13 things i’ve added to my wardrobe this week


It would seem the opposite of sensible to keep buying new clothes despite not having an actual wardrobe, but whatcha gonna do.

As we’re in the middle of decorating, me and my boyfriend have been lying on our bed and plotting where everything else in our bedroom is going to go.

On the plus side I’ve been granted a dressing table, which is pretty much up there in the top 5 highlights of life along with graduating university and going to New York, but i’m apparently having one wardrobe. Which is really funny. And not going to happen. And LOL. Just LOL.

I’m currently living out of two rails and four Ikea bags. We’ll see.


1. River Island heels, £45

I can’t walk in these to save my life, and they’re the opposite of practical but I love them. I was trying them on last Friday in the Ipswich branch (look at me, such a country lass) and took a breather to sit and stare at them for a bit – decided to check my emails and upon reading a hideous piece of hate mail that asked if my ‘stupid slut’ persona was real or something I put on to get more views, decided I need shoes. All the shoes. And all the wine. And all the chocolate.

So here are my beautiful neon iridescent snake skin heels that shout YOU GO GIRLFWEND.



2. Floral midi skirt from Tanya Burr’s Very.co.uk edit, £25

I went to Tanya’s collection launch on Thursday and got to pick a couple of pieces. As an avid mdi skirt fun I went for this scuba tropical print bad boy. OK, so I’ll only be able to wear it for a few more weeks before summery prints feel a bit ugly, but i’m already excited to get it out again next spring and to wear it with a golden glowing tan for my holiday to Santorini that i’ve decided on in the past five minutes.




3. H&M striped peplum top, £12.99

I feel like i’m probably three and a half years late to the Breton tee party, but I am obsessed with stripes. My off-duty wardrobe is coming first at the moment because i’m doing a lot of working from home, and well, not a lot of partying. I love the frilled peplum edge to this t-shirt, although it’s not exactly flattering on my hips.

It’s my first buy for Stockholm and I will undoubtedly get over excited and wear it on the plane. With my fedora because I bring out the fedora for EVERY. SINGLE. TRIP. EVER.



4. River Island striped top, £22

In very, very similar news – I bought this striped gem from River Island. I was, and still am, more excited by the bright red stripes than the slogan on the front. But meh.

I’ve had it a week and worn it three times. Says it all.



5. Accessorize camera bag, £29

The gems at Accessorize were kind enough to send me this bag to use for the Scottish Fashion Awards and it’s pretty much my favourite thing I own, aside from my sequin Miss Selfridge kimono.

I got a bazillion compliments on it and you guys seemed to really enjoy it on Instagram – I love that despite being so unusual it’s classic at the same time and I hope it stays lingering in my wardrobe for a good decade.


photo (22)


6. H&M New York sweatshirt, £14.99

I wanted this jumper as soon as I saw it. I love sweatshirts and I love New York, it’s like me all wrapped up in a £15 jumper. Except for some reason, and I have no idea why I sort of panicked about the idea of spending £15 – i’m guessing it was before I moved to Ipswich and was panicking about my rent, but anyway, I finally ordered it.

It’s so cosy and I can tell you this because i’m wearing it right now as I type.




7. Caroline Creba ring from House Of Fraser, £29

As you’ll know from previous posts, I’m not big on costume jewellery. This new little dainty buy is silver coated in 18ct gold, so I know it won’t turn my finger green. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s amazingly cute and really works well with some of my bigger, in-you-face jewelled heirlooms.



8. New Look holographic bag, £16.99

I went into New Look in the hope of finding their burger clutch but got distracted by this mermaid beauty. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love how shimmery and pretty and mythical it is, it reminds me of happy things. Plus, it’s the perfect size for a city break. Oh wait, have I already mentioned that I’m going to Stockholm?




9. Zara sunglasses from eBay

One of the girls I work with at Metro has these and I adore them. I found mine on eBay for a fiver as they’ve naturally already sold out in Zara. OK, so it’s a bit late in the year for such delightful candy coloured glasses, but I’m the sort of girl that likes to wear sunglasses on crisp winter days and look like a bit of a prick. These things happen.



10. Jumpsuit from Tanya Burr’s edit for Very.co.uk, £59

This was my second pick from Tanya’s edit, and I picked out a size 12. Turns out I need to stop eating from the biscuit jar (yeah – we have one of those here, FFS) because it’s so tight I can’t sit down, which is a shame as I wanted to wear it for dinner tomorrow.

I didn’t realise how much I loved it until I put it on – here’s to losing that extra pesky half a stone i’ve gained in the past few months. Yikes.




11. River Island block colour jumper, £32

OK, so this makes me look like a ginormous chubby thing, but it’s so comfy and another huge staple in my working from home wardrobe.

This was the 2nd to last one in the Ipswich store, so I’ve had to go a size up.

I love a baggy jumper with jeans and a leather jacket, which helps nip it in a bit. So stupidly simple but easily one of my favourite autumn outfits.



12. ASOS leopard print bag, £18

This was my moving-to-Ipswich gift to myself, because that seem like the sort of event that should be celebrated, right?

It’s tiny, but it’s real leather and I love the abstract leopard print on it. Doesn’t look quite as classy and chic when I team it with my leopard print sliders to pop to the local shop. Might help me fit in a bit more round here though.



13. H&M notebook, £4.99

OK, so it’s not strictly a wardrobe addition, but I love a fresh new notebook.

I’m working on a new project, which i’ll write about in a post another time, but sometimes it takes a good piece of new stationery to really motivate me to get stuck in. I’m excited to sit up in my pyjamas with a cup of coffee penning lots of creativity and ideas in this chic little babe.

It reminds me of a Smythson design but it’s smaller and cheaper. So yeah, here’s to some exciting new chapters ahead!



I’m going to go and drink some red wine and eat some poppadoms now and wait for my boyfriend to return from work. Good day.




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