beat up a passer-by that looked at him the wrong way.




My skirt is one from Primark this summer, and this is only the second time I’ve worn it. I’m the worst for this – buying pretty things and then deciding they make my legs look like raw sausages, and frantically worrying that my bum cellulite is on show to the world. But i’m hoping the dark blue print means it’ll still work in winter with thick tights and knits.

My boots are ASOS from last year. It is so hard to find a perfect pair of black ankle boots. These aren’t quite perfect, although I love them. The heel is a bit high to wear full time without feeling like there are small animals with knives attacking your feet, and the cut is slightly wrong for my stubby legs.


I am obsessed with slogan clutches at the moment, they just make my heart so blinking happy. This yellow one is from Miss Selfridge and only costs £16 which I think is pretty darn cheap and snazzy and guilt-free. It comes in pink and black as well (erm, spy and buy them here) and i’m tempted to buy more but i’m terrified they’ll go out of fashion in like a week. Can we make sure this isn’t a thing please? These are way more fun than Burberry’s blanket poncho thingies.

And lastly, lipstick is Mac’s Relentlessly Red, which I pretty much mention on every vlog. GO HANNAH.

Anything else you’d like to see on my blog? Lemme know, because I want it to be as super duper as Mail Online’s sidebar of shame.






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